British Army Equipment from Hastings to Desert Storm

England, the country of eternal monarchy and tea with milk. It’s not even fit that previous millennium, Great Britain held in continuous wars. From North America to Europe. From African deserts to Chinese ports. Everywhere were the tentacles of the English octopus. Before us is a thousand-year evolution of equipment British soldiers, which held, the second largest empire.

Just like the history of modern Of russia counted from vocation Rourik, story Britain counted from Battle of hastings. In 1066, William I, with his Vikings, defeated the King of Saxons Harold, and founded English state.

The Middle Ages, in the first place, were marked by crusades. English knights, it wouldn’t stay away from the call of the church. Thousands of warriors set to desert and redemption.

The history of these two countries. But, of course, it was the Hundred Years War. Then the british For the first time they showed the superiority of the archers-infantry over the heavily armed knights.

Defeat in the Hundred Years War led England “The War of the Scarlet and the White Rose”. The Battle of Bosworth, It was wondered the last day.

The leveled cavalry has finally been leveled. Now the king of the battlefield militia with a musket.

17th century in Europe, became the century civil wars. France, Spain and England blazing in the flames of internal conflict. AT Of england It is a race against the peace of mind.

The 17th century ended in the Spanish Empire. The rumbled on three continents. In the final battle of Malplak, 200 thousand people, and 5 European countries. Freedom of peace to the coalition.

19th century became known primarily due to Napoleonic wars. British, Russian, French, Prussian and Austrian troops fought for more than 15 years. Water warrior Anglo-Prussian army crushed the french. “One for all and all for one.”

Coalition victory in Napoleonic wars, 50 years became the “gendarme of Europe.” Dissatisfied with England, France and the Ottoman Empire unitedly opposed.

By the beginning of the 20th century, finally formed German Empire, the world of peace of mind is divided between England, France and Russia. Without thinking twice german leadership unleashed a small redistribution of territories, eventually reached in the First World War.

World War II, British empire fought “from bell to bell”. Having entered the 39th, she left it on September 2. By the way, the world-famous SAS appeared.

In the Cold War, the role Britain in world politics has greatly decreased. However, the British army remained a formidable force, Falkland war. Which, by the way, was not officially a war. For the peace simply imposed on them.

In the 21st century british army entered the one of the most effective armies of NATO. British special forces Established in the desert. Undoubtedly, Enfield SA-80 rifle.

British Army equipment from Hastings to &# 171; Desert storms&# 187;

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