Brotherhood Steel Equipment

I’ll start from afar – “Is your MK2 coming to me?

It was the mind that asked for food. We searched everywhere for sensations, romance, adventures …

There was such a game – Fallout, It was almost the same age. Somehow to gather and continue to play together. Fallout 1 and 2, which was called Guess? Of course Brotherhood of Steel =)

It was increased by 5-10 people and he was incredibly proud. They tried to make armor, Gradually on the horizon. It has been a great deal to keep up with the post-nuclear wastelands!

It seems ridiculous. It has been a number of other countries … Russian Brotherhood of Steel, or RBS. Portal appeared – Brotherhood of the Steel Network (earned), earned a huge amount of wastelands. Work has begun on collecting useful information …

Unfortunately, we’re healed, we’ve been able to live, we’ve been able,

It’s not a problem. Adaptive Skills for the Learning School,,, etc. You couldn’t LastDay.Club =)

Why am I writing all this? What is the most valuable thing to do? And yet – I recently found an interesting file without adjustments and changes, those. as he was in “those times.” This is a file from our equipment? =)

Brotherhood Steel Equipment

Here we make a list complete set all that everyone should have. The list will be divided into lines and completeness, then it will be transferred to our training manual upon readiness.
This is a basic list of BS fighter that has been assigned. Once you’ve been in an emergency, you’ll have to be dragged at this time.

On RPS and hip platforms. The text is over. For example, unforeseen situations and emergency situations. that in a decisive battle is not needed. There is a little effect on mobility. This is a list of saturation and unloading systems.

List of stored ammunition of a BS fighter

Minimum Required Kit

  • A set of fixed (everyday) form – jacket / jacket + trousers + kepi
  • Boots (“berets” / tracking / special footwear)
  • Backpacking of the main marching (45-65l) + hermonakidka
  • VVZ (Vetro-Vlago-Protective suit) / raincoat poncho
  • Sleeping bag + sealed package + compress bag
  • Polypropylene (heat insulating) mat
  • Knife / bayonet main (combat / hunting / tourist / folding) + sheath / cover *
  • Set “NAZ” (wearable / emergency emergency reserve) **
  • Standard First Aid Kit
  • Multitool or mini-toolkit
  • Flashlight (waterproof) + spare batteries
  • Compass
  • Flask + pouch
  • Set “KLMN” (mug-spoon-bowl-knife),
  • IRP (Individual Diet) / Dry pack (1-2 pcs.)

* – it can be placed on belt,
** – should always be with you

Standard kit

(added to the minimum)

  • Field (hiking / raid) uniform kit – jacket / jacket + trousers + cap / panama
  • RPS (belt-belt system) / discharge belt with saturation
  • Additional shoes (sneakers, sneakers, shoes)
  • Set of spare clothes / warm clothes + warm hat + bandana, shemagh or buff
  • Thermal underwear
  • Knife / bayonet optional
  • Main weapon + ammunition
  • AI-2 (First Aid Kit / anti-radiation)
  • Gas mask, filters
  • Personal hygiene kit (soap, tooth.paste / brush or chewing gum
  • Field pot (set pot-flask-cover / pan)
  • Tablet with documents / cards / paper, notebook, 2 pens, pencil, ruler.
  • Tactical (waterproof, shockproof) watch
  • Flint / matches (hunting / sealed) / lighters
  • Add. flashlight + spare battery kit
  • Spatula, chain saw and / or hatchet (one thing is obligatory, better – tatting + saw or hatchet)
  • Rope (30m)
  • IRP (Individual Diet) / Dry pack (3-7 pcs.)

Additional equipment

  • Jacket or hat
  • Tactical satchel (up to 25 liters)
  • MOLLE Thigh Platforms / Saturation Bags
  • Protective helmet
  • Protective glasses
  • Elbow pads, knee pads
  • Additional weapons + ammunition
  • Tactical gloves
  • Radio station + headset + spare battery set
  • Tent individual / on several places
  • Extended first aid kit
  • Chemical cover + boot covers + gloves / OZK-F
  • Chemical Heat, Chemical Light
  • Signal. cartridges
  • Whistle mirror
  • Kam. makeup / net
  • Paracord
  • Remnabor
  • Grinding bar


  • flask in a pouch
  • radio station in the bag **
  • radiometer in pouch **
  • rusk bag / three days
  • gas mask in pouch
  • pouches for ammunition of the main weapon
  • pouch for trivia, tools, multitul, documents, notebook, mini-tablet, compass **, map, pens / pencils, etc. *
  • knife (optional) *
  • pistol holster *
  • pouches for ammunition for a pistol *

* – When used in the RPS belt
** – can be located on the shoulder strap

Thigh Platforms

Right side (for left-handers – left)

  • holstered pistol, pistol ammo pouches (can be placed on another platform)
  • The main knife (on the belt of trousers, on the shin)

Left side (for left-handers – right)

  • compass
  • radiometer
  • trivia, tools, multitool, documents
  • notebook, map, pen / pencil, etc.
  • other


  • Necessary – a knife. Must be reliable, sharp, comfortable.
  • Recommended – a gun. The simplest is pneumatic gas. The best option is traumatic. The gunshot option – if you have permission, etc.
  • The supplementary is a shotgun / carbine / shotgun / submachine gun / rifle / grenade launcher / machine gun. But the coolest is Gatling !!! Death to the mutants and the Enclave !!! =)
  • additional equipment – weapon care kits, rain covers

Glory to the Brotherhood of Steel!

Brotherhood of Steel &# 8212; gear and some of our history&# 8230;

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