Brous Blades: Knife Rising Star

American knife brand Brous blades appeared on the market in 2010, and today with a clear conscience it can be called popular and promising. Quality, fresh and interesting appearance and some other “goodies” in just five years made the name Brous blades well known.

The world uses powder steels, crying hardening, carbon composites and other high-tech.

Considering that all knives Brous blades are produced in limited editions and there is very little on the Russian market, we certainly decided to tell about a rising star, and at the same time understand whether it will reach its zenith in the future or is doomed to extinction.

Silent soldier and others

In Russia Brous blades not a popular brand like many other US companies, although, as soon as it appeared, the hands of middle-class collectors nervously reached for their wallets. And it is understandable, because knives are made in the States, are manual assembly and quality control, they are real experts in their field.

How did the company start? With failure. Jason brows I tried to make knives, barely exchanging the third dozen (today he is 28 years old), and in service he already had a ten-year experience of working with machine tools on numerical control (CNC). “Many, many hours of accurate calculations are put into my creations,” says the designer himself.

Recently, Jason Browse has been using Cerakote blade coating. This ceramics, which is applied to the cleaned surface in a liquid form, filling any flaws in the final processing of the blade. It is roasted at a temperature of about 120 ° C, which does not pose a threat to heat treatment. The properties of this ceramics is clearly higher quality powder paint.

The fact is that the father Jason He had his own workshop and earned his bread with high-precision metalworking tools, including for the medical industry, so the young man knew from an early age how to manage a mill using a series of co-ordinates, how to get the desired shape on the machine, having first converted each point and bend.

But nevertheless the first knife Jason failed It was made in biomechanical style, combining parts of machines and robotics with elements of fauna and flora, turned out beautiful, but inconvenient and did not meet the requirements of even an average hand nayfomana.

but Jason I did not give up and decided to rework the design of my creation, and as a result, the new model turned out to be catchy, caught the eye and this stood out among the competitors. The design of the novelty could well be called bold, and fortune, as you know, loves the brave.

So it turned out that his approach to the business did not imitate the recognized guru of knifemaking, but put on the market unusual forms of blades gave a positive result: a small awkward neck under the name “Silent Soldier” was a great success.

This knife represents peculiar claw, made from a steel plate without bolsters, rears, overlays, 11.4 cm in size. The length of the cutting edge is slightly more than half of the entire length.

Each “Silent Soldier” is equipped with a kaidex scabbard with a bunch of mounting options.

The handle has two large holes for the fingers. Between these large holes, there are three more smaller, in which you can skip a paracord or chain: well, what neck without a chain or lanyard!

The blade passed the surface grinding machine, all the chamfers along the edges of the holes and the blade itself were carefully removed, on the butt of the blade – an interesting notch, made as if in a cage. All these little things make the knife pleasant for the hand: as you know, tactile contact with the handle plays a big role.

And on the butt there is false­blade, which is formed by two lens-shaped concave grooves and starts in a centimeter from the edge of the blade. Simply put, the blade tip itself Jason decided not to weaken falsehood and don’t make it thin like a scalpel. Considering that this claw is about 4.8 millimeters thick, it came out very strong. They can, without being afraid, to pick or pick something up.

The very folding “Silent Soldier” with a finger hole in the blade.

The year of release of the “Silent Soldier” fully corresponded to the tastes of knife lovers: Kaidex Sheaths then they became an indispensable attribute, and knives with a short blade were no longer perceived as useless toothpicks.

Shortly after success Jason decided to launch a series of folding flipper knives with a similar wedge structure. He learned that it was necessary to keep up with the times and the knife, at a minimum, should contain a reliable lock, such as frame-lock or liner-lock, flipper and bearing.

Silent Division

All knives, like this T4 flipper, Jason sells in a sturdy case. It also contains a passport knife the size of a business card.

The number of “Silent Soldiers” in the asset Brauza began to grow. He sold his knives in limited editions. For the designer, this is an interesting approach. He worked on one knife, a series was born from 300–500 copies, which dispersed through the dealer network for sale. And that’s all. More knife with this design was not issued. Jason worked on the next model, never returning to the old ones.

The new “Silent Soldier” with the flipper index has evolved from shaynik at folding. In one of the materials we talked about flipper – about the part of the blade, resembling a fin, which the wedge is pushed out with a resounding click. In the unfolded state, the knife grew to 16.2 cm with a blade length of 6.4 cm.

From the former “soldier” there is only one hole for the finger, and it is in the wedge itself, lying on the same line with subfinger grooves on the handle. This hole added a couple of hold variations for forward and reverse grip. Nyfomana argue that the usual grip is designed for workloads, and the grip using this hole is ideal for self-defense. But do not feed self-defenders with bread – let them defend against something, especially in theory.

In the knife there are all the most fashionable components. The axis of the blade and the stop for the open blade are hardened, which means you can not worry about the safety of parts for several years. In the axial assembly there is a bearing; carbon fiber or titanium, the working surface of the lock is protected from wear – covered with a thin layer of strong carbides is akin to winning. The neat laser logo and the serial number on the xxx / 300 wedge notify the owner that he is holding something unique.

In later models, in addition to the mark burned by laser, there is a milled logo on the handle.

The first successes pushed Jason to diversify and finish the blade. In the assortment, in addition to the standard satin and stonewash, there appeared Velvet DLC (graphite sprayed under pressure, and as a matter of fact, a thin layer of very strong carbon) and acid stone. The latter is the same DLC, just the last trick.

Scratches of metal glitters through scratches and scuffs from under the matte finish. Looks like brutal and original. Finish options allowed Jason release several circulations of “soldiers”. In other words, we are told that all models are unique, the design is not repeated, but in reality only the blade cover has been changed and a series of 300 pieces has been launched again. What is it: deception or reaction to demand?

Maybe, Jason He noticed that the market was quickly saturated with “soldiers”, and among the respected arms communities the first disappointed appeared. Therefore, his next creation had less elaborate forms and corresponded to mass preferences. New knife Bionic grew to nearly 18 cm in length, the wedge – 7.6 cm. The thickness in the butt fell to 3.2 mm, which pleased the lovers of a good cut. Steel remains the same – D2, on the blade – interesting groove groove.

On one side of the handle – a clip, on the other – a bore hole. They are interchangeable.

In modern knife brands Sampling-grooves on the blade secretly indicate the use of high-class equipment: not every machine can accurately remove the layer after layer of a fraction of millimeters of hardened steel, leaving a smooth groove. The handle is made of popular aviation aluminum, anodized in different colors, deep and rich. For the strength of the structure, steel plates are inserted into the aluminum dies, one of which serves as a lock. The plates are completely invisible from the ends of the handle, therefore they do not violate the overall harmony of the handle.

Title Bionic the knife was due to the pattern on the handle, which resembles either elements of the skeleton of an animal, or a tortoise shell. The success of the model also depended on its price, which dropped to $ 170 (a folding “Silent Soldier” could not be found cheaper than $ 300).

After Bionic Jason decided to make full-size big models and released into circulation Division and Mini-division. From the names it is clear that the knives differ only in size, the proportions are the same. Length Division in open form is 25 cm, the blade is 11 cm. The parameters of his younger brother are 21 cm and 9 cm, respectively. Steel is the same on the handle carbon fiber or G-10, which gave the volume on a milling machine with CNC on top of titanium or steel plate liners.

In full-size models, the circulation jumped to 500–1000 copies.

Large models were released 250 pieces, small – 1000. The technical stuffing has not changed. Open knives flipper or using an interesting hole in the blade. In general, the models came out great. At the mention of the brand in the network Brous blades most often there were phrases that the owners of knives had never seen such a fit of parts, such a masterful performance and attention to detail. In fairness it should be noted that indeed among custom knives there were no such yet.

Success is success: Jason began to cooperate with famous designers. And the next flipper was Reloader in conjunction with Mikel Wilumsen (Mikkel Willumsen). It has the same dimensions as the younger one. Division, but the appearance is more aggressive, and the blade grind is complicated. Enumerate all the details of the model does not make sense: Jason Once again he showed that he is a sculptor behind the keyboard of a CNC milling machine, and the numbers of the coordinate grid are his tools.

T4 flipper knife with finish option – acid stone.

The first experience with famous designers was not in vain. One after another, the fruits of cooperation with Dustin Terpin (Dustin Turpin), with Jason D. Ribaloff (Jason D. Riboloff), with Salom Manaro (Sal Manaro), and these are world names.

Today american nail maker He is still working on limited editions of knives, adopting experience from masters in this field, gets good money for further development, and spends his free time creating custom ones made in one copy.

Few of nightmakers boasts the fact that in 28 years did custom. And yet something in his dizzying career gives false. The descriptions of his knives are full of the words “most advanced”, “modern”, “high-tech”, “innovative.” But carbon is used for a long time, like titanium and bearings, and about steel D2 there is no need to say: Russia has its analogue – H12MF, and the recipes for tempering this have become as old as the world.

And the world, by the way, uses powder steels, cryocals, and many other truly new technologies. Maybe, Jason brows she is afraid to make a mistake with thermocoupling: once done incorrectly, she can permanently push customers away.

A nice little thing is a vented spacer that allows you to wash the knife handle without disassembling it. Or purge.

Secondary market replete with knives Brous blades. Many bought them in the period of agiotage, hoping that they would grow in price, but this did not happen to some of the knives, and two-year-old models are put up for sale at the selling price. Kastomy (also from D2, no Damascus or rare steel) on the site Brauza lie for a long time: few people decide to buy an inconsistent knife for $ 500 or a folding knife for $ 700 (and higher) with a wedge of steel, which is already 10 or even 15 years out of date.

Knives Brous blades effectively packed in hard cases, they are accompanied by an interesting certificate of authenticity and uniqueness of the product. But all this is just a wrapper, the buyers have already removed it and got to the filling. Hopefully we’ll see if a miracle happens.

Either career Jason Browse it will roll as fast as it gained altitude, or it will come up with something truly new and prove that it has become popular thanks to talent, not marketing.

Steel arms

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