Brunox Turbo-Spray Gun Care Agent cleans, lubricates and preserves weapons and knives.

The idea to see Brunox Turbo-Spray in work appeared after persistent assurances that it works much better and more efficiently than WD-40, and the price played a role as a 25 ml can (the smallest in the line) costs from 1 cu. 

Brunox Turbo-Spray Gun Care Cleaner, Cleans, Lubricates and Preserves Weapons and Knives.

According to the manufacturer, the means for the care of hunting, sports, service weapons Brunox Turbo-Spray /

Biker-1 knife. Without any preliminary cleaning, in the condition as the knife was sprayed and immersed overnight in a basin of water. Water was not salted, although initially such an idea came to mind. The next morning, after almost 9 hours of lying in the water, Biker-1 was removed from the basin and examined.

1. No specks of rust were found during visual inspection. The bolts on the knife dies were rusty initially, they were not taken into account.
2. Biker’s blade was covered with some kind of muddy whitish film, which gradually disappeared when in the air, a little is visible in the photo.
3. Above the bolts, or rather the holes for mounting the dies, the water remained in the form of tubercles, from which it was concluded that the product works, repels water.

Brunox Turbo-Spray Gun Care Agent cleans, lubricates and preserves weapons and knives.

They did not begin to wipe the knife, but left it in the air until evening. During the evening inspection, after dismantling the knife, rust was also not detected, but the one that was previously on the bolt heads disappeared. As an incentive, the disassembled Biker-1 was cleaned and relubricated with Brunox Turbo-Spray. Then assembled and put in place.

Brunox Turbo-Spray Weapon Care Impressions.

1. The product is easy to apply to the surface with a nozzle.
2. It has a pleasant smell, something from citrus, they definitely did not understand.
3. There are no complaints about the quality of the lubricant and corrosion protection, although it may come up in a couple of days.
4. Different packaging, conveniently, from 25 to 400 ml.
5. Reasonable price, 25 ml 8 hryvnias, 400 ml 45 hryvnias.

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