Bug Out Bag List: Things You Need in Case of Emergency

Bug Out Bag List: Things You Need in Case of Emergency

The bag of errors and what it should contain are the first things you learn as a preparer. Unfortunately, this remains a big unknown to the general public that has no interest in learning to survive in the event of a general disaster. That’s why it’s better to know how to be prepared and share your knowledge among friends and family. In this way, you will learn how to make the perfect bag list for your needs and you can also help those around you to be more aware of what might happen.

It is probably redundant to say that a great natural disaster or a catastrophic event created by man could affect our planet at any time, but it is better to be redundant than to be completely out of the knowledge. We have all heard the phrase “survival of the fittest” at a certain time; Well, in this case, it will be the survival of the best prepared because, regardless of their physical condition (do not get me wrong, it’s great to be fit) you will not be able to resist without water, food or shelter or the knowledge to find them and / or make them.

Hoping you are among those who have realized that our planet and our life as we know it may be in imminent danger, today we will talk about the items that should be on your bag checklist.

Remove the insect bag

Because we are preppers and we like to be prepared with the best items, we will start our discussion on how to choose and where to buy the best insect bag (or BOB). In general, you should choose the BOB after you have made the list and have a general idea about the quantity and amount of elements it should contain. Still, it’s great to start the list with the bag in mind, because you’ll have to make a compromise between the items on the list and the bag.

Bug Out Bag List: Things You Need in Case of Emergency

First, the bag should be spacious and comfortable. Think about the maximum weight you can carry without having to stop every 5 minutes to rest.

Remember: You will need this whole package in an emergency situation and you may have to run or even fight for your life while carrying the bag.

To be comfortable, a BOB must respect the following characteristics:

  • hip straps and hip padding to distribute most of the weight on the hips and not on the shoulders;
  • the straps must be wide so as not to dig deep into the muscles while the BOB is worn;
  • It’s great if the BOB allows a flow of air to pass through your back and yours. In this way, your skin will be able to breathe and your clothes will not get wet from the effort;
  • Try to avoid the BOB that has hard parts that could hit or hurt you. These become extremely uncomfortable after using the bag for a few days;
  • Make sure that the straps and clips are adjustable. The bag will become larger when full, so you will need a little extra space so that you can sit comfortably on your back.

After choosing the right insect bag, be sure to try it. In this way, you can see how you feel and make the necessary adjustments when everyone is calm and the world is still as we know it. Having to adjust your straps and adjust your BOB to your back in an emergency situation will increase the level of difficulty by at least ten.

Bug Out Bag List: Things You Need in Case of Emergency

Below are five of the best BOBs that we would recommend for any emergency situation that does not affect your preparation budget.

Name BOB Short description Price range
Outdoor sport military backpack Molle tactical backpack This BOB is not very spacious but it is designed to last. The heavy-duty, water-resistant nylon fabric used for the exterior and oversized, heavy-duty zippers add a bit of extra durability. It is also well divided and offers the possibility of creating a functional BOB for different types of situations. $ 20
Tactical combat backpack from the Molle assault package of the military army BY-S This BOB 36L is water resistant and durable, and offers plenty of space for your items. The zippers are resistant and resistant to water, keeping the entire interior dry. $ 20
Tactical backpack compatible with MOLLE military style Paratus operator package 3 days With a modular design, using the space intelligently to really fit 3 bags in one, this BOB is very spacious and durable. The disadvantage of this model is that it can be quite heavy and does not have chest straps. $ 80 – $ 90
Tactical assault military army style backpack by Monkey Paks This model presents an organized space using pockets and zippers. It can also be easily adjusted due to its numerous straps and comes with a hydration water bag so you can have access to water all the time. $ 50
3-day assault condor. This BOB is designed to offer you enough space for all your survival items. In addition, it has resistant handles and a sternum strap so that the weight can be distributed evenly. $ 73- $ 290

As you can see, you do not have to buy the most expensive product on the market when it comes to taking out your bags, you just have to find the one that is big and strong enough to meet your needs.

The essentials of the insect bag checklist

Now that we have covered the BOB theme, we should start planning the real list. The secret here is not to wait until the hurricane warning is issued because you will not be able to gather all the necessary elements in a short period of time. It is best to make the list on time (for example, a few months before the hurricane season) and paste it into your refrigerator. This way you can add items and mark the ones you already have.

Bug Out Bag List: Things You Need in Case of Emergency

To make things easier and help you organize, we will divide this list into specific categories of items.

Water and purification products.

When it comes to emergencies and survival, water is the most important element. The human body can not resist more than 72 hours without water and dehydration is your worst enemy when you try to flee from major disasters.

Bug Out Bag List: Things You Need in Case of Emergency

The first rule when it comes to water storage, is Make sure you have enough and add a little more. As you can see in the information presented above, some BOBs come with a water chamber to save space inside the bag, but this is not a mandatory feature. You can simply use bottles or other containers that you have to store the water, but be sure to refresh it regularly.

The recommended amount is a minimum of 1 liter per day per person, so be sure to have at least 3 liters in your BOB. You also have to be prepared in case you run out of water supplies and have to find some in the desert. The first thing you should remember in this situation is to never drink from sources near the disaster area. Once the infrastructure is affected, sewage or toxic substances can spill into the groundwater and contaminate the entire area.

Bug Out Bag List: Things You Need in Case of Emergency

For situations like these, you should have at least some purification tablets with you or a bottle of water with an integrated filter. If none of these is accessible, at least you should have the knowledge of how to get clean water with tools you can find.

Below is a small list with water containers and purification products that could be useful in case of an emergency situation.

Useful water element Description Price
Water bottle with polar insulation. This bottle is the perfect way to keep the water cold for longer. It is also very easy to handle and hook in the backpack. It is the perfect recipient for external activities. $ 5
Brita hard side water filter bottle This bottle includes a filter inside that cleans the water of the chlorine or the particles that are in the water of the tap. This is efficient when you are in the city. $ 20
Filtration system for survival water bottles. This is the perfect bottle to have outdoors. It can filter up to 1,500 liters of water and eliminate more than 99% of the parasites, protozoa and bacteria found in outdoor water sources. $ 35
Coleman water carrier, 5 gallons It is always better to have a folding recipient in your BOB. This way you can store water for your daily routine of hygiene and washing needs. $ 10
Aquatabs water purification tablets These tablets will be useful when you need to make sure that the water you drink is clean and safe. You should have some tabs when you go camping and every time you go on an outdoor adventure. $ 10/100 tabs

Food and products for food preparation.

After solving the water problem, the next most pressing problem is the food. Experienced trainers take this issue very seriously and build complete pantries to store large quantities of food for your entire family. If you do not feel like starting your own food storage for survival situations, a simple three-day supply should be sufficient.

Of course, our recommendation is to have a little more because you never know what could happen.

Bug Out Bag List: Things You Need in Case of Emergency

Items that must find their place in the insect bag are dehydrated foods such as dried fruits, mushrooms, vegetables, instant soups, noodles, etc. If you go to a specialized store, you will even find complete dehydrated menus created especially for this type of situation.

Since you do not know what your situation with water will be like, our recommendation is to pack some foods that have a long shelf life and do not require water. Foods such as protein bars, cereal bars, nuts, cookies, canned foods, etc. They can be a bit heavier, but they will help you save water and gain energy.

Bug Out Bag List: Things You Need in Case of Emergency

You will also need some cooking utensils for when you want to make a soup or fry something. Do not load your BOB with plates and glasses, these are not essential. Instead, try finding multiple-use items that help you save space and not add too much extra weight to the bag.

Food preparation items Description Price
Light My Fire Titanium Spork An item that is a spoon, a fork and a knife together: this is the perfect way to save space in the cutlery. The spork is made of titanium, so it is heat resistant, lightweight and durable. $ 12
Gerber 01471 Suspension butterfly opening multi-pliers This multitool has 12 integrated components among which is a can opener. It will be useful in various situations and it is absolutely fantastic when you can not carry heavy tools $ 30
GSI Outdoors Glacier stainless steel bottle cup / pot This metal cup is perfect to have in your BOB. You can drink water or juice with it, you can boil water or you can make an instant soup. It is not easy to break and does not add weight to your bag. $ 15
TOAKS Titanium 1600ml pot with frying pan This item is a pot and a pan in a single product. The surfaces used for cooking do not stick and cleaning is easy to do. You can use this to cook over a fire or a portable stove. $ 50
Etekcity Ultralight portable camping stove for outdoor backpackers This is a compact and lightweight stove that can be screwed onto a portable propane container. Of course, to cook on this stove, you will also need to buy the propane can, but they are small and light. $ 20

Clothing and personal hygiene items.

Now that we take care of food and water, it is time to move on to other needs, such as keeping our body temperature constant. This is a very important issue, because if we are cold, the body will invest more energy to warm up and, if we are too hot, the energy will be used to achieve a lower temperature. When choosing your clothes, do not think about fashion, think about comfort. You will need to have some layers of clothing at your disposal to be able to add or remove them depending on the situation.

In addition, you should check your BOB according to the season, since it is not necessary to wear winter clothes in the summer. Pack short and long sleeve shirts, cardigans, pants, underwear, socks, a rain poncho, work gloves, something to cover your head and everything you consider necessary. Make sure you always have at least two changes of clothes, in case the ones you wear get wet. Also, do not neglect the footwear: at least two pairs of sturdy boots is the ideal configuration.

Bug Out Bag List: Things You Need in Case of Emergency

When it comes to personal hygiene items, do not forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, wipes, toilet paper, towels and other important items to keep it clean. It is important to continue with your hygiene routine even during a catastrophic event, as this will keep germs and bacteria away.

Shelter and bedding.

You will have to sleep outdoors, so be prepared with something to serve as a refuge. You can get a tent or a tarp to fix a shelter, a dirt pad and a sleeping bag. These elements will keep the elements away from your body and help you to conserve body heat during cold nights. It is extremely important to be well rested during stressful times; In this way, your criteria will be clear and you can make quick and good decisions.

Tools, heat source and rays.

Knowing how to make a fire without any external source is a valuable skill, but your BOB must contain at least some sources of ignition, such as a lighter or fire. It is also recommended to have a little tinder, but this can be easily manufactured in the forest. Be sure to put objects to light a fire in a zip-lock bag so water and moisture can not reach them.

Continuing the discussion, you will definitely need some light and should not base all your probabilities on fire. You will need some LED flashlights, batteries, head lamp, Glowsticks and other sources to make sure you can see at night.

Bug Out Bag List: Things You Need in Case of Emergency

As tools, the most recommended are the knife and the ax. Sometimes, only the knife is enough, but if the bag allows you to add an ax, your life will be easier. The market is full of all kinds of devices when it comes to tools, but try to be practical. A good survival knife is designed to help you cook, make a shelter, carve wood, cut various things, etc. The ax is perfect for cutting firewood and clearing the path. Any other tool you add to your BOB means more weight and less space for water and food.

First aid kit, means of communication and personal defense.

Never forget to add a first aid kit! When you run away from danger, you can always be injured and it will be extremely difficult to find a doctor or an emergency unit. A compact and light first aid kit is perfect to help you repair cuts, scratches, broken bones or other types of injuries. Do not neglect injuries when you are outdoors! A simple scratch can cause a lot of headaches if it gets infected.

Bug Out Bag List: Things You Need in Case of Emergency

Being able to communicate during emergencies is extremely important, so be sure to pack an extra battery for your phone, a solar charger, a starter charger and an emergency radio. As you can see, it is always better to have more items for the same purpose. If communication through modern means fails, you should always have backup copies such as a signaling mirror, a flare gun and an emergency whistle.

During stressful times, people tend to get violent and forget about common sense and social rules. Also, in the desert, you may encounter several wild animals, so you should consider a personal defense strategy. Or buy a weapon and learn to use it correctly or learn to defend yourself using only your body, but this aspect should not be neglected!

Anything else

Once you have managed to cover the basics, add any other object that you consider useful to the list. Still, be sure to try the bag once in a while. In this way, you will know when you have reached the optimum weight.

A few tips and tricks about the insect bag that comes out of the list

Now that you have your bag and the items you want to put inside, it’s time to learn some tips and tricks to pack everything. Those of you who are not great enthusiasts of outdoor activities may be a bit confused, but you should know that there are several packaging strategies that can help you save significant space. This way all your articles will fit perfectly.

Bug Out Bag List: Things You Need in Case of Emergency

Here are some rules that will prove extremely valuable in times of need:

  • Do not pack more items that you will need – Thinking of the long, cold nights in the forest, people often add more than they need to their BOB. It may be scary, but a 3-day supply should be enough. After this period of time, you can return to civilization or find a good place to camp and start a new life.
  • Do not abuse the bag – If you have a little space left, you can pick up valuable things that you find on the way. For example, if you find a tinder, you should take it because you do not know if you will find it at the camp site.
  • Have more than one BOB – This is useful for several stations. In this way, you will not have to turn things around and everything will be ready for any situation;
  • Putting things in the other – This will help save space and your bag will be well balanced and structured;
  • Hang things that can hang. – BOBs usually have hooks or straps that allow you to hang things like tools, water bottles, sleeping bags, etc.
  • Always be prepared with more items for the same purpose. – In the desert, you will not be able to go to the store and simply replace the broken item.

In conclusion, preparing your list of failures is not an easy task, but if treated with patience and rationality, things can look pretty good in the end. If you are a beginner, our advice is that you keep up with the information on all kinds of elements, techniques and experience, as much as you can with your BOB.

Preparation basics

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