Build a raft with your own hands

In extreme conditions, it is often necessary to face. swim across the water barrier (lake, big river, sea), raft down along the river, get out of a desert island. You need a floating craft. The most simple and suitable solution – build a raft or catamaran from scrap materials (trees, snag, branches, lianas).

We will talk about the relatively long movement in water spaces. So you need to build a simple craft. First you need to pick up the main raft material. In 9 cases out of 10 this will be wood, large tree trunks.

Two options are possible to obtain. If, nevertheless, it is not enough to cut trees.

Trees with soft wood. They are, as a rule, are easier to be machined and have an increased buoyancy.

It can be used to make it. You will be able to fill it up. If you are looking for water, then you must be able to

By the way. It is possible, but requires a certain technique. To start cut the trees with a knife and eliminate this difference. It is in weight. So, it is enough to make it. It is a simple way to make it. Yes, hard – but it works.

The raft into a single structure. Logs must be tightly laid on the shore. At the bottom of the raft, at the bottom of the raft, at the bottom of the raft.

Now you need to tie the logs between themselves and with the poles. Strong ropes are suitable for tying; possible fibers from a piece of ship’s rope; creepers from the local jungle; strong vine of grapes or other climbers. The use of the rollers. There are no problems with this.

Paddle, steering, sail or use a long pole.

If you have a large piece of fabric, it can be used for a different design. From lianas or willow vines weave a round frame with a diameter of about 1.5 m and cover it with a cloth.

Build a raft with your own hands

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