Building blockage – how to avoid or get out

For residential buildings, for residential buildings, for residential buildings

If you’re listening to the exit signal. Be careful – a crowd of people can cripple you. If you’re catching it. Do not pick up your objects.

If you are going to have a chance

If there were no voids, there were no voids, or you were pulled by the wind. Perhaps it’s possible to get out without your help. It is possible to get out of it. And most importantly – if you do not have serious damage. If you’re trying to crawl upholstered, you can’t find out if you’re squeezed with debris Humble, have patience, wait, help will come. Earthquakes of recent years? Three weeks, if they are not injured.

Lighters and matches: it is possible. A spark can trigger an explosion. This will save energy when using a flashlight.

How to attract the attention of the rescuers? You can give a signal to a slab, a pipe, a fixture. Listen up. There will be silence. “The minute of silence was declared.” It was listened to the cries, groans, knocks coming from the depths. It was in the “moment of silence” that was trained reconnaissance. You can feel the dog.

Dismantle the blockage carefully.

Often the life of slab. It is dangerous to make it. In the case of the razori as gently as possible.

Unconditionally, follow the instructions of each rescuer. It is their job.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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