Burglar alarm in the apartment, the choice of burglar alarm in the apartment, about the benefits of neighbors.

The security alarm of an apartment or a house, accessible to the ordinary consumer, is capable of protecting four lines of defense of the external perimeter (read the fence), the house itself, rooms in the house, and directly the object that you value. 

Burglar alarm in the apartment, the choice of burglar alarm in the apartment, the benefits of neighbors.

To protect the perimeters (the first line of defense), capacitive detectors are usually used that notice the approach of a massive object, linear, usually consisting of infrared emitters and receivers that respond to an object that blocked an invisible infrared beam, and radio wave emitters that use analysis of reflected microwave waves.

once the alarm is on the apartment, then there is something to guard. If you do not pull payment for services of private security, you can get by with a primitive alarm. Which should give an alarm to your neighbors. And the neighbors should immediately call the police. What are you saying? You do not know your neighbors? And even in the nearest apartments you don’t know? This is bad!

A few words about the benefits of neighbors.

This is very bad! And not at all, but bad for your property, your health and your life! Neighbors are better than even a safe lock and six rows of barbed wire in front of the door. So stop living a birch. Leave your apartment immediately and pick up an empty medical thermometer cover and knock on all apartments in a row. Formally, to ask for a thermometer. But in fact, in order to start the acquaintance so necessary for you and your family.

Just don’t be limited to one door. Be sure to get acquainted with all the neighbors of your entrance, and preferably at home. Do not formally meet, but from the heart. I highly recommend it. Write down, and better remember their phones. Give yours. And in every possible way maintain good relations with your new acquaintances. Neighbors are a universal means of security. And sometimes salvation. Well, just for all occasions, look after the apartment, catch the thief, fight off the robber, notice the fire on time, look after the child. Most importantly, neighbors, they are always at hand, and the police or rescuers even when they arrive. If at all in time to arrive.

For greater benefit, it is advisable to personify the cause of the neighbors. As the accountants say, “demolish” by their professions, capabilities, etc. Suppose a neighbor from the third floor works in the police. And not just in the police, but in the criminal investigation department. And it means that it can advise you on locks, doors and other means of anti-criminal protection. And if, moreover, he permits him to hang his portrait in your police uniform on your door with a note that he is in charge of the “killer” department and loves his mother living in this apartment, then consider that not a single gunman shotgun will approach her.

Well, if it’s suitable, then in this case on the sixth floor there lives a professional boxer two-meter uncle with fists from the body of the “Zaporozhets”. If you make friends with him, then just seeing him hand in hand will make any bandits, not to mention the access hooligans, step back from the door of your apartment without any resistance. If there are a lot of hooligans, you can invite a hunter neighbor to help him. With a 12-gauge double-barrel and a ten-shot combat carbine. So you have someone to count on. But in the worst case, on the seventh floor the resuscitator rents an apartment. Who can pull you from this world to this one, without departing from the place of registration. And he can advise which pills to take from what.

By the way, a professional firefighter lives on the same site. So in this case, too, you can be calm … Well, you see. And you used to be interested only in car mechanic neighbors and shop sellers. In general, they were not interested in what they needed. By collecting information about your neighbors, you can solve a lot of your problems. And among them, the most important security issues. Incidentally, in the developed capitalist countries there are special municipal programs designed to teach and even oblige people living in the same house and in the same quarter to solve security problems together. Why are special training sessions and even training.

We do not have such programs. And so you have to take on their organization. At least in the part that ensures your personal safety. I repeat once again, neighbors are a very effective tool for survival! And even a panacea for many, if not the majority of the misfortunes that can happen to you in your house. And from criminal so in the first place. Well, now you can return to the home alarm. To those devices that can give an alarm to your NEIGHBORS again. The circuit of such devices can be any. For example, when a door, window or cabinet door is opened, the electrical contacts installed on them are closed, and an alarm lamp is turned on at the neighbors.

Or they close when the thief steps in and pushes through a homemade vibration alarm pad. Or he pulls your things out of a wardrobe and, for example, pulls one of them out of a clothespin nailed to a shelf. Which contracts and closes the electrical circuit. When using a home-made alarm about how to turn it off, a very limited circle of people should know, ideally, one of the family members. The French say: what two people know and the pig.

The alarm should turn off from the outside of the door (although it is very difficult to make such a switch invisible to the experienced thieves eye) or directly in the apartment, but then it should turn on only 1-3 minutes after the door opens. The owner will have time to find and turn off the toggle switch, but the criminal. it’s hardly the first time in the apartment. Consider using an alert for when robbers take you hostage. Here you should not skimp on the buttons, you need to put more of them. Near the bed, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, toilet. Hide the buttons and wires deeper. Try to make the most of small switches that robbers cannot immediately find..

Active alarm in the apartment.

In addition to a passive warning alarm, designed to give a hidden message about the penetration of an alien into the apartment, there is an active alarm designed to scare off or even injure a thief. It can be strong, able to wake the whole house of a siren or a loud relay through amplifying devices of calls for help: “Attention! There are robbers in the house! ”Just be sure to let your neighbors listen to the sound of your siren. So that they do not take her for an air-raid alarm and, with a fright, do not run away to seek a bomb shelter instead of catching your thief.

You should not abuse the power of sirens, because you do not need to wake the whole city. It is a well-known case when a sailor who was tortured to change the door after each voyage installed a ship howler removed from a decommissioned bulk carrier in the room. As a result, the thief, tucked into his apartment, was taken to the hospital, and the landlord for causing moderate bodily harm to the police. Because the ship howler in a small apartment is no longer an alarm, it is already a sound weapon.

The siren does not fit, connect the TV and the music center at the output of the door alarm, after turning them on at full volume. Better all together. As soon as the thief opens the door, music will play loudly and cheerfully in the apartment. The main thing is loud. The thief will imagine how indignant neighbors will begin to knock on all walls, and will prefer to disappear before they arrive. Do not like the noise? Replace the sound signal with a light signal, for example, with a flash of a powerful lamp hanging outside the window, if the building of the regional police department is located opposite your house or if there is someone else to shine.

More sophisticated methods include the use of cylinders instead of sirens, lamps and TVs with tear or other irritating gas, instantly filling an apartment, firing signal missiles (preferably anti-chemical, which howl terribly) in the space at the front door, spraying indelible paint, installing anti-personnel mines and hunting traps . But all this is more exotic than real means of fighting thieves.

In principle, having imagination, desire and the necessary tool, it is not difficult to come up with a lot of devices designed to alert neighbors or scare away criminals who have entered your house. Disabling active alarms should be done in the same way as alarms. The only thing that needs to be firmly grasped. Any home-made electronic alarm should work from an autonomous power source so that it cannot be turned off by cutting down the drive switch into a switchboard or circuit breaker of your apartment on the landing.

And many more believe that installing a security alarm makes sense only when you have to leave somewhere for a long time, for example on vacation. That the rest of the time it is not needed, since the apartment remains unattended only during the day. So, most of the apartment thefts should upset them, it happens in the afternoon from 9 to 14 hours.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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