Burnishing agent Brunox NU-BLAK No. 82, for burning the metal parts of weapons, knives, tools.

According to the manufacturer, Brunox NU-BLAK No. 82 is an ideal tool for burning metal parts of weapons: hunting, service, pneumatic, knives, axes, shovels and other tools. 

Burnishing agent Brunox NU-BLAK No. 82.

Means Brunox NU-BLAK No. 82 is delivered in plastic jars with a capacity from 50 grams. Outwardly it looks like a thick gel of a bluish tint. The principle of bluing with NU-BLAK Bruniercreme Nr. 82 is a chemical process that is a company secret.

This chemical process occurs on the metal surface of objects treated with this burnishing agent, and provides uniform coloring and burnishing of the surface, as well as its further reliable protection against corrosion.

According to the manufacturer, in order to achieve a darker shade of burnishing, repeated metal processing is necessary. We processed the barrel twice. Then they were greased with gun oil, again on the recommendation of the manufacturer.

Burnishing agent Brunox NU-BLAK No. 82, for burning the metal parts of weapons, knives, tools.

The photographs clearly show the difference between the processed and unprocessed sections of the gun barrel.

Initial impressions of Brunox NU-BLAK No. 82.

The burnishing process is quick and easy. The end result is impressive. Degreasing the surface is necessary, although it can even be carried out with motor gasoline. After two times treatment with this product, the difference in color of the coating on the eye ceases to differ. Can’t make it blacker.

After two weeks, the durability of this coating was tested. No complaints, it keeps well. Resistance to mechanical damage can be called conditional. The price of this tool for burnishing is about 4 cu for a 50 gram jar. It is quite acceptable. The Brunox NU-BLAK # 82 Burnishing Agent for testing was kindly provided by STS, which specializes in the design and manufacture of tactical equipment.

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