Burnside knives – a new manufacturer of piercing-cutting items

Today we talk about the company Burnside. It is they who patiently follow the masters from Kershaw and Crusade forge. At the time of the first publication of the article Burnside there were only two knives, Blazer, “Evil” knife with a fixed blade. About which we will make a review.

Burnside cabrillo

Looks aggressive and cool. Yes, and doing his job very well. Knit: safety plus compactness. When unfolded, a 4-inch blade made of AUS-8 steel (58–60 RC) appears on the light. The frame is made of polymer. This is a beautiful tactical wrapper. But you can like you another product from Burnside?

Burnside strauss

This is a “evil” predatory blade of spear-shaped form. It is also made of steel. The blade is opened using a fliper. By the way, unlike Cabrillo, frame and handle made of titanium. And Strauss coating colors are different: black or gray. Now choose.

And you can confidently say that Strauss, and Cabrillo at Burnside turned out great. As evidenced by their popularity and constant demand.


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