Burrowing traps on moles, features of different mole trap designs, principle of operation.

Lateral trap of lateral action include all-sided unilateral transverse action. Krotolovka of hunters Pokalov and Ulyanov (position s) has a single-coil spring, the free straight end of which is used as a pressing lever, and the other is bent in the form of a half ring and a frame with a rod for hanging a plate gatehouse and a pin to strengthen the self-propelled gun in the ground. 

Lateral traps of transverse action on moles, features of different mole trap designs, principle of operation.

The guard is shaped like a horseshoe bent from soft wire. The gatehouse is a tongue made of sheet steel, it holds the pressure lever in an alert position. The mole trap is inconvenient for carrying and when on guard. It is difficult to install, since it is necessary to cut, expand and clear the wormhole for the free action of the gatehouse and pressure lever. Samolov is poorly disguised. The released batch of these samols was not popular among hunters..

Single-sided trap-mole traps with a guard-roller.

It consists of a two-coil spring made of 3 mm wire, one end of it is bent by a half ring, and the other is left straight and used as a pressure lever. The models of these mole traps made of 3.5-4 mm wire have an unnecessarily large alarming force and are very inconvenient to use..

Burrowing traps on moles, features of different mole trap designs, principle of operation.

Mole traps with a guard, having the form of a 10-coil cylindrical spring made of soft wire 1.8 mm thick, with a curved free end into the frame, works as follows. The pressure lever together with the spring curl is pulled to the upper position and placed on the end of the free end of the input half-ring. In this case, it is ensured that the gatehouse frame is retracted to the right by 4-5 cm from the bottom of the input half-ring, and the pressure lever together with the guard ring roller is shifted to the edge to the left of the center of the end cut and was barely held on it (position and, and1).

In the alert state, the airplanes are installed in the mole course with a guard as the animal moves. The mole, passing through the airwaves, crawls under the frame of the guard, slightly lifts it or moves it to the right and up, which makes the skating rink together with the pressure lever roll down from the end and presses the animal across the body to the lower part of the arc. The design of this mole catcher is easy to manufacture and allows the use of a 3 mm spring wire.

However, this samolov does not exceed the catch of longitudinal action, and is less convenient to use. Like any transverse-action airplanes with a guard protruding to the side, it is more difficult to install it in the mole course, since an additional cross-section of the stroke and clearing of the place for the free action of the side spring and pressure lever are required. It is inconvenient even when installed in shallow passages with loose soil: to strengthen the will, you have to tightly insert a thick stick 20-30 cm long into the curl of the spring.

It is placed on the surface of the earth along the wormhole and holds the mole head in a vertical position. In connection with these shortcomings, the model of this trap can be recommended to hunters only as an auxiliary, inexpensive aircraft.

Mole traps of lateral unilateral action “Pin”.

They are made of 4 mm spring wire (position k, k1) Its spring has two shoulders. One of them – a long stick in the ground and it serves as a support, and the U-shaped deflection in the middle of this shoulder is used to guard. At the end of the second shoulder there is a deflection similar to a claw, which is used as a pressing lever. When guarding, the claw is inserted into a U-shaped deflection and intercepted by the angle of the bent cranked wire guard.

In this position, the free end of the guard is blocking the passage formed between the pin and claw. The mole, having met the wire guard, scruffs it up and scatters the trap, which grabs the mole from the side of the claw and presses it to the pin of the second shoulder. This mole catcher is inferior in standard catchability, as young moles creep under the guard and do not try to push it out. But it is indispensable where the old mole appeared “undermined”, regularly clogging the ground with the ground and pushing out all standard mole catchers.

Based on materials from the book Hunting Samolov and Unauthorized Fishing. Directory.
Gerasimov Yu. A.

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