Bushcraft design of the stove “shchepochnitsy”

Often, for hunting trips, for fishing, just for nature. There are some drawbacks for gas burners. In this case, wood comes to the rescue. stove “chipper”. This is a great alternative to gas. However, it’s not a matter of course that’s why it’s not.

Actually, the name and design stoves “shchepochnits” completely transparent:

This is a kind of frame (sometimes even a transformer) frame frame. Woods are chips, twigs, cones and other pastry trifles.

Allows you to cook economically and quickly with firewood. All stoves use natural draft, not boost. A version of the equipment for tourism, hunting, fishing .. They were used by German soldiers during the First World War. But there is a drawback – quickly burns through. It is necessary to throw it often.

The old road sign “give way” was shown below. It is an old washing machine.

Here are the drawings,

Bushcraft design of the stove “shchepochnitsy”

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