Bushcraft how to make snowshoes with your own hands

Winter is usually oddly enough, snow. And it happens that he piles up to the knee. it is not very comfortable to drink. Why walk through the snowdrifts? What about winter hunting, or just walking in the woods? It is not a problem to refuse these pleasures.

Therefore, it is worth looking at such an arrangement as snowshoes. It will not turn into “When will I get out of here?” .. ”And even in an extreme situation. Snowshoes are made to order from scrap materials.

According to physical laws, the pressure is inversely proportional to the area. Here is the time of the mass.

Types of snowshoes

Vary by type of base:

  • With a tight base without holes. Plastic, wood, plywood is used for them.
  • The base is in the form of a frame. Wood, plastic are used. The ancient people used animal bones, ropes, leather straps, twigs. The form of such snowshoes is often oval.

Design is the maximum lightness. It will be a little bit more than that. It is slightly larger than the other. When walking, you can be folded one to one.

How to make snowshoes with your own hands

Fix the fixtures yourself; you will need handy material, desire and skill.

Wooden frame snowshoes

Wooden frame is necessary for a frame of 7-9 mm. The structure will be heavy. It is necessary to use the snowshoes. Similar bars need to be made and cross. After that, it begins, it begins to crack.

Bar set the appropriate form. Separately, the ends of the frame are not fastened. It is pulled out. There will be about 20 such holes. Next, a grid is formed from the twine (we stretch it crosswise through the holes). The finished mesh can be covered with a tarpaulin. Mounted mount. It is easy to enter. Belts are mounted in the middle of the base.

Fir branches snowshoes

The easiest way to do it yourself. The bundles are made of branches and attached to the legs. It is not easy to move on.

Snowshoes from sticks

This design is made of sticks with a length of 2 m, from which all the twigs are pre-cleaned. The thin part is the design nose. Having determined the center of gravity, they are necessary for fastening. It doesn’t fall down when walking in the snow. The speakers of the pads saw off. The legs are not bound with the rope. You can easily make such snowshoes.

Snowshoes from rods

With a diameter of 0.5 cm. The blanks are dried. To give an oval shape is used to cooked layout. The rods are pre-impregnated with water, bent in shape and fixed. Removed. The next stage is rope interlacing. You can moisten the frame. Fishing pattern. When it comes to feet or leather, tarpaulin. The frame must be coated with waterproof varnish.

Video, directly from the campaign materials, using the available materials.

Snowshoes from polypropylene pipes

This design is a bit more complicated.

  • From modern materials you can use polypropylene pipes with a diameter of 2 cm. Snowshoes of this design will be durable and reliable. Four billets of 65 cm length and 8 billets – 23 cm each are made of pipes. Another 4 billets of 50 cm each are made of metal plastic pipe. Pipes should not be slightly rounded.
  • It can be heated above the gas stove, we insert it into adapters (tees). The tubes are 23 cm long with adapters at the ends.
  • According to the 2 polypropylene tubes (23 cm each) are heated. Now from the blanks going frame. Each frame consists of 3 elements. One end of the frame (tube) fixed barrels. Metal-plastic pipes are fixed with self-tapping screws.
  • For the mesh, which will be stretched on the frame, drill holes. Cord stretch in the form of diamonds.
  • We make plywood with a size of 30 x 15 cm. It is further mounted mount itself.
  • It is fixed on a plastic frame. This person will be able to weigh up to 75 kg.

Plywood snowshoes

This is not suitable for bridging. You can make fixtures from scrap materials that are easy to find. You will need plywood sheet number 7-10, jigsaw, drill, screws, glue, ski mounts, boards 20×50 – 2 pieces.

  • Cut out two ovals or rectangles from plywood, the edges of which are rounded;
  • Mark the location of the foot;
  • The plates are attached to the base; when pitting, the plywood will not bend.
  • Help on a cord.

Instead of a rope, you can use straps. To prevent snowshoes from slipping, spikes are attached to the underside.

It will be up to the distance. So, on snow, snowshoes will become a table, a snow can be installed on them. You can make changes, you can modify the changes. But how much does it hurt.

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