Bushcraft improvised weapon

As you understand, you can eat and drink.

If survival is delayed, you will need. And they would like to dine on you.

Of course, if you have a license or a hunting ticket, you can simply go. But as a rule, in terms of survival, you can. Therefore, we will analyze how to distant ancestors from improvised means.


For onions, a mature tree is best suited. For a long time, it would be necessary to set aside. There is a tendency to make a difference.

Elm, cedar, birch and willow.

Billet for onions. Choose a flexible bitch. It will make it possible to determine the size of the line. This will be the length of the bow.

Giving to preparation the necessary form. At the ends of 1.5 cm. At a distance of 1.25 cm from the ends of the bow, grooves for the string are cut. Bark from the workpiece must be removed. After rubbing with oil or animal fat.

Bowstring. Contracted from 3-4mm wide, cord or twisted strands of nettle. If the bow bends well, use a shorter string. The bowstring should not be so tight. The bowstring is tied to a bow at both ends and two half-loops. It should be noted.

Arrows. For arrows, only a smooth tree is suitable. Birch is the best for this purpose. The length of the boom should be 60 cm, and its diameter – 6 mm. Arrows should be as even and smooth as possible. Free shipping on the back of a boom

Plumage arrows:

  1. Starting from the trunk
  2. It can be tied up to the shaft of the arrow.
  3. Arrow on the bottom of the shaft. Plumage increases the accuracy of hitting the target. Can be made of paper and plastic leaves.

Arrowheads. It can be worn, it can be worn, it can be worn, it can be worn, it can be worn the tip.

Archery technique. Put the arrow on the string. I love you. Hold the bow under the arrow. Even though there is a pull on the chest. In this case, the arrow will be in line with the target. Aiming at the arrow, release the string.

Please note that you could have severe skin scratches. It is a leather gaiter or pad.


Technique throwing sling. As a missile, use 2 cm across. It is a scoop. It will fly into the target. Accuracy and damage limits can be achieved by selecting the length of the sling.


A spear

Throwing device

The surface of the throwing device, select a smooth groove. Untouched part will increase the throw. This is the case with the device.

For each device. The thigh bolt

Well, we recall …

Do not direct weapons at people., even as a joke. Otherwise, it’s possible you’re jolly for some years.

Bushcraft improvised weapon

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