Bushcraft: Self-made onions

The case of mankind. Hunting has become easier to kill other people. If you don’t need to go for a flight, you can’t make a trip. The bow of the firearm of course, of course, the bowed in terms of its importance.

The main advantages of the bow are simplicity, reliability, noiseless, reusable ammunition and much more. It is not a lot of survivors. making bows. This is a complex science of science today.

So. The first thing to do when making onions – select a tree. Ideal options will be those with flexibility – yew, ash, hazel. Also suitable for woods such as oak, beech or maple. It is not recommended to use all the rest for a long time. With high resin content.

Next you need to find a suitable copy. Either a young tree, or a long and straight branch. The main criteria for selecting a blank for making onions – length up to one hundred meters, length of cracks, creases, lateral processes and branches. Cut it carefully, so that the wood is not damaged. Do I remove the bark? Of course, yes, because it is the most shrinks that it is when it dries.

Now take the workpiece, put it on the ground and slightly bend. Will be better arched. The outer side is called the back and the inner side is called the belly. In this case, it will be a handle. If you have more hands, you can retreat a little more.

Now the hardest part. Slowly (a couple of centimeters) bend. This will help determine which parts bend well and which not. Should not be bend at all. If you’re doing so, you can carefully cut off the skin with a sharp knife. It will not be touched, since it will not be touched. It is necessary to periodically check the result. Ideally, both shoulders should not be bent along the entire length and equally.

Next, do not be on the sides of both shoulders. The bowstring will be fixed on them. It is better to take ready-made string – from nylon or artificial fibers. This is only later when you get a little more subtle making bows It is better not to risk it. There is a space of 15 centimeters between it and the handle.

Now hang on to your perfect balance. It is now gently pull the string beads. If the process goes evenly – great. If you’re not sure, you need to cut it down again. Of course, from the “belly”. If you’re a little bit long, you’ll be up to 10 minutes. It is extremely harmful for you. make onions.

In fact, that’s enough. But from personal experience I can say the following:

  • It is better to wrap the handle additionally with a cloth or leather. It will not be necessary during the grip.
  • Where the arrow will be in the small piece of leather. It will support the boom while aiming and generally facilitate the process. And, yes, you need to touch it.
  • It will not be necessary for the crackdown.
  • It is a woman who lives in her life.

Actually, this is the easiest way. making onions. The tensile strength is greater than that of the individual layers. But even 15 kilograms per centimeter with 30 steps. I didn’t personally check how much you can already hunt a small-sized game.

By the way. How is the tension force determined? Set it vertically on the scales. The string is drawn down to the desired value. It affects the scales.

It is very difficult to make it. But with some practice, the skill will come. It is also not a medal masters. So that make bows, If you’re a little girl, you’re

Bushcraft: Self-made onions

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