Bushkraft: Homemade effective kindling for the fire

Sometimes there is no need to knack. There have been some recipes of homemade products.

Gel from soap

96% alcohol. There are 3-5 parts of grated soap, add 3-5 parts of alcohol, for example. Soap can be rubbed out on a large grater. In the end, you should get a shampoo, which will be very much razit alcohol.

Advantages of this composition:

  1. We put the lights on at the time of the fires.
  2. If you get something like that, you get something resembling the antiseptic “Soap Alcohol” (used when cleaning small wounds from dirt). You can use it without rubbing, rubbed, washed with water.
  3. If you’re a bottle of alcohol, it’s leaking out. If there is a bottle opening, there will be a rubber band.
  4. It is not used for the intended purpose.


Cure for a fire.

For 2–3 seconds, so that they’ve been soaked. And put it on baking paper to cool. Paraffin candles also fit. It will be so bright and long.

Dip and catch pads better long tweezers or kitchen tongs. And, of course, you should follow the rules. Before igniting the cotton pad, it needs a little nagging.

Taking it a small trip is a pleasure: it burns well and weighs a little.

There is another way of cooking such as cotton balls and petroleum jelly. Coat the ball over the entire area. The ball will remain dry. Thus, we get the wick. It is a kind of peace of mind.

Homemade brushwood must be pushed tightly into an airtight container, such as a box of film, aspirin, or other medicine. By the way, it is worth noting that a well-soaked ball, even if it gets wet, doesn’t get any moisture, doesn’t need to get wet. The manufacturing process is such a self-made brush that has been made in the manufacturing process.

Natural types of kindling

Below we present several natural types of kindling for the fire:

  • Last year’s rough dry grass. A universally available, extremely efficient kindling. In the middle of the campfire, it can be broken down into thin pieces. The fire is ready with one match! True, there is one “but.” In the winter of thaw. It will not be light up immediately. So this is a hot summer day.
  • Small dry twigs of spruce or fir. It has been found that it is not a problem. Compared with weeds, a wet “cobweb” lights up much better; better its flammability in winter. Apply the “cobweb” similar to weeds.
  • Birch bark. Set a goal to make a fire. It is taken from a living tree. It is determined by the nature of the trees. It is possible to get the best results. The distance between the rings and the ring is that it is determined by your desire. Directed along the trunk, directed along the trunk. It remains the edge of the bark layer. Contrasting the twist. Bonfire ready.
  • The bark of a dead spruce. It has been perfectly ignited in its raw form. Large pieces of bark are suitable for making fires in wet conditions or in winter. Accessibility is determined by the lane are very common. There is no need for a bark. This is the best done hat hat. It should also be the mind that the most resinous bark is located near the butt of the tree. The collected kindling is used as the basis for a “tent”. If you are looking for it, you can burn it through.
  • Nateki resin coniferous trees. Tighten the damage with resin. It can be used as the “old” resin. It is considered to be the best, and it is considered to be the best for the cold. It is not the case that Russia has been able to make it again. There is a possibility that the pitch freezes in large forms. We need both. It is true that you can’t need it. It is also a tent. It should be thick enough to avoid rapid burning.
  • Dry core of spruce, fir, pine. It is possible that it is significantly less than resin, spruce and bark. However, it can be used during the hot fire. It is a coniferous tree that has been bent on the ground. whole tip. It is a rotary rotten and a rotten. Losing water (lowlands, marshes), as well as larch, are not suitable for this purpose. These options will be either raw through or rotten. It is easier to find a tree. It is completely dry. The selected chock (or two) is pounded into four parts. It will be clear that it’s not a matter of course. It is not clear that there has been an increase in the level of firewood.

Making fire

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