Bushkraft knife: a tool for survival in nature

Bushcraft – is the ability to survive in the wild. For the first time the term was used for survival in the forest, “bush” (impassable thickets), which are usually located far from civilization. Bushcraft knife, as the name implies, created specifically for survival in nature. Autonomous existence outside the usual urban environment is not a weekend tour at all, but a serious test not only for a person, but also for equipment.

Therefore, the bushcraft knife is distinguished not only by its high quality, but also by its wide functionality. In fact, it is a practically universal tool that can be used for a long time without fatigue in the wrist. This allows you to make survival in nature and autonomous existence as comfortable as possible, which, in turn, saves strength and energy that are not superfluous in the case of autonomous existence.

Bushkraft knife: application, features and recommendations

Smooth butt knife handle

The solid and smooth back plate expands the possibilities of using the bushcraft knife for survival in nature. Backs can be used as a hammer.

Examples of knives for survival and bushkrafta

Steel arms

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