Business laws that a novice entrepreneur must learn.

Business is also work. But a very specific job with its own business laws. And it is better to learn about this specificity in advance. Its main advantage is accessibility. To trade, you do not need to have a special education and even intelligence. What many new Russians have proven. 

Business laws that a novice entrepreneur must adopt.

Doubt it? Do you think that in order to become a very rich person, you need to graduate from a prestigious economic university? Not at all! To convince doubters, I’ll inform you that a quarter of the two hundred and fifty of the richest people on the planet do not have higher education. Fourth! And you say: business is an activity for the elite. Nothing like this! Especially with us. Because our business scheme is simple: take the goods and offer it to the buyer. If one or two items you will be a street seller. More by a small entrepreneur. You will begin to operate with lots of goods wholesaler. Take away a couple of plants or a uranium deposit by a big businessman. You will sell the country as a whole as a politician. Approximately such a gradation.

, and by the way, the developed capitalism of O’Henry, concerning one Bolivar and two riders claiming him. And then you will find prosperity in the field of business. Moreover, in our country it is easier to break into business than not in our country..

For the simple reason that our capitalism is nascent, that is, in comparison with their capitalism, child! With fragile milk teeth. And the mass of voids not filled by competitors! Any emigrant will tell you this. So keep up! While the half-empty market for opportunities did not fill up and seized, turning into a hopeless monolith for a beginning businessman. The flag is in your hands! As for moral issues, I do not touch on them here. Forced not to touch, if he undertook to give recommendations on how to thrive in business. My task is to teach the reader how to survive. Including in the field of finance. What I am doing my best. Regarding moral issues, God will personally ask each of us at the Last Judgment. Or Fate. And then everyone is rewarded according to income.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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