Caches and safes. History, types of caches. Settlement Tips

Secretly and secrets are known to everyone since childhood. It has been a lot of fun! But the most sophisticated manifestations of the childish tricks soon turned out to be observant peers or adults. It means that the

Today, the security of personal property is not trick to ensure. You will need modern technical tools and materials. At the same time, they are very high. Thousands of thieves have completely forgotten how to look for them.

Caches in ancient times

The land is now full. There were some damage to the ground for many centuries. Caches because of the difficulty were available only to the ruling classes. Over the mysteries of the Egyptian caches and now puzzled researchers.

Caches in the Middle Ages

Chests, locks, locks and other tricks.

In these times, no self-respecting casket has “just” opened. There are no limits on how much money has been drawn up. invented and spread.

Decent of a seemingly unpretentious trick. There is no need for any kind of furniture. Sewing up the county county paper two hundred years ago, it was common.

Caches century 19th. Prefect of Police G., 18 .. year

We started with furniture. There are no “secret” boxes. Only a fool, leading such a search, manages to miss the “secret” box. It’s so easy! Each bureau has a certain size, takes up some space. You can see a difference of even a five hundredth of an inch. After the bureau, we took up chairs. We pierced the seats with thin needles. From the tables we removed the table top. If you’re looking for a piece of furniture, it’s possible to get away with it. In the same way, legs and headboards are used.

It is not a shocked book. It has been measured with a magnifying glass. Five to six volumes, just received from the bookbinder, we carefully checked the needles. We looked at each of the squares …

(Edgar PO, “The Stolen Letter”)

Caches century 20th. Revolutions and Wars

The concept of the revolutionary conspiracy, which we have absorbed along with the unforgettable session of the primary Soviet education. Double bottom suitcases “Spark”. It’s a bit different. The revolutionaries safely not only correspondence, leaflets and subversive literature. It was a keen eye and a search technique. There are no limits for people who live in this area. Double bottom is the most common technique in such “caches”. Then there are the conditions described in the literature. These are the caches. However, they are not only bad things.

Caches and caches today

Police Officer A., ​​2005: Now the people are lazy – all values ​​are visible. In the box of candy, on the shelf somewhere. If you’re looking for an apartment

I am a little boyfriend of my grandfather, the ruble. Climb into the closet, raise the sheets – there he is, lies. Nothing changed. People think – where things are more, they will not look there. From there to the bathroom, From there to the bathroom, From there to the bathroom, And there is money, or pebbles. Sometimes, you come to the call – all the dishes are broken. There’s a way to make it all.

In the wardrobe of the wardrobe, it will be … Here in the freezer – I would also check it out.

Nikolay E., Deputy Head of Anti-Theft, 20xx: Build custom-made caches in apartments. I have not seen these caches. It is not necessary to find the correct values. And an apartment thief has little time. If the money goes, then the money is stored. If he doesn’t know this, he searches in the most common places. Under the bedding. Hid in flower pots, on the balcony. It has already been accidentally surfaced in our search. But I didn’t see what I’ve seen in the thieves – it’s a dreary, dirty business. In the kitchen, hiding under a garbage can. But this is more often used by criminals. It all depends on the owner. It was a locker, it was a locker, it was a locker. Under the picture – I have not seen this. I can’t make a cache now. If he doesn’t want to hide it. There would be no sign of savings under the flooring. So it is a simple thief – for hiding places, probe walls.

If you’re looking for a modern caches.

We often live carelessly, do not follow basic safety rules.

For example, as a non-descript box or inter-wall box, or even countless options. There is no need for any external signs.

It’s not a problem. Today, using the most modern materials, these shortcomings can be avoided, and provide modernized access.

The main thing is to place caches in non-standard places.

Summarizing numerous publications and “frank” interviews with thieves and investigators WHERE IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO HIDE MONEY and equip primitive secret.

  • Refrigerator freezer
  • Washer
  • Ventilation space
  • Toilet bowl
  • Battery spaces
  • Shelves of clothes cabinets
  • Dirty laundry
  • Shoe boxes
  • Banks with cereals, flour, sugar, large preservation
  • Vases and other large ceramics
  • Bin
  • Curtains (money is pinned)
  • Large children’s toys (can be upset)
  • Mattresses and niches under the bed
  • Electronic and household appliances (it can carry)
  • Drawers of tables and furniture

If you were creative, you are scanty. In the case of fire and flooding, it can be equally important.

Safe in your apartment It should be taken for a while. Taking away his precious time.

Now is the time to remember the safes. Let’s look at the story.

From chests to safes

It has been a must for the people of the world. Jewelry, household, everyday, utensils and clothing. In addition, the chests were a full-fledged piece of furniture. There is a chest-headrest cover, which was used as a pillow.

Often the colors were gold and gold. Over-time, chests with puzzles and locks appeared.

Ensure that you’re safeguarding your person’s values.

The first safes appeared in England in the XIX century. with the increase in the number of capitalists. With strong locks. They were extremely reliable – until the invention of the acetylene-oxygen torch (here we call it autogenous). After that, they began to add a layer of concrete.

Padlocks are outdated, probably not even faster than wood – they were in a slot. Manufacturers who want to take care of the jewels. But even such safes could save from anything, but not from fire. After the fire, it’s not necessary to save money. Ordinary metal boxes were not saved from fires or intentional arson. It is more than necessary. And from the 1830s, it was broken down. Interest in fireproof boxes. Any deficiency was corrected, the locks were made more cunning. There are locks, double doors, additional security systems. Vzlomostoykie safes learned to make even more protected. Mechanical locks were invented.

It was a clear click. When the lock is clicked. This deficiency was overcome when it came to the dial.

In the 1960s. diamond-drilled drills that hydraulically moved and broke through concrete. The solid aluminum oxide to concrete. It makes it possible to create a temperature of more than 3000 degrees. It becomes clear for you. To overcome this defense, robbers have recently stolen safes without opening them on the spot. It can be taken away from the hydraulic equipment.

Origin of the concept “Bear cub”, As a specialist in cracking locks and safes has several versions.

In ancient times, “bearmen” are coached by a bear. This is a household name for such criminal work. This name is perfectly conveys that a professional hacker needs. Sharp flair and iron grip. “Bearmen” are shrouded in some kind of romance. A lot of films were shotguns, there wasn’t any kind of heroic burglar.

Another version is much more practical and realistic. Title bear cub derived from the instrument Medvedka – L-shaped hook made of durable steel, By the bears is posted on the site.

According to their functions (and, therefore, designs), safes are divided into:

  • Fire resistant
  • Burglar resistant
  • Fire-resistant – made much less frequently.

Safes are installed in offices and private homes. Vendors divide them into the following groups:

  • Embedded
  • Furniture
  • Data safes (magnetic storage safes)
  • Deposit modules (safes and cells)
  • Cash register
  • Portable boxes (cash boxes)
  • Key holders, key safes
  • Automotive

As well as more highly specialized:

  • Hotel (a kind of furniture)
  • Caches (a kind of embedded)
  • Weapononononon safes and cabinets
  • Elite safes (for example, designer safes, wood safes)

Types of locks

The following types of locks are used in safes:

  • Key (as a rule, suvaldnye, they have greater reliability)
  • Mechanical (with code combination)
  • Electronic

In addition, there are a number of keys that are more exotic, and so on.

Crack resistance

Fireproof safes are often unable to withstand a serious robber. Property and paper from fire. Burglar-resistant safes is called break resistance. It can be easily read on the Internet.

This criteria is what is needed:

  • 1 to 10-20. It should be purchased;
  • In everyday life, safes of up to class 3 are commonly used;
  • Class 4 safes are usually used to store money;
  • 5th class safes
  • 6th class safes are not manufactured in order. Resistance to the safety of the door.

Unlimited access and / or destruction. It is a good idea to have a banglary and fire resistance, i.e. its ability to resist fire hazards. Therefore, safes are divided into two categories – burglar and fire resistant.

Fireproof safes Designed for storage, archives, magnetic tape, and other storage media. However, it can be a long time. The maximum possible rate is the maximum possible. Therefore, safes with a fire resistance of 1 or 2 hours are most common.

How do the safes experience fire resistance?

It provides for two types of thermal effects: According to the thermal regime.

  • It’s important to be safe.
  • What is the 1/10 ratio?
  • In the case of the manufacturer of the guarantees. And types of locks.
  • It is clear that you can use it.
  • Fastening a burglar-proof safe to the floor or wall is mandatory. The most safe statistics follow.

So do i need safe for home or apartment? And if needed, why? How to choose advertising for the seller?

The question is really not simple. It can not only be a risk factor. Or useless or semi-useless expensive living space. It will not seem like it. Let’s evaluate your safes for the home.

Of course, necessary and mandatory is gun safe or even a few children and weapons. Even if it’s not like “souvenir” crossbows, knives, daggers, machetes, sabers, paintball weapons, etc. The risk is obvious, responsibility for children falls on you. It is your choice. Do you want to make it possible

It is easy to find thieves and robbers. It is your choice. Weighing up to several hundred kg. If there are not significant amounts of money. It becomes their main prey. And what should be stored there?

An example from life. GSM alarm system, has been robbed. The thieves were on the tip of the wore a jerk character. From the special tool only scrap was used. For 30 seconds, they destroyed the alarm. Thieves target was located on the second floor. It was going to be. safe. The owner was happy. Finishers. The window is also relatively small. It has been found that it has reached the bottom. contents and the window.

Heavy (up to 500 kg and more) fire-resistant, burglar-proof safe. You can buy it, bring it in. You can hardly do it in secret. It will be seen in the house. Save your burglar and fire. This is a plus. It is a great deal of attention. If you are not in the house, then you can risk factor, than security. It is easy to find the Internet. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon.

So, we introduced you a bit the history of safes and caches, middle class citizens.

Do not be careless.

Be smart, protected from flooding and fire fighting. If you have children and weapons at home. Do not store anything worth there. Duplicate the media.

And saved, already, and God saves. You will not be inclined to our fellow citizens. Successes you and prosperity.

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