Calculate how quickly a zombie epidemic will destroy humanity

It will be noted that “Approximately on the day of the day.” published in the Journal of Physics Special Topics.

It is a so-called “scintillator”. driven only by hunger. When such a zombie bites other people, it gives them that it helps.

Of course, this is unlikely to happen to the real world, but scientists are still actively exploring “zombie apocalypses.” Why do they do it? The fact that this is what “doomsday” scenarios allow physicians to achieve.

Ideal epidemic

It was taken by the University of Leicester (UK) to make it.

It has been noted that it has been noted that it has been the physician of the “zombification” that has been encountered.

Give it a completely different picture – in some films, such as “28 days later“The infection takes place for a short time – a few dozen days. In other motion pictures, such as “resident evil“It’s not worth it.”

Considering the consequences of the mankind – of the 14th century AD in the 14th century AD.

In this scenario, there was a risk of infection for a population of 90%, and that “individuals” lived for about 20 days, dying from thirst and hunger. It was about 7.5 billion people.

It has been noted that the physicists have been distributed to the Earth. If you didn’t have to accumulate at least 10 thousand If they couldn’t die out like local epidemics.

100 days later

It is shown that there is a large-scale epidemic. After 100 days, it’s 181 people and about 190 million zombies will live on Earth.

There will be a lot of people living in the world where they’re running away from the areas covered by the zombipocalypse.

“In both cases, it will be necessary to restart”. “If, then, if the zombie is epidemic lasts longer than 100 days, humanity will be done to extinction,” conclude the authors of the study.

This is the fourth year of study at the University of Leicester (UK). Assignment of a diploma.

Scientists estimate how quickly a zombie epidemic will destroy humanity

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