Camouflage does not matter further 50 meters

This was the case for the United States Army, which was held in April 2014. It was decided that the pattern should be taken from a new angle. It is the time when the pattern is taken into account. Thus, the study is required.

We (contacted Guy Kramer), co-author of the camouflage family. It is determined that the person is 6 feet tall at a distance of 46 meters. The colors were hung.

As you can see it, it’s AOR2 (left), Multicam (center), or US4CES Charlie-2 (right).

This is a pattern that has been drawn. It all comes down to matching colors with background colors.

The footballer couldn’t distinguish between the players and the opposing team. It has been noted that it has been the case that it can be seen.

There is a possibility to distinguish between two objects.

In theory, using a deforming coloration, it is possible to visually break a human figure into four parts at a distance of 1.5 km.

In 2002-2004, army tests identified as 90 meters for a final test.

We agree with the calculations of Mr. Kramer. It is clear that it should not be overlooked. The use of optics leads you to use minimal technology. It appeared at MultiCam in Afghanistan. But the choice will have to ensure that the soldiers have been protected against the enemy.

Figure camouflage does not matter further 50 meters

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