Camp organization and weatherproof shelter in the forest

Autumn and autumn colors. It is clear that it will make it out. “Eye charm” – Alexander Sergeevich once remarked correctly. For the charm of this beauty is truly bottomless. And now you can see the landscape of the 12th-point wave. There are pathways along the path of the earth, each one. It seems to be a time for all adults. The gods – they tell them about your plans. In the forest, in the steppes, or maybe in the mountains. It’s sincerely not understanding how it happened. But there is no need to remember the basics of survival. And if there is nothing to remember. And I’ll tell you everything now.


If you want to spend the night on shelter. If you are on top, blown away from the wind. Scienti on on on on on on on on on on on on If you’re on the same day, you’ll have to go up at night – wet priests feel uncomfortable. If you need to go there, you can’t need it. Well, with this decided.

Temporary shelter

Everything in our world is temporary. If you are spending a lot of energy:

  • It’s your turn.
  • There are a lot of branches in the forest. So you can hide it.
  • It can be buried from the wind and rain.
  • But what if you are laughing at? Think coming up with? Nah, he squeezed himself with knapsacks into the forest at once. And until the evening, I didn’t calculate the time I got lost. So mushrooms – not a blanket, shelter unimportant. Where did we leave off? Oh, right. So, the parachute. For the center of the domed tied to a tree – get a wigwam. It will not be allowed to travel. The main thing is to cuddle up to the walls.
  • Or, for example, a farce can be built. Drive two rabbits high into the ground, not below the belt. You have to stick to them. It is a line to the sky. If possible, you can just stick the stick over the stick. On poles cross sticks thinner put – like a crate. There is no doubt that the leaves will be thickened. It is more pleasant than sitting on the ground. So you can wait in the morning. And then help, if they know where to look.

Do you know how to use it in the forest? Without tents, your these fashionable sleeping bags and other things? For a month – the second. And even all summer. And tell you what? Listen up

Construction of a forest in the forest

First of all, look for a fallen tree. Not fallen from the root, but cracked. Previously, there were many such trees. Then you will need a hatchet Ali file. Found a tree with a crown thicker, here and there, heal, or cut away. You didn’t fall in mind But there is no need for it to go on the ground. The distance to your waist. You will be disturbed. Carefully saw, do not break branches, do not wob the tree.

It’s so thickened. And fasten them. It is better, of course, if it is a spruce – it is both thick and ribbed – it will drain like a slate. He just goes: fragrant and soft. It doesn’t dig. It is not necessary to make sure that it is a sparkle. And so is the beauty! Fall fairy tales to you. You wake up, and the bird choir has already started chanting. Universe, its own world.

You can pull it to your heart. And your thoughts are already new, bright; and desires are completely different. And it comes to you – both physical and mental; waking up; and renewed blood runs through your veins. Ilya of Murom, Alyosha Popovich. Blesses brings new ideas.

And you, people, come to their homes and cities, renewed and healed, filled with beauty, And you will be more joyful. Here is a fairy tale

So bless you.

Camp organization: how to hide from the weather in the forest?

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