Camping Activities for Kids: The Best Camping Games to Play with Children

Camping Activities for Kids: The Best Camping Games to Play with Children

Making and enjoying different camping activities for children is one of the best activities that any family can do, as they are fun ways to bond, learn and relax, and are an excellent way to get away from the daily lives of everyday life. mention distractions, including computer games, television and mobile devices.

However, if your family is preparing their things to take to the camp this weekend, however, thinking about the activities to do could be your biggest challenge, but not if you could plan and list all those activities before you go.

Build a campfire

Have you ever seen a camp without a campfire? You probably did it, but the most improbable. Well, it is said to be one of the most important components of the camp because it not only provides light, but also provides heat and protection, and allows you to cook on the site (in the yard or in any place where you camp).

Campfires are also crucial when teaching children about fire safety, since most of them love to play with fire. To start, let your children help build and extinguish the fire, since they also enjoy this important responsibility that they would be entrusted with, but remind them not to do so without their supervision for their safety.

Camping Activities for Kids: The Best Camping Games to Play with Children

Let’s start by gathering some wood just to find on the ground. Do not break the living branches or cut a tree because fresh wood does not burn well. And then find the fire pit in the camp (since many of them have some installed); otherwise, you can clear a small area and start digging a shallow well (which you should surround with some rocks).

Place a pile of dry tinder, which may be composed of pine needles or pocket fluff, in the hole. Alternatively, you can use the ignition to build a small box around the tinder and then use a long fire to light it while gently blowing it until it catches fire. Start adding fuel once it is burning. [Reminder: never leave the fire unattended and have a bucket full of water on hand].

Games for children in camping.

Now that you have just taught your children how to build and prepare the campfire, you can start playing games with them. The following sections are a couple of the most interesting. camping games for children that we have collected for you. Prepare your pencil and paper to list some of these games before packing to camp this weekend.

Catch the bunny (a small rubber ball)

Get a small rubber ball, like the bunny, and prepare all the players, like the receivers. Begin to pass the ball, and then, after a couple of seconds, get and throw another ball (the farmer) so that it passes too. This “farmer” wants to catch the rabbit. If you were holding the bunny and the farmer reaches it, you are out of the game. Another suggestion to make this game even more fun is to make the little rubber ball (rabbit) turn in one direction only and the other ball (farmer) travel in any direction to catch the rabbit.

Jump and crawl

If you were camping in the backyard, make it into a great obstacle course with things in it: the paraphernalia! With this game, you can instruct children to jump on the garden hose, crawl under a table, make a loop around the flower beds, jump through the hula-hoop and then return to the beginning. Group the children so that they can compete against each other.

Do some crafts

When packing, do not forget to bring some art supplies, such as markers, scissors, art papers, glue and pad paper so you can do some crafts during the camp.

Camping Activities for Kids: The Best Camping Games to Play with Children

Ask each child to draw things from nature or help them make works of art with pineapples, shells, sand, leaves and other things that they can find in the camp.

Search for treasures

Most children love this game when they are outdoors because they can clean items, such as pineapples, oak leaves, stones, nails and many more. You can also ask them to do a treasure hunt per team in which each player stays with a small group or with a friend (when camping with neighbors or their classmates or in groups other than their family).

Camping Activities for Kids: The Best Camping Games to Play with Children

Each team should have their compasses, cloth / plastic bags and watches, and should have a small clipboard with a pen to control their checklists. That’s! Let them find those objects and punish the losing team (maybe they cook that night or grab the marshmallows).

Play squirrel tag

You can act as the squirrel hunter and the rest are squirrels that cling to a tree (but garden chairs will also help you if you were in the yard). When you shout, “Scrambled Squirrel”, players will be thrown to another tree (not their own tree), but they will have to avoid being tagged. The player that is labeled is the new squirrel hunter.

Bonfire tales contest

Well guess what? Yes, telling stories is not just an activity before going to bed when you’re at home, but it can also be a fun camping activity that your children, who are natural storytellers, will love doing.

Camping Activities for Kids: The Best Camping Games to Play with Children

To play this game, start with the first two or three sentences of the story and then let the next player continue and the next until the story ends. You can think of any story or use any of the anecdotes or family stories of your children.

Prize finder

You can hide a prize, such as a plastic bag full of chocolates in the camp or in the backyard, and then challenge your children to find this prize. Say: “It’s getting clearer” if you’re getting close to the place where you hid the loot bag, or “It’s getting darker” if you’re getting too far away from it.


Camping will not be complete and the activities also if they could not release some songs. Ask everyone to sing their favorite song, even though he or she does not have to carry a melody. Let all be judges and whoever wins takes a package of berries.


Because we have introduced the song, why not also include the dance? You can gather everyone, everyone around your chair, and then start uploading the music for everyone to dance. Have the smallest member of the group stand up, dance and touch all the members of the head. The person he or she hits should start dancing, and when the dance leader says “Dance,” people should start dancing fast, but when they say “Dance,” they should run to their seats. The person to sit the last becomes the new leader.

Olympic Games

Definitely some of the best games to play with children when they camp, the Olympics are great for testing your athletic ability, leadership and teamwork. There are so many games to choose from, and some include relay races and long jump games.

You can also group people and have them play tug-of-war, one of the most interesting games to play when you camp. If you were on a sandy beach, you can also play long jump, volleyball and swimming games; name it Let the games begin! Do not forget to list all the Olympic activities that you have in mind before camping because some of them also require some materials or tools, such as measuring tape (long jump), volleyball and whistle, among others.

Camping Activities for Kids: The Best Camping Games to Play with Children

Ghost game

Children love scary stories, and they also love ghostly and scary games! This game is like the label but with a small twist. Assign someone to act as the ghost to hide while everyone waits at the base and counts. All players will count at one o’clock, at two o’clock … until 12 o’clock, and then they will shout “Midnight!”

Players will look around and look for the ghost in the backyard. The one who sees it shouts “Ghost in the backyard”, and then everyone will run to the base, while the ghost runs after the players. Whoever the ghost is, the labels will join him to become another ghost, and then the game will resume until everyone is trapped by the ghosts to fill the cemetery.

Cube game

Form two teams and have each one with a jug of water and small paper cups for each person. At the beginning of the game, all teams compete to transfer the water from their bucket to the pool, but ask them to only use the small cups to do so. The first team to empty their buckets wins.

Observation of clouds, a meditative camping activity for children.

In a clear afternoon sky in the camp, find a good, shady spot where you can spread a blanket and look at the sky together. You can play a game with these clouds by finding some shapes, animals or anything you can imagine.

Camping Activities for Kids: The Best Camping Games to Play with Children

Alternatively, everyone can lie on the blanket while holding a nature guide and teach them about nature (mountains, lakes, etc.), something they might have been curious about, such as names of plants, places and animals.

Camp meals

Having played a couple of games, you and the rest of the gang would now be so hungry, but, of course, they no longer have time to cook those meals that consume a lot of time. Here are some quick meals to prepare and enjoy at the campsite.

  • Try some grilled nachos, which are not only fast foods, but can also be prepared by your children. You can give each one a handful of tortilla chips in aluminum foil. Let them choose black beans, black olives, diced tomatoes, grated cheddar cheese and avocado. They can make corners in the foil to make a bag before grilling their nachos until the cheese melts.
  • Make strawberry lemonade with the use of a blender to make strawberry puree. Get two or three cups of this puree and pour it into a jar. Then add two cups of water and two cups of lemon juice, and then stir. Prepare the sugar syrup by putting a little in a saucepan and boiling it before adding it to the jar when it dissolves. Let it cool.
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches are also favorite foods when camping. All you have to do is cut the sandwiches and then place them on plates. Form a sandwich shop by securing them with a toothpick at each end. You can also create a bonfire by adding some fries with tomato sauce next to the sandwich shop.
  • Make some banana slices! You can prepare this child’s favorite meal in the afternoon by combining a third cup of brown sugar with three tablespoons of butter. Mix them well until they crumble. Then, you can start adding a cup of granola and mix them together before setting them aside. Divide the bananas along with your skin still on. Put them on a sheet and then start filling with the granola mixture you prepared earlier. Have each of your children grab their banana divided into fire for about 10 minutes.
  • Marshmallows dipped in chocolate sauce with crushed Graham biscuits. All you need to do is heat the chocolate sauce and pour it on a plate, and then crush a little Graham cookie to add it. Have your children roast their mallows before immersing themselves in this sweet and delicious chocolate sauce with Graham. Enjoy!

Rules of camping games

Mom, remember to participate in the games because your children will appreciate that you are active and, therefore, they will also get more involved in the games, like you too. Also, always implement and facilitate fair play actions for all participants. Remember that active participants are more likely to dominate games, while less athletic participants are more likely to remain on the sidelines.

As much as possible, keep everyone active and participatory in all games. And by saying that, it means that you must find a way to keep the activities dynamic and moving so that everyone has an equal and quality time to play.

In camp games for children, scoring is not always important, so do not stress too much about it, especially when you can not keep up the scores. What matters is that you make sure that each game is fun and that all players enjoy it. You should also pay less attention to “lose / win”, but more to make the games fun and keep everyone active. However, this is supposed to be an exciting and fun-filled camp with family or other campers, so do not put too much emphasis on “scores.”

Camping Activities for Kids: The Best Camping Games to Play with Children

You can also change the rules of the game, as necessary or when you want to make a particular activity even more fun, less serious, creating more interesting activities that everyone will enjoy and feel less stressed. For example, why not run the bases backwards? Well, that’s a suggestion, but you can find as many ways as you want to reinvent the games.

Part of the things to remember is to include all kinds of games for all levels of physical activity, since each group is composed of members with different levels of physical activity, too.

Be consistent in terms of promoting fair play, teamwork and sportsmanship by setting the tone from the start. You must remember that all games should reflect the values ​​of the camp and that they should all be fun. You can set ground rules for less active games, such as just giving positive comments and not putting names. You can also stop the game while everyone else has fun, instead of everyone starting to argue with each other. (The way the game ends is how players are likely to remember it).

Also, you should let the children guide the games, but you should make sure to give everyone the same opportunity to take the place of a leader. You should also set limits and explain the rules appropriately to help children develop self-confidence and self-esteem and to be independent.

A list of what you need to bring in a camping with children.

  • Camping toys
  • Cot bunk beds
  • Foam tiles
  • First aid kit
  • Family tent
  • A large umbrella
  • Antibacterial wipes for hands
  • Canes
  • Glass jars
  • Shines in the dark bubbles, glow sticks
  • Sleeping bag for children.
  • Treasure search supplies
  • Sunscreen, insect and mosquito repellent lotion, spray to stop itching
  • Craft materials
  • Hand washing station
  • Sheets for the dryer
  • Map of the camp or design
  • Portable high chair
  • A few chairs
  • And all the other materials / tools that you consider important.

* This is not a complete list, but only a general description of the elements that people bring when they camp.

You probably now have a clear idea of ​​some fun activities to do with children when camping, but you can find more of them, no doubt. The best advice for deciding which games to play and what activities to do can be based on several factors, including the level of physical activity of the participants, as well as their interests, age and abilities. But, in general, you should only make sure that everyone enjoys the activities of the camp and that everyone can have a day full of memories of entertainment and fun.


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