Camping Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Forget

Camping Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Forget

Camping is a great activity that gives you a lot of health benefits, such as oxygenate your brain, improve your memory, strengthen your heart and work your muscles. But we all know that if you go to life outdoors without a complete camping control list, the benefits nature has to offer your brain become a real obstacle to your peace of mind. Therefore, if you are planning a relaxing and fun trip, you should not leave home without taking everything you need for that.

We are here to give you an idea of ​​what the essential elements are when it comes to camping, but feel free to add the items you most need in the corresponding category to this checklist. It will end up having more fun and will make sure everything is under control.

Camping Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Forget

In addition to this, we will also summarize by providing you with a list of our favorite items in the market, since getting the right equipment also means using high quality products.

The real checklist

This list is divided into 7 main categories, taking into account the basic needs when it comes to shelter, eating, clothing, personal items, miscellaneous items, as well as people who camp with their children or their pets.

# 1: Refuge equipment.

  • Store – A tent is very important, not only in case it rains or with the night temperature drops, but it will keep you more comfortable and safe. To avoid spending a lot of time preparing your tent, it’s best to practice at home first, even if you get an easy-to-assemble product.
  • Earth sheet Each store needs its base, so do not forget this article. It is used to protect the floor of the store and keep it more stable, which is very important, especially in the event of a storm.
  • Canvas or canvas The rain will not ruin your picnic if you bring a tarp to cover your table. It can also be very useful for other activities as well.
  • Sleeping bag – This is a must, especially if you camp somewhere with low temperatures during the night. In this case, a simple blanket does not work.
  • Pillow This will give you support for the spine and neck that you can not do without after climbing all day or carrying a strong backpack. Even a small travel pillow can make the difference for you.
  • Sleeping pad – These items are especially meaningful if you do not want every small stone to leave a crevice in your back, but it will also keep you more isolated from the cold.

# 2: Kitchen equipment

  • Utensils – When camping, you will need at least one plate, one cup, one bowl and the basic utensils. Consider using steel, as they are more resistant and weigh less. The plastic ones are also good, but they are not so resistant.
  • Camping stove – This is essential for your trip, if you want to enjoy a hot meal once in a while and not just stick to canned food.
  • Gas – Choosing the right fuel for your stove and for your flashlight is very important, or it will end up without light or food, so make sure the fuel you buy matches the equipment you have.
  • Cutting board Do not forget this to cut and cut your food.
  • Pots and pans – Depending on what food you need to cook, remember the pots and pans. Pots are essential for boiling water, and you can enjoy a nutritious hot soup after a day in nature, a cup of tea to warm it or a strong coffee to wake you up in the morning.
  • Grab the pot If you have pans or pots without handles, it is easier to get a pincer to move them more easily once you have cooked your food.
  • Dishpan – Your dishes need to be washed, so bring a dish for this purpose.
  • Biodegradable dishwasher soap. If you are camping in nature, you need to protect the environment and obtain an ecological dishwashing soap. After washing the dishes, the water should not be thrown to the ground or the lakes, but into drains and drains.
  • Food cooler Do not forget to cross off this item from your checklist, if you want to keep your food fresh, but do not leave it out in the open at night, or a small creature may end up eating its provisions.
  • Can opener – Cans should be opened in some way, so do not leave the valuable can opener at home. But if you do, a knife will do the job.
  • Foil – Leftovers are future meals, and you can not be too demanding in nature. Take aluminum foil to wrap them and save them for later. It can also be used to cook food over a fire.
  • Paper towels – Wash your hands with paper towels. Wet wipes can be equally useful.
  • Garbage bags – Do not leave your trash behind so that other campers or animals can find it. Not only is it discourteous or damaging to the environment, it is also dangerous for you if a larger animal comes around to sniff.

# 3: clothes

Hats and waterproof clothing.

Whether you want to protect yourself from the burning sun or the rain, a hat is always a must to camp. Also, it is better to keep your head warm if you are outside when it is very cold. Choose something that is water resistant in case it rains, and that has larger edges to protect your shoulders from moisture or sunburn.

Camping Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Forget

Experienced campers know that the weather is unpredictable, and wearing waterproof clothing is something you can not neglect. Even if it does not rain, this outfit is valuable even when it’s windy or cold, since it will protect you from bad weather.

Shirts, pants and shorts.

Having enough shirts with you is a requirement, since you can change them as necessary or use them as layers. Shirts with long sleeves are recommended if your campsite has mosquitoes and ticks wandering around. You should choose nylon or polyester shirts instead of cotton, because they dry faster and you will not lose heat if you sweat.

Long pants are mandatory when it comes to being protected by mosquitoes, ticks, snakes or spiked plants. Shorts are good for warmer weather or for swimming. As with shirts, it is better to choose nylon and polyester fabrics, but jeans are also a good idea. If you’re camping somewhere warm, choose light colors that reflect the light and keep you cool. On the contrary, dark and heavy materials will keep you warm and diffuse.

Socks and footwear

Do not forget the socks! You should change them immediately if you feel that your feet get wet with your walking boots, because they also need to breathe. Otherwise, they will become irritated and hurt, with the possibility of developing dangerous infections.

Camping Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Forget

Keep in mind that you need high quality shoes to stay comfortable and protected. You need closed shoes for many activities, like walking through the woods or even sitting around the campfire, to make sure you do not hurt your ankles and do not come across snakes or poison ivy. Sandals can also be excellent if you are near a lake and the weather is warm.

Bag of things

Your clothes must be organized to maximize the space used for your equipment, and that’s when a sack of things is very useful.

# 4: personal equipment

  • Insect repellent – There are many insects in the forest and a good insect repellent can protect it from its dangerous bites. Some spiders or wild mosquitoes have a more powerful poison than we are used to at home, so choose the right product according to its ingredients and indications.
  • Sunscreen – Do not neglect the sunscreen, even if it is cloudy, because the higher heights make the sun’s rays more powerful. Sunrays also intensify with wind and water, and if you plan to spend a large part of your day outdoors, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Whistle If you want to give a quick signal to the other campers that something is happening, or if you want to scare a larger animal, bringing a whistle can do the trick.
  • Tweezers – You can gather firewood or climb a tree, and get a splinter of that, so it’s good to always have tweezers nearby to get it out.
  • Aloe gel –This article is useful in various situations, so do not leave it at home. It can soothe irritated skin, an insect bite, sunburn or even other minor burns.    
  • Organic soap and shampoo – The biodegradable elements are necessary in nature, so do not interrupt the ecosystem too much. As in the case of dish soap, you should not throw it on the ground or in a lake, but in a sink or drain.

# 5: Extra equipment for children.

Diapers and wipes Do not bring too many diapers and wipes, but just enough to make your children comfortable, clean and dry.

Camping Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Forget

Extra clothes and shoes – Since children love to play outside and are not careful not to get dirty, they probably need more clothes and shoes than usual. It is important that they are dry and hot, so they do not get sick.

# 6: Extra equipment for pets.

  • Belt – Sometimes it is better to have your dog or cat on the leash when camping, so they do not get lost if they get too excited when outdoors. However, some camping sites do not allow dogs to go free, as they can scare other campers.
  • Bags for dogs Even if you are in the wild, unfortunately you still have to choose your pet’s poop and keep the place clean for other campers.
  • Food and sweets – You may need more food and treats than usual, since your pet may feel more hungry after extensive physical exertion. As with your own food, do not forget to ensure theirs also during the night, so that wildlife can not reach it.
  • Brush – Like children, pets are not very careful with their own cleaning when they have fun, so the dirt or clay of the wood can get trapped in their fur, and that’s why it’s good to bring a brush.

# 7: Miscellaneous

First aid kit

It is necessary to discuss why everyone should have a first aid kit on their camping trips. However, check if the items inside have not passed their expiration date and if you have everything you need.

Matches and paper waterproof

Make sure you have chosen water-resistant matches so that you can light the fire even in wet conditions.

In addition, you should bring old newspapers or magazines to use when starting the fire, but you can also light it with coals and small twigs.

Flashlight and headlights

There are no city lights in the desert, so do not forget a flashlight to see both inside and outside the store. However, do not use a gas or propane torch indoors, because something in your tent could catch fire accidentally, and do not forget to bring extra batteries with you. If you do not like flashlights, a lighthouse is the best option. It is easier to do what you need if your hands are not busy holding a flashlight.

Camping Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Forget

Other small things that you never thought you would miss, such as:

  • Rope or rope – You never know when you might need to secure something, like a tarp. But it is also important in case someone accidentally falls into a ravine, or if he needs to climb somewhere steep.
  • Scotch tape – In case there is a tear, a hole or a tear that you want to fix quickly, the adhesive tape is indispensable on each camping trip. Just make sure you get the extra strong type, which is also waterproof.
  • Clothe pins – If your clothes get wet and you want to hang them dry at night, the tweezers are an excellent addition to your checklist.
  • Small broom and frying pan These items are useful to keep your tent clean, but also to sweep the leaves and pine needles from your campsite.

The best articles in the market.

When it comes to your camping gear, you should never be too careful when choosing the best items on the market. We are here to lend a hand in that department and help you select the best.

Sundome 4 people tent

Priced at $ 65.16 and with many positive reviews from satisfied customers, this Sundome Tent by Coleman store has capacity for 4 people, and with a weight of 10.5 pounds it is very easy to transport. It has an electric access port to charge your electronic devices, and can be set up in 15 minutes. This tent is ideal for camping in warmer climates, as it provides rain canopy for shade, as well as ground ventilation and large windows.

Camping Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Forget

You will find that this store is very spacious, but also resistant to wind and water, as it has the patented welded floors and inverted seams of the WeatherTec (TM) system.

Do you like this amazing product? Then you can check its price on Amazon.

Coleman Store Kit

Coleman is a very reliable brand when it comes to camping equipment, it’s been in business since the early 1900s and it also gives you this full tent kit of $ 9.59 for you to set up your tent.

You will get four steel stakes that will secure your tent against the wind, a rubber mallet to hit the stakes on the ground instead of using a rock, a small broom and a dustpan to keep your tent clean and cozy, a steel bar for attract stakes and protect your hands, as well as a mesh bag to store all your items inside.

Camping Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Forget

If you think this product might be useful to you, then you can check its price on Amazon.

Ultra bright LED flashlight

With 4.7 out of 5 stars from more than 7,000 customers, this LED Ultra Bright LED Flashlight from Divine LED is an excellent addition to your list. It costs less than $ 10 and weighs approximately 10 ounces, not to mention that it is made of military grade materials that are very resistant and waterproof.

Camping Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Forget

This reliable brand offers a high quality flashlight that shines brightly and has a compact design, as it is easily foldable. In addition to this, it leads to a long battery life, being compatible with rechargeable batteries. Apart from this, you will also receive a 10 year warranty in case your flashlight is accidentally damaged or if it stops working as it should.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, you can check the price here.

Sleeping bag double Ohuhu

Ohuhu is a reliable company, and this $ 50 double waterproof sleeping bag is made of very good material, which provides a warm and comfortable place to sleep, as well as being easy to carry with only 6 pounds.

It includes two small pillows, a carrying bag, and combines two individual sleeping bags that can be closed together so that two people can be accommodated together, but you can also choose to use them separately.

Camping Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Forget

In addition to this, you have zippers on both sides in case someone wants to leave at some point. The comfortable temperature for this sleeping bag is in the range of 32F to 50F, but it can withstand temperatures as low as 23F.

Do you like this product? You can then check the current offer on Amazon.

Water bottle without BPA of Nalgene Tritan of wide mouth

One of the best-selling water bottles on the market, courtesy of a qualitative brand, this water bottle has established Nalgene’s reputation among campers and hikers. Its features include a Eastman Tritan copolyester free of BPA, as well as durability and robustness.

It can contain very cold and very hot liquids, in the range of -40F to 212F and is marked with milliliters and ounces so you know exactly how much drink you are drinking.

Camping Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Forget

Having a good bottle of water is important on all camping trips, but this one is even better, since it has a wide mouth that allows you to easily add ice cubes and wash your hands. Also, dropping or losing the lid is very unpleasant on the outside, but this bottle has a cap design on top that will prevent this from happening.

Do you like this product? Then you can check its price here.

Outlander backpack

This Outlander backpack is the best backpack that exists, and it is not surprising, since it comes from a very reliable brand. Depending on the size, 20L or 33L, its price range is between $ 17.96 and $ 19.96, but it has many other advantages for camping trips, since it is quite light, weighs only 0.5 pounds, but is really spacious at the same time.

You can pack it compactly by folding it into the inside pocket with a zipper and simply unzip it when you need it for other trips near your campsite.

Camping Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Forget

It has many additional compartments to pack the things you need, while it is also waterproof. Its durability is demonstrated by the adhesion of the bar that reinforces the tension points, as well as the metallic zipper that resists several abrasions. In addition, you get a lifetime guarantee to guarantee that you can change or return the backpack if you are not satisfied with it.

Do you like this product? Then you can check its price on Amazon.

Kitchenware set MalloMe Camping

For sale with only $ 21.97, this is one of the best valued kitchen items you can use on your camping trip. As such, it is made of quality aluminum that lasts longer, is non-toxic and heats food quickly. In addition to this, it includes a 10-piece mess kit that is easily cleaned and stored, as they collapse together.

Camping Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Forget

You will receive a non-stick cooker and pan, a lid for the pot, 2 bowls, a spork, a soup spoon, a wooden spoon, a cleaning sponge, a nylon travel bag and an electronic book with marshmallow cooking recipes. and smores. With a weight of only 0.7 pounds, this is the perfect camping equipment.

Do you like this great product? Then you can buy it on Amazon.

Permethrin Premium Insect Repellent

Since you can not be too careful with the creepy bugs when you go camping, it is better to prepare yourself with a good insect repellent, like the Sawyer products. It only has positive comments from hundreds of satisfied customers, and its retail price is $ 10.29. In a 12-ounce bottle, this product works very well against ticks, chickens, mites and mosquitoes.

Camping Checklist: What You Shouldn’t Forget

It can also be very effective against the yellow fever mosquito, responsible for the transmission of the Zika virus. With one bottle, you can treat 2 complete equipment that is protected up to 6 weeks later, or up to 6 wash cycles. It does not have a specific smell, which makes it even better for hunting trips.

Do you like this great product? Then you can check its price here.

Having said all this, making a checklist before any camping trip is a vital requirement, since careful planning will ensure the success of your trip. It should include only the essential things to make the most of your experience in nature, but quality products that have multiple uses, are easily stored, easily transported, are resistant, waterproof and durable.


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