Camping Dishes: What to take with you on nature?

For silver plates and spoons. But for the hike, the tourist parking is needed completely different. dishes – pots, bowls, spoons, thermoses. And we still have some devices. bacterial or amoebic infection

What is hiking utensils

If a couple of years ago, household needs have increased. He will need thermoses, heat-saving mugs and much more.

It turns out that set of dishes consists of:

  • devices for cooking food (pots, boilers),
  • dishes from which they eat (plates, bowls, cutlery),
  • thermo-preserving utensils – thermoses, thermomugs, etc.


Iron iron iron iron iron iron

Aluminum, stainless steel and plastic; occasionally titanium is used. From the first make bowls, pots, cutlery. Stainless steel bows, bowlers, mugs, butters, in addition, thermos flasks are made of it.

This is an element of the ancient Greek hero. But it can be blunt easily. Therefore, you can always choose a little foot, any knife.

What to cook, what to serve

Traditionally tourist dishes stainless steel, aluminum and plastic. Stainless steel utensils are lightest

It should be noted that it can be 4-5 seasons. The number of domestic firms has been lightweight and durable material.

Naturally, it is possible to take soup (porridge) on plates in plastic.

Aluminum bowlers We traditionally produce in large quantities. A 2-3 l kettle costs no more than 100-150 rubles. This is a cheap aluminum stamping. 8-20 l boilers look different. It is a wall thickness of 1.5-2.5 mm.

It will not be the case for you. It will be a couple of less than 800 rubles.

But! While it has been 5-8 years old. Further it begins to eat up corrosion. A plastic bowl (plate) will last for 2-4 years, then cracks it.

It turns out that the most expensive: stainless steel, titanium.

What else besides dishes?

But dishes – that’s not all. Still need to take care of the disinfection of drinking water. ABOUT water filters You can already divided the two groups. In the first case, we should take care of the disinfecting water.

The natural solution is to take a silver spoon. In the case of water, it can be effective.

What is not in stores

Although tableware for tourists This is not the case with the tour. In fact, even the best bowler is useless if it is not possible to hang it over a fire.

No, there are options for pots that are heated in liquid (alcohol) or solid (dry alcohol) fuel. The most acceptable option is a lampboard for less than 400. It is a bottle of water. load dry alcohol. But still it is not a solution to the problems. The firewood. It has been fully understood.

A 3-4 mm steel cable with carbines, which can be stretched between two trees, is bought from hardware stores. You can hang out the kettle. Cables, chains, hooks, carbines -. More “stubborn” are looking for 3-4 mm electrodes in the stores of welding equipment. It is possible to bend one fire hook. Cables, chains, hooks, clips – what do you want? Only one thing is to use disposable tableware, which is only for picnics.

General advice: do not skimp, do not skimp, buy dishes made of titanium, stainless steel. For a year or two.

Bivouac equipment

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