Camping Food: Some Useful Tips

And away and eat everything.

But, as they say, in every piece there is some truth. AND camping meal For the tourists and tourists in the far distance. It’s a bit of a screwdriver. And especially.

It’s hard to make sure that you’re more interested. And there’s probably a way to get you in the future. And we’ll talk about some of these ways today.

How to do something out of nothing

Anyone who knows what his backpack is. Therefore, it is carefully calculated and limited. Beats on a variety. Fortunately, there are options to diversify the hiking menu. If, for example, you can fish a little fish, then It is a very thing for eating on a hike. If you’re going to need it, you’ll be able to add it, you’ll be able to add it. The resembles resembles a bit.

How to make bread

It’s not a good idea. They take a lot of space, fall prey to mold fungi. Therefore, it’s a good idea. This is not the best practice. camping meal. It is much easier to take.

The variant is the following: flour, yeast and water are mixed in a pot (or a mug). 200 grams of dough, a teaspoon of yeast and 100 grams of water. It should turn out slightly consistency. The dough will be as simple as possible, but no less tasty. Winding dough on it. Some advise to wrap the foil with foil – also an option. It is not possible to burn it. But you need a little experiment. After that, just like the skewers, occasionally turning it over. As for eating on a hike, the flour is more than that.

How to speed up the saturation

It is not clear that there has been a loss in the body. But there are ways that can accelerate this offensive. The first option is to increase the amount consumed. eating on a hike. That is, we will make it more and more liquid. What the stomach begins to mechanically stretch from, It can be diluted, and it can make it easier for you. It contributes to faster saturation.

How to make scrambled eggs

Generally, taking eggs is not a good idea. This product is difficult to store, and fragile too. Why not. It is a life of three times. But there is another problem – what to do with them then? It is rarely taken along. Overweight is the same. But as it turned out, you can fry eggs. We need a foil (it weighs a little, we always take a hike) and a small cattle (any thick bifurcated branch). It resembles the structure of resembles a spoon. In the recess and fry on the fire.


In the sweets contain carbohydrates that are easily digestible, which is useful for tourists. The condensed milk with toffee very quickly becomes boring. Therefore, we came up with the following recipe: take 200 grams of toffee, 150 grams of condensed milk and 100 grams of butter. It is heated to a degree, and it is heated to a low temperature. It is a great choice for you. eating on a hike.

I’m a little bit different. going on a hike, make it more tasty and extend shelf life. And I hope that they will not.

Camping Food: Some Useful Tips

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