Can a tactical flashlight save lives?

One of the underrated tools of self-defense is the flashlight. A good tactical flashlight can serve for different purposes.

Let’s imagine a completely normal and realistic situation. You had a hard day, you come back from work, your girlfriend calls you and offers to have dinner, go to the cinema. After spending a good evening, you leave the car in the garage and in the dark go to the side of the house. A man’s figure appears in front, it is dark, it seems that he has a knife in his hand. You reflexively pull your hand to the pistol holster (if you have one at all), but you understand that by distraction or fatigue, you forgot it at home. How to protect yourself and your girlfriend? With bare hands? Or are there options?

Let’s estimate how a tactical flashlight can help us …
Percussion instrument

Obviously, a good tactical flashlight is made of metal. Moreover, some have a jagged edge around the lens. If you hit the head with this edge, you can leave decent wounds, and the blood will begin to flood the eyes of the attacker. You can also use a tactical flashlight to weight the punch if you hold it to your arm.

Signaling device

In certain situations, a flashlight can be used to attract attention and alert you that you need help. Strobe, in dimly lit places well attracts attention than ordinary light. However, keep in mind that the light can also detect your location for attackers. To do this, it makes sense to give a signal, turn off the light, move some distance and give a signal again.

As you can see, a tactical flashlight can save lives in certain situations. Not in all countries you can carry a firearm, but the flashlight is fine. Tactical flashlight will help to blind the enemy, strike him, give a signal for help and facilitate the escape route, if you are in a building or in dark alleys of courtyards. The main thing, do not forget to monitor the batteries of your flashlight.

Devices and devices

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