Candles candleTIN ™ Nano by EXOTAC – Last Day Club

Candles, however, it is quite a popular part of survival kits. It can be used for lighting, heat, cooking, as well. CandleTIN ™ Nano is attracted by size, just 4 centimeters in diameter. The weight of one candle is 25 grams. Agree, almost imperceptible additive in a backpack?

According to the manufacturer, the candles are made from 100% beeswax, which affects the price. A pack of 3 candles costs about 12 bucks, i.e. 4 bucks apiece.

However, it is 4 hours, which is not bad for this size. Well, the wonderful thing is that jar can be reused many times; the candle yourself.

Candles candleTIN ™ Nano from EXOTAC

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