Capsules, open and closed capsules Centroboy and Zhevelo, features cartridges, shelf life.

Capsules are a metal cap with a shock substance placed in it, which serves to ignite the charge of gunpowder. Ignition of the substance used in the capsule occurs when the striker hits the bottom of the capsule. Ignition of the powder charge does not occur instantaneously, but over time. In order for the powder charge to ignite, it is necessary to heat it to the appropriate temperature. This process proceeds the sooner the stronger the flammable impulse. 

Capsules, open and closed capsules Centroboy and Zhevelo, features equipment cartridges, shelf life.

Mostly two types of capsules are available – open and closed. The first are Centroboy capsules, the second are Zhevelo, which have anvils in their bodies. Capsules of one type or another are used depending on the type of powder used, as well as the capsule socket of the sleeve. These three elements of the cartridge are closely related to each other..

Capsules, open and closed capsules Centroboy and Zhevelo, features cartridges, shelf life.

The presence of a particular type of gunpowder often determines the choice of capsules used and vice versa, as well as the use of different types of cartridges. Capsules of the “Centroboy” type, being less powerful in their flammable effect (amount of thermal energy, flame length), are used, as a rule, when equipping cartridges with smoke powder, since it is easily ignited.

Capsules, open and closed capsules Centroboy and Zhevelo, features cartridges, shelf life.

When using smokeless gunpowder, flammable worse, it is preferable to use capsules “Zhevelo”, giving a large flame length and temperature. Currently, three varieties of “Zhevo” are produced – “Zhevo-normal”, “Zhevolo-M” (powerful) and “Zhevolo-N” (non-rusting). The latter variety is now used most often, since the composition of the mixture included in it does not lead to corrosion of the trunks.

Features of equipment for cartridges with open capsules Centroba.

The use of insufficiently powerful capsules, for example, “Centroboy” with smokeless powder, leads to a decrease in the flight speed of the shot and to the deterioration of other ballistic indicators of the shot. In addition, this can cause a delay in ignition of the bulk of the powder and the transfer of the point of maximum pressure to the middle of the bore, and as a result, to its possible deformation. A “protracted” shot is also very dangerous because it can happen after the shotgun is opened.

In case of forced combination of the “Centroboy” capsule and smokeless powder in the cartridge, it is recommended to add black powder, up to 10 grains. Small-caliber weapons (28, 32), however, do not need to do this, since the pressure in their trunks is already great. Using too powerful a capsule can cause a strong increase in pressure in the barrel and its bloating or rupture.

Shelf life of capsules Centroboy and Zhevelo.

The guaranteed shelf life of the capsules “Centroboy”, “Zhevo-normal” and “Zhevelo-M” is 3 years, and “Zhevelo-N” – 6 years, but practically they do not lose their properties for 10-15 years, and often more.

Cases are known where Zhevelo capsules, which have lain for 25-30 years and have a slightly weakened flammable impulse, have been successfully used with smoke powder, however, it is not recommended to use strongly expired capsules.

Based on materials from the book Encyclopedia of the Hunter.
Rudenko F.A., Semashko V.Yu., Cherenkov S.E., Matyunin M.M..

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