Capture of the city of Moravi by ISIS

It is a clear idea of ​​the month of ISIS, as the territorial entity, will cease to exist, the terrorists are not asleep. And they are not expected. And very successfully beat.

So. May 23, 2017. City Moravi, Philippines was captured by a radical Islamic groups “Mauth” (military unit Abu Sayyaf Jamaat) sworn allegiance ISIS (organizations banned in almost the entire civilized world). The militants defeated the police station. They are not ready to defend themselves. Well, of course, they took a bunch of hostages.

In addition, the fighters “Mauth” crushed the city prison Moravi and released all the prisoners. I suspect, adding to their ranks. In short, there are peace of mind and defensive positions.

President of the Philippines Rodrigo duterte immediately introduced to the country state of emergency Because the local forces were not enough for this. Army, special forces and combat helicopters. However, the situation has not yet been resolved. But residents of the city Moravi The population of 200 thousand people. Well, already less. At least 10 people died of peace of mind.

At this particular moment, government forces are successfully crushing militants who have already lost 31 people. Losses from the army – 11 people killed. But even if the militants didn’t end there.

Is it a terrorist muslim organization “Abu Sayyaf” Since the 1990s, it has been the Islamic State. Yeah, in Muslims are only 5 percent, where they will be according to Sharia law. Or, which is much more likely, by its own laws.

So here. It has not been possible to eliminate the jungle, however, it has been a full-fledged jungle, Rodrigo duterte It’s possible to get it.

Actually, there is a logical question. It will not be the allegiance ISIS, will not receive their activities? Yes days ISIS as states are numbered. But as a terrorist organization – certainly not. It’s not even necessary to Muslims to get a lot of freedom.

According to tradition, we once again


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