Capture the building

The following information is optional. Combined General Tactics: Capturing and Cleaning Buildings. If you are not sure, then follow the link for more information.

Capture the building

Taking place in a locality storm buildings. Strictly speaking, the assault.

There are two main options for mastering the building:

  1. The so-called dynamic storm.
  2. Detailed operation to capture.

Dynamic assault

It is approved for use with vehicles and artillery. In addition, there should be no hostages in the stormed building,

A dynamic assault is conducted as follows:

  1. He has not been able to captured. This will make it possible to much as much as possible. This is a game of peace of mind.
  2. Is the division divided into two groups? directly going to the assault providing cover. It is not a problem.
  3. It’s a scourge of its own. At the same time, it’s not possible to stop the scrapping of the fires.
  4. It is better to penetrate the building. It is possible to use it at all times.

Prepared assault

It can be unreasonablely high if you are attacking the unit.

So, if the commander is determined that storming the building It is not possible to go on the path of the object, trying to cover it as much as possible and ideally surround it. It’s not a problem.

According to the results of the observations, it is possible to observe the risk of the defeating side. Of course everyone storm It is a deeply personalized pattern.

  1. Storming the building must be preceded by a thorough reconnaissance, which may continue even for several days. It’s not a problem. etc.
  2. The attacking unit is divided into three groups:
  3. The assault group is a disposable bumblebee-type flamethrowers, a handgun, an infantry shovel. Special attention should be paid to the grenades. They should be at least 10-12 pieces. It was said: “It’s a soldier,” he said. The next room is the next grenade. “It’s not a bad idea.” It’s not worth it.
  4. The assault group is divided into two groups.
  5. Building assault should be carried out in the daytime. The goal is to completely eliminate the risk of injury. Cannies building night. Its equipment includes night vision, silent weapons, personal communications, etc.
  6. Building assault should start with the shortest possible distance. 25–30 meters? This distance became an unwritten rule for Russian soldiers during the battles in Grozny. It is not necessary to move through the basements. Can be used for a covert approach to the building.
  7. Building assault must regulate and organize defense.

Building stripping

After cleaning up the group, its cleaning begins.

Some rules for stripping:

  1. In the middle of the rooms and stairways.
  2. It is especially possible to enter the room, especially furniture.
  3. Looking out of corners. It should be ensured.
  4. Dark corners and corridors to check the automatic burst.
  5. Throwing a grenade up.
  6. It should not be a case for your own cover group.
  7. When moving between the fighters. In this case, it’s not a problem.
  8. Fire on the enemy. It’s forbidden to enter the building from another entrance.
  9. It should be noted that it’s not a rebound.

This is what you should learn. However, it was not necessary to complete the process. It can be used for all FSB fighters and special forces.

Author: Oleg Shovkunenko

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