Car for evacuation and survival in case of emergency

We will talk how to prepare your evacuation vehicle and emergency survival (approximate translation of the English term Bug Out Vehicles (Bov), although it is a “sensing car,” by analogy with an “anxious briefcase” – approx. It is not necessary to preserve life and future.

Imagine the usual scenario described in such cases – “shit fell to the fan” (shit hits the fan, or SHTF for a specific global emergency situation – comment. per.). you must get out of the way. If you are a Mazda Miata, you can stop reading.

There are five pillars Bov“:

  • reliability – both the motor and the engine, the drive, electronics, etc.
  • resilience – here it is understood to etc .;
  • durability – long service life;
  • versatility – passengers, all-terrain vehicles, urban, technical; it is a car combines;
  • load capacity – depends on the suspension and power; it can’t be overloaded, and vice versa.

Before you rush into the pool of ready, more precisely – to improve and improve the alarming car. This is a “improved car” for you? I like your old pickup truck.

What is the need for survival in an emergency?

It would be worthwhile to see that it should be equipped with:

  1. first your evacuation vehicle must be all-wheel drive (with an all-wheel drive 4×4 drive), which will significantly improve the load capacity;
  2. special mud tires it is not good for asphalt, but you will find asphalt?
  3. spare wheel the drive and tires;
  4. remind about towing winch it will be a bit more than a car;
  5. sturdy towing brackets – they should also be two, in front and behind; many people forget about it;
  6. don’t forget engine and gearbox protection, If you’re not in trouble, you’ll be able to make a lot of noise.
  7. improved engine cooling fan It will prevent you from overheating.

If necessary, it can be used to ensure that it is an immediate evacuation. Therefore, it is necessary to check your Bov you’ll have to “go” urgently, “for example” week ago to spend the night in the garden

Options for evacuation vehicles

In general, it was previously seen as a technique of survival and preparation for cataclysms. Although it is extremely expensive, but sometimes it just surprises. Therefore, choose your car for your own choices, tasks and tastes.

1. Pickup or SUV from the 1970s

Classic survival vehicle, who prefer the most preppers and survivors. You can, as a rule, be an all-wheel drive. In addition, these cars are not affected by the electromagnetic radiation. However, this assumption is, in fact, there is no evidence of this theory.

Car for evacuation and survival in case of emergency

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