Car theft, measures to prevent and protect a personal car from theft.

Car theft is the most painless of all car-related incidents. Where you lose only potentially recoverable personal property. Therefore, I will not dwell on ways to preserve my property. Moreover, I do not presume to understand the dozens of existing anti-theft systems today. Each seller praises his product. And the neighbor cries. 

Car theft, measures for the prevention and protection of a personal car from theft.

The only thing I can recommend is seeking advice from professionals. No, not to dealers and not to consultants of branded stores, who, despite their sonorous titles, are the same sellers who are interested in marketing their products. To professionals. Ideally, those who crack these systems. They are better than anyone aware of the quality of a particular anti-theft tool.

for a few seconds, for example, to check if the trunk has opened on the road. This second is enough for the hijackers to take your place and drive a hundred meters away from the place where you are desperately tearing hair on your head. But even if you catch yourself on time, it will be very difficult for you to drive out uninvited guests from your car.

Leaving the car in the parking lot, check if the doors, windows, hood, trunk are closed. Do not consciously check, but mechanically. At the level of a reflex fixed as a result of a constant repetition. And look into the salon, whether there are in prominent places attracting an unkind look of things. If in the back seat you accidentally dropped a cufflink diamond in a gold frame, you will break the car, even if it is a Moskvich of 1947 and theft is secured. And they will also try to meet with you to combine cufflinks in a single set. Or visit your apartment to find other decorations. So cleaning the inside of a car of valuable things is not only a concern for the car and these valuable things. But also about myself.

Based on official hijacking statistics, it is better to leave your car at night in descending order.

In a major, alarm-equipped cooperative garage. Take this type of storage of passenger property per unit.
Then the probability of losing your car from a lonely garage standing on a vacant lot is two units. That is twice as high as in the first case.
Accordingly, the number four characterizes the ability to remain without personal transport when you left it on the street or in the yard.

If it happens at night in the farthest, darkest, closed by bushes and fences and therefore not visible to the corner of the yard, then I think you can add at least two to the number four. But if you put a brightly burning lantern in that place, you can take one from the two. Well, when the owners do not approach the car abandoned in the yard for a month, then the chances of theft and its preservation are not expressed by any number, as they are approaching zero. It will simply be dismantled for parts.

At the same time, when choosing temporary parking, it should be remembered that passage yards and yards with two or more entrances are more dangerous from the point of view of theft. Places where windows of residential premises do not go out make criminals more willing to hijack or equip a car. The noisy courtyard, where youth parties are having fun all night, promises more protection for your car than a quiet one. Provided that the fun company itself will not be engaged in your car. A car hijacker blocked by other vehicles will almost certainly pass by. Leaving the car for a long time, remove the battery and part of the electrical equipment.

In addition, there are small psychological techniques that reduce the likelihood that the hijacker will choose your car as the object of interest. Leave your sixth Lada among a dozen nines, and then, I am sure, no one will look at him. But if among the fives. Better yet, put the side to side with the police car. And do not wipe the hood and windshields. Are you going to sell your car so glossy? Let it stand as it is, maybe the hijacker will not notice it, and if it does, it will not want to wash it.

Maybe standing next to someone who, having stolen, doesn’t have to be scolded. Stick on glass special transparent tapes that simulate cracks or even bullet holes. Firstly, it is more difficult to sell a car with damaged glass, and secondly, fifty bullet holes of large caliber characterize its owner as a person entering certain circles. Which is better not to mess with. In temporary parking lots, a good service can serve as noise car alarms..

As for home-made traumatic anti-theft means, such as stun guns, paralytic gases, choking smoke bombs, explosive packages, etc., guarded by the hijacker, I think that the absence of a car is better than the lack of freedom as a result of grievous bodily harm that happened to your property, maybe (because what else has to be managed to prove) to an attacker.

In addition, imagine that one day, having sorted out on name days, you will forget about the anti-personnel mine set by you under the gas pedal. Or send your beloved wife to get out of the car forgotten on the handle, to which two wiring, a package. And those who are going to embark on the hijacking path, I warn you that not all resigned sappers will read my book and even less will heed the good advice given above.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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