Car theft protection, anti-theft devices and anti-theft recommendations.

All members of your family driving a car must know and follow all the rules, tips and tricks for protecting your car from theft. 

Car theft protection, anti-theft devices and anti-theft recommendations.

Never leave the car with the doors and key open in the ignition, even if you leave it for a few seconds, such as a tobacco kiosk, or go out to fix a minor breakdown. On the driver’s forgetfulness, the fraudsters built a new trick to close the door. It may look like this.

into it in places corresponding to 1/3 of its length, to clear the way.

Well, what if the criminals put up a live barrier? Remember the Caucasian captive in the movie? First of all, see if all the doors and windows of your car are locked. Then decide what to do. The choice depends on a number of circumstances: here it is necessary to evaluate both the attackers, and the terrain, your capabilities and your car. For example, consider three options.

1) Will they be able to scare them? Pointing the car at the weakest participant in the living barrier, turn on the distant sows, press the signal and, approaching a risky distance, switch to a lower gear and roar the motor. Leave yourself room to maneuver in case the person does not bounce. But we must keep in mind that the war of nerves lasts until the last second – a person can even hurt your hood. They say that the chances of frightening will increase if you make a brutally joyful face.

2) Will they be able to outwit them? For example, pretend to be a simpleton or a coward. Slow down in advance, turn on the right turn signal, and then drive out to the side of the road. At the last second, you can even make a movement as if you are about to open a window and curse with them. And now in this moment and let’s go full throttle.

3) If you had to stop, in no case turn off the engine. Criminals will not be able to immediately be in the cabin. Most likely, they will begin to break locks and break glass. The machine is your weapon, and now you have the right to use it. It is difficult to give such advice, it is even more difficult for them to use a normal person, but you just have to give full throttle and bring down the one who closes the road. Of course, after that you should immediately contact the nearest police station or the traffic police post. It is difficult to decide for the court, but in this case, and with obvious signs of violence, it is unlikely that anyone will turn their tongue to accuse you of exceeding the limits of the necessary defense.

What to do if a car is stolen.

But if nevertheless your car was stolen, then in this case the police will need the data from the data sheet, as well as all the special signs that your car acquired during the period of operation. If your data sheet is stolen with your car, its data and vehicle features recorded on a separate sheet can be invaluable for organizing the search and detection of your car immediately. It is very important to inform the police about the theft of the car as soon as possible. In this case, the chances of detaining the offender and returning the car are significantly increased..

Based on materials from the book School of Survival in the Conditions of the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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