Care and dismissal from work, finding a new job, some tips and tricks.

If dismissal and departure from the previous workplace are inevitable, then the principle of first and subsequent medical care should be observed.! 

Care and dismissal from work, finding a new job, some tips and tricks.

Therefore, do not bang your doors on jambs and valuable beating items on the bald spots of your potential ill-wishers. You should not demonstrate to your former boss your knowledge of the folklore foundations of the Russian language, unnecessarily intrigue and threaten everyone with terrible punishments. Even if your bosses and ill-wishers are disgusting people, drug addicts and seducers of young secretaries. Even if you consider leaving and dismissing unfair.

a lawsuit to cover material (in the sense of expenses for a lawyer, travel to the courthouse by public transport, etc.) and moral costs. Well, if you were dismissed legally, then try to extract the maximum benefit from the company with which you part. No, I don’t propose to bring along a piece of a blast furnace or a turret lathe on which you worked.

I’m talking about statutory compensations, allowances, registered shares and similar material benefits that accompany leaving work and dismissal. About which for some reason they very often forget to inform their subordinates of stingy bosses. And ordinary workers simply do not know about them. And you find out. And demand what is due to you by law. If possible, try to delay the moment of dismissal for a couple of months. This will give you extra time to look for a new job. And there, you look, either the bosses, or the donkey, or the legislative assembly … Resting against instant dismissal, try to look for compromises with both our and yours.

And if you re-register part-time?..
Or retrain by changing the profession to a more necessary enterprise?..
Or take extra loads?..
Or go on vacation without maintenance, but with keeping a record in the work book and relevant medical and other benefits?
And if…

Suddenly on something and face and get a much needed break. It is especially stupid to swear with superiors before leaving takes place and they will give you characteristics and letters of recommendation. And you need to take them. Rather, one must demand. From the factory committee. And from the local committee. And from the trade union committee. And personally from the head of the enterprise: who is also a deputy … And even from the honored cleaning lady of Russia, Aunt Masha, testifying that you are a very clean worker. Time is such that you need to be able to get your own price.

You look, in order to get rid of the annoying supplicant and potential nonsense, they will quickly throw a discharge or two and write in a cover letter that you are the most outstanding turner-locksmith-programmer-obstetrician in the region. Extra pieces of paper confirming your outstanding work skills will not hurt you. Even in court, where you will defend your rights, and your bosses, on the contrary, prove that you are the most negligent worker in the region. But what about the characteristics they signed and filed with the case? And when applying for another job, additional kind words addressed to you will not hurt.

In the West, such production characteristics are called letters of recommendation. And without them, not a step. Be sure to take the documents confirming your non-standard technical thinking patents, certificates of implemented rational proposals, won tenders, etc. It would be very good if the customers you worked with gave your conclusions about your work. Or your colleagues with voiced titles and positions. All these papers will make up your rating portfolio. With the help of which you will fight with competitors for future jobs and gain yourself a price in front of employers.

If possible, bring along samples of the products you have created. For example, computer programs. The unique part that you have carved. The bouquet you made up. A photo of your designed interior, building, mural. Well, or fragments of this interior, building, mural belonging to your pen. Well, at least something from what you created. In addition to the grenade launcher you assembled in the workshop of the weapons factory. Copy the archive of samples of your work. Make albums with photos of products that have come out of your hands. And your chances of getting a seat will increase in the future.

And be sure to keep in touch with people who worked near you. Even if they stayed, but you were reduced. This is not their fault. This is your misfortune. Do not disrupt evil on your own kind. People are the main wealth of the unemployed. You turn to them a hundred times more for help in order to put in a word in front of someone, bring it out to someone, advise something or make something. Do not slam the door to be able to open it again when needed!

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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