Carpathians. Timeless and modern

The mountains are those whose soul is their height

Vladimir Belilovsky

It was a thoughtful thought: It’s not a bad idea. The result is obvious – Carpathians!

Here we go?

First third of the way

The country doesn’t count. The wind outside the windows. Mountains, we fly to you!

They’re getting closer from the ground. It is a natural and beautiful sky!

This is the last gas station just before mountain tourism. It is not recommended to use it. it Skole beskydy.

And then, where the road looks like this:

Or like this:

Yes, off road. Well, as without him!

In the meantime, it can be a mild tea

Play for their violins – these are our northern cicadas. The smell of herbs, the wind of the treetops, the feeling of wings. Will you also dream about the cold winter nights?

Then go to sleep! Such dreams can not be missed!

The dank fog, the contempuously flouting of the London smogs described everywhere. It is a mix of water drops and a cup of hot water. it Magura mountain on the Beskid ridge.

Mid travel

We go further. It’s always the same time that it runs along the same lines as the houses with 1275! So any New York nervously smokes on the sidelines! Near each hut – the woodsheds and haystacks. “Sell honey.”

Long kilometers due to unhurried speed are gathering dust from under the wheels. It’s a bit losing moment.

And this is a logging road between villages. Well, BELAZ – the most it.

Evening with her hair, reddening her hair and her hair.

Crickets are singing, creep in. When we went out, we picked up mushrooms. Just the time of delicious food!

Kamen-Peck Pass. And we fry mushrooms on it! And directly on the photo – white mushroom cap!

Last third of the adventure

From the mountains we descended into the pretty Transcarpathian town of Rakhiv. Is there one interesting attraction – Dovbush rock.

Looking at it, it’s clear that it wasn’t much more than millennia. It is done as soon as it is done!

Well, at the end of a little mysticism.

We passed through the village and saw such a banner.

If you are still unable to sell

It is in broad daylight.

Here we have a trip. Somewhere in familiar places, somewhere we have discovered something new. Whats the main thing?

Carpathians. Timeless and modern

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