Cartridges and re-equip stores

Modern ammunition is made such that it can withstand both the load and the strike for a long time before it becomes completely unsuitable for firing. And up to this final moment, when the cartridge cannot be used anymore, there may be some problems in the interaction of the cartridge with the magazine or with the chamber. Therefore, we will further discuss how often it is necessary to change cartridges in a store and how often to equip stores again.

In general, the following problems most often occur:

  • problem with the filing of the cartridge from the store in the chamber;
  • problem with liner extraction after the shot;
  • misfire when you press the trigger;
  • spontaneous shot.

The impossibility of correctly feeding the cartridge can be caused not only by the problem with the cartridge itself, but also by the characteristics of the weapon, which, however, is also a very unpleasant thing and is not immediately solved. Problems with the extraction of cartridges have a similar nature, and in addition, broken or bent ammunition can easily enter the chamber, and the cartridges get stuck there after the shot. Fortunately, this is quite easily fixed.

All this is not as dangerous as spontaneous shot. Usually it occurs in the process of feeding the cartridge from the store to the chamber, when exposed to the primer. Most often – precisely because of some damage and deformation of the body of ammunition. And this is precisely the main reason why the ammunition in the store needs to be changed periodically.

Examples when to change ammo

What are the situations when you have to change the cartridges? And is there such a thing as an “overly worn cartridge”? Well, look. Suppose you have a concealed carry pistol, equipped with ammunition suitable for self-defense (or a carbine, at home in a safe or in a car, and this also applies to police officers, athletic shooters, hunters, etc.). You also need to train regularly to be in the “rifle” form, so you go to the shooting range, take one or two of your stores, unload it and equip it again with cheaper cartridges for training. You will have to shoot a few shops, and regularly, in order not to lose a reliable weapon possession skill.

After training, you need to equip stores with better cartridges again. And depending on the features of the store, the stiffness of the spring and your skillful actions, the cartridges will be deformed little by little. Banal scratches – but even this can lead to the trouble described above, especially if the damage is located in the rear of the ammunition. Any accidental impact on the primer – and arrived. Well even if it only affects one cartridge.

This is especially true of the first cartridge in the store, which is also deformed due to the constant sending into the chamber, the subsequent extraction and installation back into the store, again the first in a row.

How often need to re-equip stores

Quite a natural question, considering all the above. That’s just the only correct answer is not him. Maybe you will never have to change the cartridges, especially if they were not subjected to any special loads. And maybe that will have to. In any case, at least once a month, it is worth fully discharging and re-fitting the shops, checking the status of cartridges and springs. For the same reason, it is worthwhile to regularly change the first cartridge in the store, because it’s often the load that comes from it.

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