Catching crayfish by a rauchev and round, catching crayfish by hand, at night and with the help of prison.

In total lack of fish for people in distress, cancer will be a fish. It is good as a food product, and will fit for fishing bait. Crayfish catching can be organized with a simple tackle called a leash or circle. It is a wooden or metal hoop, hemmed with a net or fabric, with a large number of small holes. 

Catching crayfish by a rachvich and around, catching crayfish by hand, at night and with the help of prison.

In the middle of the circle is attached a stone for gravity and the bait of a piece of fish, rotted meat, fish entrails, grasshoppers. Moreover, the more spoiled the meat will be, the smelly the better. Since crayfish feed on carrion. Three or four equal lengths of rope, fishing line, strips of bast are attached to the hoop, which, in turn, are tied to a lifting fishing line, the length of which is selected depending on the depth of the pond.

, looking for them in minks, under snags and stones. In order to see crayfish under water, as an improvised mask for scuba diving, you can use cans, etc. glass and plastic containers, half submerged under water. But with some experience, you can do this. It is only necessary to make allowance for the refraction of light in water and try to hunt in shallow water, where it is not as significant as in depth. When lifting stones, one must be prepared for the fact that the cancer swims very quickly, and backwards, that is, head backwards, pushing off the water with its tail. Therefore, it is best to arrange such fishing for a couple, where one turns stones, and the other catches prey. Better yet, pre-enclose the stone to be lifted with an improvised net.

Crayfish catching at night.

It is much easier to catch crayfish at night, when 2 to 3 hours after sunset, the crayfish crawl out to the coastal shallows, and in some cases even to land, where they can be collected by illuminating a flashlight or a torch made of birch bark. Once, in a similar way, I caught more than two hundred crayfish in an hour. I just walked knee-deep in water and gathered them, like mushrooms, under my feet. And in the afternoon, diving in ice water with a mask and spending much more effort, I got barely fifty.

Fishing for crayfish.

Can be used for catching a shellfish. To do this, in a place where the water is especially clear, you need to throw some meat, fish entrails, etc., bait near the shore itself. A crayfish fishing harbor is a long stick split from one end. Wedges are inserted into the cleavage so that the edges of the stick diverge by a few centimeters. Moreover, the stick must be taken fresh, raw, since dry is slightly elastic and can easily break.

The jail is carefully brought to the cancer and stuck into the bottom. The cancer falls between the forks and pinches at the top of the splinter, after which it remains only to pull it out of the water. In extreme cases, you can catch crayfish on a shoe. To do this, shoes with the bait lowered inward on a long rope sink into the bottom of the pond. Climbing inside, by the smell, cancer is raised ashore.

Based on the book The Great Encyclopedia of Survival in Extreme Situations.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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