Caution! Crowd! Rules of conduct

She is fearless. She is ruthless. She does not control herself. Soulless, evil creature? If you live in a populous city, you can easily become trapped. It is enough to come in. How much does it not turn into tragedy? How to avoid zombie influence?

“Crowd Effect”

In August 2011, it was shocked. Aggressive mob staged riots. 29-year-old drug law enforcement officials. Tottenham district for several days.

Law enforcement officers noticed a familiar face. In the world of the Harry Potter epic, there is a character named Vincent Crabbe, a young British actor, playing this negative hero. Probably, it was decided that He was arrested for the two years. There was an incendiary bottle in his hand. But he couldn’t refuse. The crowd effect.

In the same place, or in the same direction. But it is not so. We are not accustomed to counting the large theater hall. It’s a funky experience. on the street.

The effect of the crowd on each of us. For example, in order to stand up and greet the beloved artist on the stage with applause. There is a lot to do.

But where did this instinct come from? Of course, from the wild. There are no teeth and huge horns. It is enough to be in the team. There is a so-called “herd instinct”, there is a defensive reflex. It is a stunning effect. Interests of any individual are irrelevant to the group.

Every day, you’re not welcome. But we don’t even suspect that while we brush our teeth, we don’t stay alone with ourselves. Brushing their teeth, and hurrying to work. It is a fact that it’s always a matter of course. Seeing the crowd. If you’re not sure, you can’t … In psychology, this phenomenon is called the “crowd effect”. It is an unconscious.

Sometimes experts compare crowd of pedestrians with penguins. Until that moment, they’ve been waiting for the water, they’re waiting for the first step.

Crowd properties

Scientists have identified two main factors, which determine the properties of the crowd:


Personality in the crowd dissipates. There are no social statuses in it. There is only “a man in a red jacket”, “a woman in a blue dress”, etc. There is a feeling of strength and power. Anonymous & # 39; s hands, anonymity leads to a feeling of irresponsibility. He doesn’t mind him.


Of some people to others. Infection occurs literally instantly, imitates the majority.

All this is perfectly known that it was in the 21st century.

Rules of conduct in the crowd

Everyone can be in the way of hooligans. But is it possible to survive? If you act correctly, yes. Perhaps the best advice would be to say – bypass the crowd. At least whenever possible. But if you’re a surprise, you’re not a panic. If you include common sense.

Tip number 1 – If you quickly approaching a large crowd of people …

… do not run away from them. Asphalt paver. Head towards the crowd, but not straight, but diagonally, into the corner of the crowd. Thus, it’s not just the whole hundred.

Tip # 2 – Do not show aggression towards others …

… because it can not be so dangerous, but also the so-called “airbag”. To begin, try to quietly and leisurely leave the crowd.

How to leave the crowd?

If possible, take off from yourself sharp and compressive objects: scarves, earrings, rings, belts, bracelets, ties, etc. Bend your elbows and press them to the sides. Fingers squeeze into fists. The body and try to get out of the crowd. Be sure to lose your head, because you can lose it.

Tip number 3 – If you still knocked down …

… stand, stand on one floor, sharply push off and try to get up.

Tip # 4 – If they start beating you …

… you can not relax the body. Be on your back, bend your knees and forcefully roll over onto your side. Hand, which was below – your neckline and head from behind. Bangs. Do not stop moving for a second. Move your legs, move them on the ground. You will remain alive. This is the main thing.

Tip number 5 – you can not get involved in a fight with the crowd!

Do not take your feet off the ground. – You are mistaken.

Tip number 6 – If tear gas was applied …

… do not rub the skin and eyes.

Tip # 7 – If an armed mob attacks you …

… there are only two ways out to escape, or to arm. There is a salvation for your life. For example, a stone or glass bottle. It is a little extra moment to escape.

Tip number 8 – If you found the building

… do not use the elevator, go down the stairs. Do not get close to the windows, you can simply push out of it.

As you can see, you can escape from any situation. It is necessary to use it. You see a crowd of people – change the route. Even if you are big and strong.

Caution! Crowd! Rules of conduct

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