Chaga birch mushroom, composition, preparation, use in medicine, recipes for infusions from chaga mushroom.

Chaga birch mushroom belongs to the tinder family. It is a parasitic fungus. It grows on the surface of the birch trunk and feeds on its juice. Chaga mushroom has the appearance of solid growths of dark brown, black color. Inside the mushroom is brown, the closer the pulp of the mushroom to the wood, the lighter it is. Vultures of the fungus penetrate into the birch trunk, destroying the wood and causing its decay.

Chaga birch mushroom, composition, preparation, use in medicine, recipes for infusions of chaga mushroom.

Chaga mushroom is widely used in folk medicine. It is used for peptic ulcer, gastritis, cancer of the stomach, lungs and other internal organs. In the initial stages of cancer, the use of chaga can stop the development of the tumor. However cannot destroy cancer cells.

Chaga birch mushroom, composition, preparation, use in medicine, recipes for infusions from chaga mushroom.

Chaga mushroom contains:

Colorants of the chromogenic polyphenol-carbon complex.
Agaricic acid.
Triterpenoid inotodiol.
Ash substances.
A small amount of alkaloids.
Ash contains a lot of manganese, as well as potassium and sodium.

Chaga Mushroom Harvesting.

For treatment, fruit bodies of the fungus fungus are used. You can harvest them all year long. But it is best to do this in spring and autumn, when the activity of the chaga mushroom is increased. Some people prefer to harvest chaga in winter or late autumn, when there are no leaves on the trees and chaga mushroom is easier to notice..

The growths are knocked down with an ax or a hammer and cut off the loose, light-colored interior unsuitable for use. When collecting, it is necessary to ensure that false and real fungi-fungi, which differ from the chaga in a tubular layer on the lower surface, do not get into the raw materials. Do not collect raw materials from dry and drying trees, as well as too large and old specimens, crumbling black mushrooms throughout the thickness.

Freshly cut growths are immediately cut into pieces of 3–6 cm in size and dried in a well-ventilated area. Chaga pieces can also be dried in an oven or oven at a temperature of 60 degrees, spreading a thin layer. It should be noted that during the drying process, the chaga pieces are compacted, become very hard, almost black. The dried chaga mushroom is stored in a tightly closed glass container for no more than 2 years.

The use and application of chaga mushroom in medicine.

Before use, to soften the dried mushroom, pour it with cold boiled water for 4 hours. Then pass it through a meat grinder or grate. Chaga mushroom retains its healing properties for 3-4 months. For medical purposes, only growths growing on living trunks are suitable.

Befungin, which is used in the treatment of chronic gastritis and ulcers, is made from chaga. And also as a symptomatic agent in the treatment of cancer patients. This drug is especially indicated for cancer of the stomach and lungs..

It was found that the chaga mushroom:

Increases the body’s defenses.
Activates the metabolism in the brain tissue.
Reduces arterial and venous pressure.
It has anti-inflammatory effect not only with internal, but also with external use.

Chaga is used in otolaryngological practice as an adjuvant for laryngeal tumors in the form of inhalations of 5-7 minutes every day for a week.

Chaga mushroom improves the general condition of the patient. It facilitates swallowing, breathing, reduces the hoarseness of the voice, helps to weaken the inflammatory process and is included in a general strengthening course of treatment before biopsy.

Chaga birch mushroom is recommended as a stimulating and anti-inflammatory agent for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. And also as a diuretic in various urological diseases. Chaga is prescribed for chronic gastritis and dyskinesia of the gastrointestinal tract with the phenomena of atony. Chaga birch mushroom is also used to treat periodontal disease.

Treatment with birch fungus and the means made on its basis is carried out in courses of 4–5 months with breaks of 7–10 days. In the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases, combined with various inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and biliary system, it is also recommended to use preparations based on the fungus fungus.

Chaga mushroom infusions.

Recipe 1.

1 part chaga, 5 parts water.

The chopped chaga mushroom is poured with warm (50 degrees) boiled water and insisted for 48 hours in a dark, cool place. Ready infusion filtered. The remainder of the fungus is squeezed and added with water to the original volume. Infusion can be stored no more than 3-4 days. Take 200 ml 1-3 times a day with mastopathy.

During the course of treatment, it is recommended to follow a milk and vegetable diet. Excluding sausages, canned food, animal fats and spicy seasonings from the menu. Infusion is also used for gastritis and tumors as a general strengthening agent. In this case, adults should drink at least 600 ml of infusion in small portions throughout the day. For diseases of the liver, spleen and gastrointestinal tract, the infusion is taken 200 ml 3 times a day half an hour before meals.

Recipe 2.

1 tbsp. spoon of chaga, 1 tbsp. spoonful of rhizome of the highlander snake, 0.5 l of water.

1 tbsp. tablespoons of the mixture is poured with boiled water, the temperature of which is not higher than 50 degrees. The infusion is left overnight, and filtered in the morning. Take 100 ml 3 times a day 1 hour before meals with stomach cancer.

Recipe 3.

5 g of chaga, 250 ml of water.

The chopped chaga mushroom is poured with hot boiled water and insisted for 2 days. Then filter. The precipitate is squeezed into the infusion, water is added. Take with a stomach ulcer 200 ml 3 times a day.

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