Characteristics of lights. What are lumens, candels, suites?

It is the better. In fact, there is something to discuss.

First of all, let’s define what a “bright” lantern is. Open any directory Lumens, lumens, lumens … The more, the better, right? What is a good lantern?

This is where the figure refers to the lumen, candela and lux appear.

Lumen, It can be used as a guide. ‘Light flux’. Something like horsepower in an engine. In fact, it is not a generalized indicator, since it can be compared. It’s not a problem, but it’s not a problem.

Candela, Intensity Light intensity ’would be the best description of lanterns, especially used as a daily tool. It can be seen. If you use it again, it’s like torque.

One candela – It’s a bit like a burning candle. If you look at a distance of 20 meters, it will be constant. It can not be a descriptive characteristic of a flashlight.

Also candela The lumen refers to the total amount of light emitted. It is important to make it easy.

Suite However, it’s not a problem. Lux is equal to the area of ​​1 square. of radiation falling on it, equal to 1 lumen. This is what you measure.

If it is still too difficult, you can compare it with lumens, and candela with candela. If you want to compare the number of measurements, then calculate the ratio.

It depends on your choice. If you want to see the area with floodlighting, then this lamp can be measured in lumens. Candela is more concentrated beam, like a search lamp. For illumination of targets.

In addition to distinguish between different units of measurement, it is important to understand. It is a small field. This is a highlight. When you look around the room through the cracks. Stay in the shadows until you find the bad guy.

There are additional considerations when deciding which flashlight to invest in. Flashlight is a serious investment. It is easy to miscalculate. It would not be decisive.

For this category of equipment there is a rule: “Two is one, and one is nothing!It is also possible to make it a little bit more than a light bulb. .

There is a lot of debate about which type of battery is better. If you are not charging, you need to have a spare flashlight.

The photo below shows the battery sizes: 10430 (analog AAA battery), 14500 (analog AA battery), 16340 (analog CR123 battery), 18650, 26500 (analog C battery):

It will save you from an extra headache. Additional options may include adjustable light sources. Taps on a single button.

It can be used as a rule. Combination of short and long button presses.

It is a motorbike. These procedures are very difficult to practice.

In general, a lot of nuances affect the flashlight. In recent years, there has been a leap in technology of lenses and light sources. After the lamp module, becoming a modern lamp.

No less important, in addition to having a good flashlight. It is a keynote to success.

Demanding fair enlightenment. Shine well! =)

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Characteristics of lights. What are lumens, candels, suites?

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