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Valka Sazonova had trouble. Misha, her lover, burned at work. Moreover, it is not a figurative sense, but it is direct.

In the 90s, Mishka was engaged in commerce, drove from China every shirpotoreb, in Siberia, sold. Racket did not run into him. Mishkin Bratelnik, Vova, ottarabanil, and therefore did not communicate. Mishka was only exhibited from time to time, yes, sometimes he threw up money.

Little by little, Bear has unwound. Had a small shop. There he was burned, with the store together. Moreover, it’s impossible to get out. That ill-starred night Mishka and Vovan were marking another successful deal. So they burned there. Alive. The two chunks of the building were taken out from under the charred fragments of the building. They wrote off. Cops, too, are not enemies of themselves. Who wants to produce another wood grouse?

They buried Mishka with Vova in closed coffins. Motley organized all at the highest level. Commemoration in the restaurant. Monument. A bunch of wreaths. Yes, only the boys were no longer resurrect. Valka, when this all happened, he was killed very badly by Mishka, the nobility loved her. It was wondering how it happened.

I’m not talking with myself. It was a woman’s life. Lass she is still young, in actual fact.

Eleven months passed. Valka has a suitor. Seryozhka Gulyaev, a boy from a nearby neighborhood. He began to drive up to Valka. This was not kept, kept propriety. But then, you’ll be able to go there, you’ll be able to go there. In the end, Valentina could not resist. They began to meet. This would happen soon. Moreover, both of them wanted to.

Once Valka is called me drink coffee, see how she lives. But the girls in the evenings. Seryozha came, brought a bottle of wine with a cake. Valka, on his arrival They sat in the room, started to have dinner.

Suddenly the lights went out in the apartment. Valentine lit the candle. They are slammed down below, someone has entered the door. Nearer. Nearer. Even closer. Until, finally, he was at the door. Here is a kind of very nasty, rotten smell. It was completely rotten. Warm up.

She became very frightened. It was a breathing hoarsely.

Yes manal I smell such a stench. Now I will go and throw out this bumjar nafig! – said Sergey.

He got up from the couch. Valka and Sergey started. Valka knew that only Misha had another apartment key. He entered the apartment. There were two of them. The smell of rotten flesh became unbearable. Nausea rose from his throat.

In horror, Valka didn’t know where to go. Call it to the balcony But, instead, she was only pressed herself in the sofa, unable to even rise from it. Suddenly, in the corridor, there was a heart-rending cry of her boyfriend. Two human figures in black entered the apartment. It has been shown that its faces are wrapped in a pair of clothes.

Do not! Do not! I did not want! Do not! I beg you! Do not! – Sergey shouted and rushed back to the room.

If you want to touch it on the floor, it’s not a problem. Here is the light came on again. It was a real dream from the cemetery. Misha and his brother Vovan.

Slow down. Under the rags there was black hair, rotten meat, exuding pus, and covered with hair, worms crawling over this meat in some places. Valka screamed hysterically.

I told you to wait for one year, ”said Misha,“ but you didn’t obey. “

He spoke in a whistling whisper, so that his words could barely make out. Vova leaned on the face. Seryoga tried to say something, but it couldn’t be wheeled.

It was time to answer.

Misha also bent over Seryoga.

Sho, bitch, scary? We were scared too when you burned us alive.

Seryoga screamed in a terrible voice. It wouldn’t really be up in the apartment. Scandinavia heart-rendingly jerked his head. In Valka

The body of Seryoga was found in the attic. They also found a head there. On the same day, in the cemetery, near the grave of Misha, they found Valka. The bodies of Misha and Vova were mysteriously disappeared. I couldn’t explain how I’ve ended up in the cemetery. She has been thoroughly undergone treatment, has been undergone treatment several times a year. It is a scary concept.

Alex Neronov

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