Chechen veterans’ advice: fighting behavior

No one will give advice. From the messages of your elder comrades, who have completely sniffed powder.

Action in a combat situation

  • Always need a partner. Even if this doesn’t make the commander, then break up into pairs yourself. Hold on to one another. It is important to follow it with fire, in short, breathing, cartridges, a joke …
    Take turns. One observes and covers – the other runs across. Then vice versa. You two are one. Your platoon, your company, consists of many of these integrations.
  • The main task is to observe. If you came under fire, take shelter and watch. It is necessary to shoot. You’ve found the goal. Shoot when you see your opponent. This is your goal.
  • If you are bombarded, do not be afraid fire back, but not necessarily at the goal. For example, it’s not a problem. No one will even lift their heads. Militants use this. While they are up, they pull up their main forces …
  • Before the fight the most important thing is do not lose heart, Do not panic, listen to commands. You are afraid. Let him afraid. Be attentive, not relaxed, for an attack. Do not give in to meaningless provocations. All the time skillfully masked. Always remember what you were taught.
  • Do not stick in one place. Two or three turns – and change position. Let it be three or four meters left-right, back and forth. Run, and even better – crawl. A friend will cover you. And you – his. In a few minutes you will understand each other perfectly.
  • In combat, you need to be heartily flawlessly. carry out the orders of the commander. In special cases, make decisions yourself and act clearly and decisively. Very much can depend on your actions, even someone’s life. Snipers are especially dangerous. They are practically invisible, only clicks of shots are audible. At the leisurely pace. Their shots are rare, but accurate. Be especially attentive to the roofs, windows of the upper floors and attics …
  • It should be in advance find a few shelters, which can be used in turn. But shelter shelter strife. Know that you are behind cover. If he has grenade launchers, the shelter may not save. Do not linger behind cover for long. Play hide and seek with the enemy and hit him with fire. He has also been a man of
  • Remember that your supply of ammunition is not infinite. Spend them sparingly. It can only be half a shop, or even the whole machine-gun belt. You have no more than 3-4 patrons and for AIM, and not into the Universe. Shouting If your hands are shaking, everything is fine. This is from the excitement, soon pass. Remember that fighting with a stick Have a supply of ammo.
  • To have you always had a good weapon, it is not a problem. Crawling, cover your comrade; Their concert should not be carried out deliberately, in concert with their comrades. Do not save bullets If your friend has run out of ammunition, then share with him. Two trunks are twice as good as one. If he is at a distance from you, cover him with fire. If you suddenly have to save you
  • In the battle first thing need to be collected. Watch all the movements of the enemy. Act boldly and decisively. Fluctuations are certain death. You need to think about it. Sometimes one of your shots can save someone’s life.
    The roar, the whistle, the cries greatly affect you. Much tired morally. Distracted, make mistakes. To this must be prepared in advance.
  • If you, for example, you are under fire You can help at any moment. There is no such thing that your comrades will forget about you. During the fighting In battle, never leave a comrade, even if you were not familiar with him. You’re not the most important thing to do.
  • The most important thing is keep yours, do not fall forward. Listen to your commanders all the time. Always keep calm and cool. Do not panic in any way! If it gets scary, then try to show it to your comrades.
  • If a stepped in guard it is not a problem. If you are bombarded or attacked, the most important thing is not to get lost. Take your position and watch where the fire is coming from. I saw the goal – destroy it. Never open fire first. Be always courageous, never betray commanders and comrades.
  • After all that I have seen and experienced, I can tell you: the most important thing is always keep calm and composure, be attentive. When you go for an operation Never neglect your body armor. I can also advise you to clean the machine as often as possible. Down. He loves care and affection.

The greatest Russian writer L.N. Tolstoy in the novel “War and peace“Expressed his attitude in this line:

“It is not a war war.”

Do not play war. It is shown that it is very far from reality. In fact, everything is much simpler and more difficult at the same time. Seeing how to kill you in the first encounter with the enemy. It is only in the Hollywood scenarios.

In real battle There are only 30 cartridges in the store, and 120 in four stores. You can take it less than 5 minutes. This is a kind of shooting experience. You will hit. This is not true. To hit a target, one bullet is enough. It’s just by her goal.

All this you will be taught. How to win science. This will take your commanders. During the training sessions. That is how skills are developed. If you’re not in a war, then you’ll not be able to play it.

And sayings of soldiers’ folklore in the Chechen war:

Laziness never been a good ally of man. She is an ally of death.

More sweat – less blood.
It is better to be tired, but alive.
Fatigue is nothing, life is everything!

It is laziness, it is clear that it is possible to seize the fighters. Fighters of one of the units, It was a loss of time during the whole war. They were tired, it was hot …

Soldiers of another unit, It has been a long time since it has been possible to complete the process. The work didn’t stop even at night. Slept only those who were to serve in the military guard. They were tired, but safe. It would be impossible for them to rest.

Civilians – a special theme. It should not be allowed, unless it is possible, as limited as possible. You can’t be your friends. This applies to any communities, areas of inter-ethnic conflicts, any extraordinary circumstances. It is a peace in the field.

Strictly keep the law, all international norms. Do not allow rude and aggressive actions towards the population, even if it is completely unfriendly. This is a list of ways to achieve your peace of mind.

Do not give in to provocations. There may be a lot of them. I love you to drink, I’m coming up for a drink, I’m coming to a drink, I’m coming up Always wait trick. Do not trust anyone. It is better to make a mistake in people. They will be friends. Well, if the enemies …

Give all kinds of help to the local population, even if it is hostile. Help the hungry, wounded, sick, especially children, even if they are fighting against you. You are a soldier. Your help.

With women, children and old people only cowards are fighting. They are fighting for their help. Multiply the number of friends and reduce the number of enemies …

Chechen veterans’ advice: fighting behavior

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