Chemical attack survival

If you are a little bit older, you’ll be able to get it. These brochures can be useful today.

The first massive chemical attack was taken in 1915. The German troops used poisonous chlorine. It’s been a period of five minutes. The result is a shock – about 15 thousand French soldiers received injuries of varying severity. About five thousand of them died. It was 264. But the German attack was repelled. And it began.

During the First World War, almost 1.5 million people died of poisonous substances. Poisoning a few years later. Four million soldiers of all armies were disabled.

Already very soon, it has become commonplace. In addition to poisonous chemicals, there is a phosgene, bromine cyan, chloropicrin, used to attack. And, of course, it must be gassed when it was in 1917. It was a tinsel of the First World War. But diphosgene, diphenylcyanarsine, and diphenylchloroarsine. However, the Entente did not lag behind. So, the French have been added to toxicity with hydrocyanic acid.

Hey, Hey, Hey You! Poisoning a few years later. Four million soldiers of all armies were disabled. Therefore, it was prohibiting the European Protocol.

Chemical weapons

But, of course, the military or politicians didn’t stop either. Thus, in 1936, it was used for more than 15 thousand chemical attacks on pesticides and lewisite. In the period from 1934 to 1943, the Japanese intensively used chemical weapons against the Chinese. Moreover, they developed a lot of technical innovations. For example, shells, aerial bombs and tapes are put into practice. In the warehouses of the region of Germany, gassed, gassed, and soman, were languishing. He didn’t have any problems.

After the world war, no one of course, abandoned the development of chemical weapons. On the contrary, every year, there are millions of groups allocated to military research. Thus, hallucinogens has become a new direction. The psilocybin, mescaline and their derivatives were born. Today’s call on the “psychedelic revolution”. However, the United States readily used other weapons during the war in Korea and Vietnam. In the first half of the gothons of the South Cong.

Of course, it’s not a very great time today. But it can still be used for individual psychopaths or sectarian organizations. Aum Senrike Seku Asahara. I received a brief visual impairment. It was a handicraft. The industrial use of chemicals today is more dangerous than military developments.

It is not a major chemical enterprise, especially in such an industrialized region as ours. Ural ranks sixth in the top ten most chemically dangerous areas of the country. In our industry, such as chemicals, ammonia, chlorine, acrylic acid, nitrile, hydrogen fluoride, etc. are actively used or simply stored. According to the estimates, we have 48.5 thousand tons.

Chemical protection

Industrial gas mask. Not at hand? Use a cloth bandage.

It is a thoroughly horrified time. So what are the toxic chemicals? Gas mask. If you are a woman, he will be able to get in touch with her. instead of water, as it crystallizes the gas. It is recommended to take shelter and seal it. It should be remembered that it will be more difficult to penetrate.

The toxicity of toxic substances.

It is a good idea to take care of it. preventive and curative measures. Remember, chemicals, skin, eyes, and wound surfaces,

Do not give up! Survive!

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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