Chicken Hawk: New Tactical Tomahawk from Boker Knives

Company Boker knives, known for her ceramic knives, and not only them, she finally decided to remake her famous tactical tomahawk Chicken hawk, making it out of steel SK5 powder coated. Two already existing models will be replaced, while the additional transition to a simple and more robust carbon steel construction will not only make this hatchet stronger and more powerful, but also better prepare it for solving basic tactical tasks.

When the company Boker knives first presented this year Chicken hawk, It was planned to use two grades of steel – 440C and D2, which Boker usually used for their products. Now they decided to abandon this idea in favor of SK5 steel. And there was no particular reason to make such a transition.

“We just liked more what the new version of this tactical tomahawk looks like,” said company spokesman Tony Aliffi.

SK5 looks much less sophisticated than D2 or 440C, however, according to some experts, simplicity is an advantage in this matter.

“If I need an ax, I’ll prefer the one made from SK5,” says one Gator, the owner of the knife shop This company, founded in 2005, has information about more than 6 thousand different types of steel and alloys, so that he knows what he is talking about.

Gator also states: “With regard to toughness and impact resistance, SK5 is significantly superior to D2 and 440C in these two parameters.” The main objectives of the ax – to cut through and grind – tied to the ability to withstand the impact and load. And SK5 steel completely satisfies these needs.

Concept Chicken hawk based on the designer series Micraxe, authorship J. Urbanovsky (video attached), but significantly different from her due to its more compact size. It may seem a bit short because with a total length of 9 inches, the length of the cutting edge is only 2.2 inches. But due to its small size, this light hatchet fits comfortably in your hand and allows you to control the cutting process much better. And for those of us who find this functionality a little, there is one more blade on the top of the ax. Initially, it is not sharpened, but nothing prevents it from doing this, if desired, and skill. Also this compact hatchet is supplied with an additional punch and a cullet on the handle.

For sale new tactical tomahawk SK5 should get out of steel soon, and it will cost about 200 bucks.

What else can I add? Specific numbers – that’s what. Good in itself Chicken hawk – hatchet cool, comfortable and very functional. So:

  • Overall length: 23.0 cm
  • Blade length: 5.5 cm
  • Blade thickness: 6.2 mm
  • Weight: 576.0 g
  • Blade Material: SK5
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Locking mechanism: fixed

Video for review:

Steel arms

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