Chicken legs as a dish for a picnic or outdoor dining, recipes for making chicken legs on a fire.

The convenience of preparing chicken legs at a picnic or a short trip to the countryside is that most of the ingredients can be prepared in comfortable home conditions. Thus, you can minimize the time of cooking various dishes in nature. 

Chicken legs as a dish for a picnic or an outing, recipes for making chicken legs on a fire.

Classic picnic chicken legs recipe.

Required: 4-5 legs, salt, pepper (black or red – depending on your taste), 2-3 cloves of garlic. Pierce well-washed thawed legs in several places and insert into the slots pieces of peeled minced garlic. Then legs thoroughly rub with salt and pepper, put on skewers and fry over the coals, not forgetting to turn over periodically. This simple treat can also be cooked on a wire rack. If desired, the roasting legs can be sprayed with lemon juice or white drywin in the cooking process..

Chicken legs as a dish for a picnic or outdoor dining, recipes for making chicken legs on a fire.

Eggplant Chicken Legs.

Required: 4 chicken legs, 1 eggplant, 8 onions, 1-2 tomatoes, 1 lemon, 150 g champignons, 1 tbsp. l butter, 1 tbsp. l chopped mint or lemon balm, salt and spices (it is advisable to prepare a mixture of cinnamon powder, grated nutmeg and ginger powder) – to taste. In a small cauldron, lightly fry the chicken legs in butter. It should be remembered that the dishes should be stable, and the dish should be cooked over hot coals.

While the legs are fried, cut the onions and the eggplant into rings. After a small frying of the legs, they should be removed, and put the prepared onions and eggplant in the same fat. Then squeeze lemon juice into a cauldron and put the fried legs. Add coarsely chopped tomatoes, spices and finely chopped mint leaves (or lemon balm) to the above components, add a little water on top (so that the legs were covered for about half) and fry under the lid on not too hot coals for about half an hour.

After the specified time, add prepared mushrooms to the contents of the cauldron (they must be thoroughly washed and cleaned, and then cut into small pieces). After about half an hour of putting out the moderately hot coals and without the lid, the dish will be ready. If desired, you can add a little garlic and mayonnaise. Enjoy your meal!

Kebab legs.

Required: 4 legs, 1-2 onions, juice of 1 lemon, black peppercorns, red ground pepper, 3 tbsp. l vegetable oil, mustard, salt. Soak chicken legs in a mixture of vegetable oil, lemon juice, salt and black pepper peas for 1 hour. Then cut them into small pieces and put on two on a skewer, alternating with onions, cut into wide rings. Fry on hot coals, not forgetting to turn over on time. The dish is ready. Now you can sprinkle ham on top of finely chopped parsley and dill.

Chicken legs.

Requires: 4 legs, juice of 1 lemon, 2 tbsp. l butter or margarine, 2 tbsp. l vegetable oil, ground black pepper. Lightly beat off the chicken legs and trim the skin on the joints. Then grease them with a mixture of butter and salt, sprinkle with black pepper and pour over lemon juice. After that, put the legs on top of each other and leave for a while under the press.

In the next step in the preparation of the legs, grease them with the remaining oil-salt mixture and place them on a grill over moderately burning coals until they are browned. Do not forget to periodically turn and sprinkle chicken legs with vegetable oil during cooking. Ready-made legs can be sprinkled with chopped green and add a little mayonnaise or ketchup.

Savory legs.

Requires: 4 legs, 1 lemon, 0.25 cups fat or frying margarine, a little red dessert wine, 1 tsp. hot red pepper, 1 tsp. garlic ketchup, dry bread crumbs, salt, mustard to taste. Lightly cut the skin on the joints of the well-washed legs and beat them a little, then leave for some time under pressure (about half an hour).

During this time, you can prepare the sauce, for which, in a separate small bowl, melt a little fat and, stirring, add ketchup or tomato paste, wine and salt to it. Then take out the legs and fry them on a wire rack, pouring the remaining fat, first melting it, and often turning over.

After sufficiently softening the legs and soaking them with fat, remove them from the wire rack and roll them in dry bread crumbs. Put the chicken legs on the wire again and periodically turn over, gradually pour over the cooked sauce until they finally get an appetizing crust and a spicy aroma. Finely chop the lemon and serve to the finished legs.

For the sauce: mix butter, flour and milk. In order to prevent lumps from forming, first flour and butter are kneaded at the same time, after which the mixture is melted over the fire, combined with milk and stirred until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The taste of this sauce can be varied and even improved by adding grated cheese, such as “gouda” or “parmesan”, as well as white wine and orange juice.

Greek legs.

Requires: 4 legs, 2 apples, 1 tbsp. l lemon juice, 1 lemon, 2 tbsp. l honey, 1 tsp. mustard, 1 tsp mixed ground black and red pepper and savory, vegetable oil. Lightly beat the legs, salt, sprinkle with lemon juice and place under the press for about 1 hour, after putting the legs two on top of each other. After an hour, remove the chicken legs from the press and pour plenty of vegetable oil over it, then leave it to soak for another half hour.

In the meantime, prepare the sauce, for which carefully mix the mustard, honey and a few drops of oil. After that, smear the resulting chicken legs and put on a wire rack to fry in lightly carbohydrate heat. Cut the apples into halves and core them. Sauté them with the legs. Serve roasted apples with ready-made legs, in the middle of which lemon slices can be added..

Yugoslavian legs.

Requires: 4 legs, 2 lemons, 1 onion, 2 small garlic cloves, 0.25 cup vegetable oil, 1 tbsp. l finely chopped parsley, ground black pepper (optionally replaced with ground red pepper). To prepare this dish, it is better to prepare the legs in advance at home. Pierce each leg in several places with a narrow sharp knife and coat well with a thoroughly mixed composition of lemon juice, vegetable oil, salt, ground black (or red) pepper.

Keep the ham in the cold for 1–1.5 hours (but not in the freezer!). Then pack the chicken legs with cellophane, having previously placed them in a stable dish, and go on a picnic. Fry the legs until fully cooked on a grid warmed with a slight heat, not forgetting to turn over and pour over the sauce formed after the thawing of the legs. Ready meals can be served with baked potatoes.

Chicken legs with sour cream.

Required: 4 legs, salt and pepper to taste, 0.75 cups of thin sour cream, 1 tsp. butter. Beat the washed-out legs lightly and coat on both sides with a mixture of butter, salt and pepper. Then put the legs on the wire rack and fry on weak coals, periodically turning and pouring sour cream. Ready-made legs can be sprinkled with finely chopped dill or parsley.

Chicken picnic.

Required: 4-5 legs, 3-4 tomatoes, 1-2 lemons, 2 tbsp. l vinegar, a little semi-dry white wine, chopped parsley, salt and spices to taste. Cut well-washed legs into small pieces and grate with salt. Then soak them in vinegar for half an hour at the rate of 1 tbsp. l vinegar per 1 liter of water. After that, pepper and put slices of ham on skewers interspersed with halves of tomatoes (if desired, you can add onion rings).

Fry in medium heat until golden brown, do not forget to carefully turn and sprinkle with white wine and lemon juice. Ready-made legs are recommended to be sprinkled with chopped parsley and served with lemon slices.

Hot surprise.

Required: 4–5 legs, 2 cream cheese, 3–4 medium garlic cloves, 1–2 lemons, 200 g cabbage, ground red pepper, cloves, black peppercorns, salt, parsley leaves, mustard, mayonnaise or ketchup to taste . The first procedures for the preparation of this delicacy, we recommend that you spend at home. To do this, a well-washed thawed leg is lightly pierced with a knife along their narrow sides on both sides in several places. Soak the legs for about 1 hour in a mixture of vegetable oil, juice 1/2 lemon, salt, black pepper, peas and cloves.

Cut the peeled garlic cloves into small pieces and cut the cream cheese into slices not too thin. Then gently cut the chicken legs from the side of the inner bend along the notches. Crumble the garlic slices in the cheese plate. Carefully wrapping them with parsley leaves, insert into the slots of chicken legs sprinkled with red pepper and gently press.

Put the legs on a wire rack and fry in light heat, sprinkling with lemon juice. Turn the legs in time with special forceps, making sure that the halves do not break. After the crusts are sufficiently browned, carefully remove them, spread with mustard, mayonnaise or ketchup (to taste) and wrap in prepared clean cabbage leaves. Hot surprise is ready!

Legs “Red, Yellow, Green”.

Requires: 4 legs, 12-14 sweet peppers, 2-3 tbsp. l vinegar, salt, black pepper, 5-6 cloves of garlic, mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard to taste. Thawed and well-washed ham soak for half an hour in a vinegar solution (1 tbsp. L. Vinegar per 1 liter of water). Then cut each leg into several small pieces. In each slice, make small cuts into which insert slices of chopped garlic.

Rub the legs with salt, pepper and leave to soak for a while. During this time, prepare the peppers as follows: wash them well and remove the stalk with the seeds. Now leave the peppers to soak in cold salt water and take care of the legs. Fry them on the grill (this option is better) or on skewers until half ready.

Then remove from heat, cool slightly and each piece, pouring ketchup or mayonnaise, carefully insert into the peppers so that the fruit is not damaged. This is best done in the following sequence: putting a piece of bird on a skewer, then put pepper on it. It is advisable to arrange the peppers in a “traffic light” sequence – this is more beautiful, and corresponds to the name. Finally, the last step in the preparation of this treat is roasting on not too hot coals with frequent turning, so that both the vegetables bake and the legs reach full readiness.

Mediterranean legs.

Requires: 4 legs, 1 orange, 2-3 tsp. lemon juice, 3-4 cloves of garlic, 0.5 cups of dry white wine, 0.5 cups of ground walnuts, 2-3 bulbs, 3 tbsp. l vegetable oil (preferably olive), ground black pepper, chopped parsley or dill. Knock out the well-washed and thawed legs lightly, pierce with a knife in several places and soak for half an hour in a mixture of vegetable oil, salt and chopped onion, where add a little lemon juice.

Then, in the cuts, insert slices of chopped garlic and carefully cut the chicken legs from the side of the inner bend. Rub them abundantly inside and out with salt and pepper. Gently peel the orange slices and place them on the inside of the legs. Fry on medium-high carbohydrate heat, not forgetting to periodically turn the legs and sprinkle with dry wine.

Make sure that the crust is not burnt! Sprinkle the ready-made chicken legs with ground walnuts and then chopped herbs. Having tasted this treat, you will feel the exotic of the warm Mediterranean coast! It turns out to be extremely tasty with an exotic element if you add walnut to the legs cooked at the stake.

Chicken legs.

Required: 4 legs, 1 lemon or 0.5 cup dry wine, 250-300 g semi-hard cheese, 1 cup peeled salted peanuts, 4 tsp. melted butter, 2-3 tbsp. l vinegar, 3-4 cloves of garlic, ground red pepper, salt, mustard or mayonnaise to taste. Soak thawed and well-washed legs in a solution of vinegar (at the rate of 1 tbsp. L vinegar per 1 liter of water) for about 1 hour. Then take it out and slightly beat off.

Make a few small cuts in the legs, where you put pieces of finely chopped garlic cloves, pepper. Then deeply incise each leg on the inside of the bend and salt the outside. Inside the legs, put 1 tsp. melted butter, then sprinkle a little salted peanuts, observing uniformity in distribution. In that case, if you use unsalted peanuts, then lightly salt the legs from the inside before putting the butter. Finally, a layer of coarsely grated cheese completes the filling of the legs..

After that, lightly press the legs so that the filling does not fall out during the frying process and lay it on the prepared grill over the coals. Turn the chicken legs carefully with special forceps, remembering to spray dry wine or lemon juice. The finished dish can be consumed with mayonnaise or mustard. If there is no mayonnaise, it can be successfully replaced with sour cream mixed with mashed yolk of a hard-boiled egg by adding 1 tsp. mustard.

After the kebab is ready, it can be decorated with lettuce. It is tasty, beautiful and, most importantly, healthy. In order for a salad taken in the early morning from home to retain freshness for a long time, its leaves should be placed in a cloth dipped in vinegar.

Chicken legs in orange peel.

Requires: 1 ginger root, 1 lemon, 200 g of orange marmalade, 2 ml of orange liquor, ground cloves, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, 8 legs, 1 can of canned peaches. Peel the ginger and cut into small cubes. Grind 1/2 lemon peel. And cut off its residue with a knife and cut into thin strips. Then mix ginger, lemon zest, orange marmalade, liquor and spices. Each piece is coated with an orange mixture..

Spreads the cooked dish on a wire rack. From below, a container is inserted into which the fat will drain. Cook for about 40 minutes, occasionally lubricating with the mixture. The liquid from the peaches is drained, after which they are cut into slices. Shortly before the end of the roasting, slices of peaches are laid out for meat. The cooked dish is sprinkled with chopped lemon peel, optionally rosemary.

For lovers of exotic to the cooked dish, you can offer “Red” sauce. For sauce: 1 tbsp. l flour, 1 carrot, 1 parsley root, 1 onion, 1 tbsp. l tomato puree, 1.5 tbsp. l oils. Fry the flour with the same amount of oil until light brown, then mix with tomato puree and dilute with 2 cups of meat broth. Add lightly fried chopped roots, onions and cook over low heat for 20-30 minutes. At the end of cooking, add salt to the sauce, 1-2 tbsp. l wine, strain through a sieve and season with a piece of butter.

Chicken legs with spicy sauce.

Required: for 4 servings – 8 chicken legs, 4 tsp. ground red pepper, salt, ground black pepper, 1 tsp. caraway seeds, 2 tsp. burnt sugar, 150 g of orange marmalade, 3-4 tbsp. l mustard. Chicken legs should be thoroughly washed and dried. First, a spicy mixture is prepared by mixing pepper, salt, caraway seeds, granulated sugar. With this mixture, grate legs on all sides. Then the legs are laid out on the grill and fried in medium heat for about 30 minutes, often it is not necessary to turn it over. Meanwhile, mix the orange marmalade and mustard thoroughly. Chicken legs served in a separate bowl.

Legs with olives in wine.

Requires: 8 legs, salt, pepper, 3 tbsp. l flour, 1 onion, 2 cloves of garlic, a sprig of rosemary, 5 tbsp. l olive oil, 200 ml white-skinned, 80 g pitted olives, 2 tbsp. l wine vinegar. Legs after washing and drying, rub with salt, pepper, roll in flour. Chop onion and garlic. Wash the rosemary, shake, tear off the leaves and chop them finely. In hot olive oil, hold over the fire. String chicken legs on the skewer and, having coated with this oil, wait until they are covered with a golden brown crust. After that, pour them wine and cook for about 50 minutes. Somewhere 10 minutes before the end, add the remaining garlic and minced rosemary, olives and wine vinegar to the legs. Total cooking time – 60–70 minutes.

Shish kebab “Excellent”.

Requires: 5 legs, 1 head of onion, 60 g of citric acid or vinegar, salt, pepper. Add chopped onions to the legs, pickle in citric acid or vinegar, soak in advance in a cool place, and preferably in general in the cold, if possible. The cooked dish is strung on skewers and fried until fully cooked.

In order for cooked chicken legs to acquire a special taste and aroma, experienced people in this business use certain spices for cooking. Thyme combines the freshness of mint with the heavy aroma of cloves and therefore is a wonderful seasoning for almost all meat dishes. It detects its aroma during heating, so it is always added at the very beginning of heat treatment.

Rosemary in combination with thyme gives a bitter-spicy aroma. And for gourmets, we recommend mint. It will give the meat a spicy pepper flavor. Marjoram or oregano is used exclusively for flavoring, without changing the taste of the dish.

Barbecue “Hot”.

Requires: 5 medium-sized legs, 2 tbsp. l animal fat sauce, 1 tsp. citric acid, spices. For garnish: 4 tomatoes, 100 g green onions, 1 lemon, 2 onions. Put the legs in the dishes, salt, pepper, add a little citric acid, mix and marinate for 1.5–2 hours. Spread marinated chicken legs on a wire rack and keep over well-heated coals. When serving kebab, garnish with slices of fresh tomatoes or cucumbers, green onions or onion rings. Separately served sauce.

Barbecue “Tomato”.

Required: 4-5 legs, 20 g fat, 300 g tomato sauce, herbs, salt, spices. Salt legs, put on a wire rack, fry until brown crust forms. Then put the legs in a deep bowl, add salt, pour hot tomato sauce, cover with a lid and hang over a fire, bringing to a boil. In this state, the legs should remain for about 20 minutes. Serve them with fried potatoes and vegetables, watering the sauce in which they were prepared.

For the sauce: for 1/2 cup of tomato puree you will need 1 incomplete st. l flour, 1 medium-sized carrot, parsley, 1 onion, 1 tbsp. l spicy tomato sauce and butter. Cut the peeled roots and onions and fry with 1 tbsp. l oil and incomplete 1 tbsp. l flour, then add the tomato puree, stir, dilute with 1 cup of meat broth and simmer on low heat for 8-10 minutes. At the end of cooking, add salt, 1 tbsp. To the sauce. l hot tomato sauce, mix, strain through a sieve and season with a piece of butter.

Sour cream legs.

Required: 4 legs, 30 g sour cream, 30 g ghee, salt, spices, herbs. Chicken legs with garlic, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Before cooking, cut the leg in half and coat with sour cream. After that, put the legs with the cut part up on the hot lattice, pressing down with a weight of up to 5 kg from above. After the “inner” part is browned, grease the rest with sour cream, turn the legs over, put the press on and fry on weak coals.

Decorate the finished dish with greens, as well as forest berries that will certainly grow next to the place of your picnic. If you do not want to eat them, then you can safely use them as decoration, especially since this will give the cooked dish an unusual elegant look.

Leg Cranberry Legs.

Required: 4 legs with a total weight of not more than 1 kg, 2 cups cranberries, 100 g sugar, 200 g wheat bread, 50 g butter, salt, pepper to taste. Wash the chicken legs, dry and stuff through the incision. For minced meat: fill in fresh cranberries with sugar, remember, let it stand for 1 hour. Then mix with the cubes of wheat bread fried over the fire, pepper, salt and gently mix. After laying the chicken on the wire rack, wait 30 minutes until the dish is completely ready.

For sauce: 1 tbsp. l flour will need 2 tbsp. l grated horseradish, 1/2 cup sour cream, 2 tbsp. l vinegar and oil. This sauce has an exotic pungent taste, but when cooking requires attention and clarity of action, therefore, it is possible to cook it only at home.

1 tbsp. l lightly fry the flour with the same amount of oil, dilute with 1 cup of the hot broth obtained when cooking meat products, add sour cream and cook over low heat for 5-10 minutes. At the same time, prepare horseradish: in a small pan or in a pan, put 2 tbsp. l butter, grated horseradish and lightly fry. Then pour in 1-2 tbsp. l (depending on the strength) vinegar and the same amount of water or broth, add bay leaf, 5–8 peas of black pepper and put on fire to evaporate the liquid. Put boiled horseradish in the prepared sauce, boil and, removing from heat, salt, add a piece of oil and stir.

Chops of chicken.

Requires: 3-4 legs, 2 tbsp. l flour, 1 tsp. lemon juice, 3 tbsp. l sunflower oil, finely chopped parsley stalks, salt, black pepper. Prepare the legs, after washing them and cleansing of the tendons. Cut the meat of the top along the inside to remove the bone. The meat is beaten. If desired, the leg chop can be cooked directly with the bone. Before frying, the meat must be rolled in flour. For those who prefer a non-standard taste, we advise chickens to pre-marinate in a mixture of lemon juice, sunflower oil, salt and finely chopped parsley stalks. Then salt and sprinkle with black pepper.

Viennese legs.

Requires: 4 legs, 240 g breadcrumbs, 360 g fat, 1 cup milk, 4 eggs. Salt legs, breaded in flour, grease with egg-milk mixture, then breaded in breadcrumbs and fry, constantly lubricating and turning until crispy. Serve this dish with fresh vegetables. Sour cream sauce will be a great addition to the “Viennese” legs..

For the sauce: 80 g sour cream, 4 g wheat flour, 4 g butter, pepper, salt. Fry a wheat flour in butter until yellow, then add sour cream and boil for 5-10 minutes. At the end, add crushed pepper, salt. Cooked sauce can be served with any meat dishes..

Leg of mayonnaise chicken.

Required: 4 legs, 150 g mayonnaise, 4 onions, 50 g cheese is not very spicy taste. Cooking method. Add salt, pepper and fry a little. Then put onions on top, pour mayonnaise, sprinkle with grated cheese. Best served with hot fried potatoes.

Stuffed Chicken Leg.

Required: 4-5 legs, 200-300 g of cheese, 1-2 eggs, 1 onion. Remove the skin from the chicken legs so that it remains attached only to the very end of the leg. From the grated cheese, chopped steep egg, chopped fried onions, prepare the minced meat, salt and start the dish with it.

Legs of “Hot Fantasy”

Required: 5-7 chicken legs, 25 g of aromatic roots, 40 g of fat, salt, pepper, bay leaf. To give friability and juiciness to meat, we advise you to marinate it. Marinade requires: 0.5 l of water, 100 g of aromatic roots, 1 g of pepper, bay leaf, 10 g of salt, 0.5 l of vinegar (3%). Marinade is prepared as follows: boil aromatic roots in water – onions, carrots, parsley; spices – pepper, bay leaf, add vinegar and cool. Ready meat is poured into the meat so that it is completely filled with it.

So, grate chicken legs with salt, put on a wire rack or string on skewers, grease and hold over the coals until a brown crust forms. Then, after some time, coat the legs with broth with parsley, carrots, salt, pepper, bay leaf. Continue to fry over low heat, periodically sprinkling chicken legs. Cool the cooked roast a little and add the gravy. Serve this dish should be fried in the same coals of potatoes and fruit salad from apples, plums, pears and lingonberries.

Based on the book Dishes for a picnic.
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