Child safety on the Internet

The day of the Internet Internet Association of Ukraine (InAU) European Union’s “Strengthening of the Information Society in Ukraine”. The United States of America.

To preliminary surveys, children more than adults. More than 80% of adolescents use the World Wide Web almost every day. Lyubov Naidenova, head of the laboratories for the young women. If you want, you can even download the game. Also teach this to grandparents.

Another survey showed 50% of children’s rules for using the Internet. This is where the responsibility falls. Since his childhood, he has been able to create a picture of the world, and, unfortunately, he has been able to not only positively, but also negatively. Antivirus

It has been a scandalous effect.

This is a case study of the “Strengthening the Information Society” in Ukraine. “

The following were identified:

  1. Seen from the battlefield. The same thing will happen to him.
  2. Anger, which is expressed in war games. Psychological pain arises due to the inability to respond, fix something.
  3. Communication that collapses.

It is a concept of the creation of so-called “fake” pages. For questions about political content.

Recently, a crisis of distrust of the media. If you’re already on the Internet? Most people believe that it is being reconfirmed.

During the press conference “Wild Online Forest” (Through the Wild Web Woods).

There are a few rules and tips:

  • He uses the Internet.
  • It’s not a problem.
  • Your loved ones is dangerous. Give a life example.
  • To use the Internet.
  • Giving children a sense of autonomy and adulthood.
  • Teach your child to check information.
  • Learn the basics of behavior on the Internet since childhood.
  • Do not buy baby online.

Remember, it follows you. Well, if we are being watched, maybe we’ve been cultured?

Child safety on the Internet

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