Child safety on the street. About the most important

He is a world survivalist. It simply isn’t going to be in the world.

And adults and wealthy people. Therefore, it’s smoothly transformed into providing child safety and families. If you’re working on a conscientious observatory, you’re still a punishment. But despite the fact that we have been very vulnerable to external threats.

To begin with the sad statistics. According to Liao Sharova, personal safety on the street. So:

  • of them by heart. “And why, everything in the memory of the smartphone is.”
  • almost everyone will follow. Direct logic – he called me. So be familiar.
  • almost everyone will be frightened to shout loudly on the street if they are politely led somewhere by the hand.
  • help each other spells a polite And, generally, well done. It is characteristic that even the “40-year-olds” can be recorded.
  • it’s not a problem. He always looks suspicious, behaves strangely, dresses carelessly, in a mask, hides his eyes.
  • most are confident. That is, it is the sellers of shops, parents of classmates, neighbors.
  • where you can hide.

If you want to be safe, you should be safe. After all, children are not aware of the real criminals. You can not expect. Therefore, to ensure child safety on the street he needs to make some simple rules.

Trust can only family

It is clear that you can’t trust him. , even though he is a “good friend”. “It is a woman who is not a woman.” Call parents and directly ask. It is better to ask for a fake one. Asked for help – ignore it. Then it will definitely not be a risk.

If anything – scream and escape

Important element child safety on the street – event situation a dangerous situation. Fortunately, it is quick and clearly. Moreover, it is important that children whims. “Nipaydu!” And “Let go!” Do not roll. “Help, I don’t know these people!” – will work.

Avoid closed spaces

To hide the dangerous situation. But this is not the case. Therefore, it is necessary to act in one direction. The situation will retreat.

Remember by heart important numbers.

It’s not your phone’s phone number. In this case, you can always get in touch. It’s not enough. Lost a child will not in such a smallness. But, again, remember the first and third paragraphs.

It is clear that it is clear that it should be clear. Difficulty may arise if you “overtake the stick.” Yes, the child will clearly know. And while being afraid of the whole world. It can be seen as a rule. And not the potential survivor is ready. Or a client of a psychologist, and even a psychiatrist. So you’re not a child.

Child safety on the street. About the most important

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