“Chinese” help with strokes. Good or bad?

It is currently actively circulating on the Internet. Says livestock That’s just to practice this “Chinese” help rather hurt the victim than help. And we’ll talk about it with you.

For a start, the recommendation itself, or rather its short version.

Need to take a needle and sterilize it. It will take you a lot of time to start the project. If you observe the torsion of the face, pull it away from the earlobes and additionally prick them too.

Next, there wasn’t always been saved saved a son of a stroke. “Chinese” help. It is a rule.

Now in the case. A Chinese professor argues You need to reduce the amount of blood circulating blood. It’s true. It can even help. But it doesn’t reduce. And there are also other types of strokes.

What is a stroke in general? This is a list of neurological signs. There are several types of stroke – ischemic, hemorrhagic and subarachnoid hemorrhage. In order to clearly understand the sewage system. It is a traffic jam. If the sewer has a burst and it floods everything around it is a hemorrhagic stroke. It was a subarachnoid hemorrhage. It’s easy to understand the situation in public.

Ischemic stroke

Here it is a gray spot - ischemic strokeHere it is a gray spot – ischemic stroke

Causes of vascular spasms, atherosclerotic plaques, and the blood clots (the three most common causes). Returning to the plumbing of the pipe at the bottom of the pipe. to me).

“Chinese” help suggests (again, an analogy) the following: above the blockage site. Is there logic? The logic is there. But it only saves areas of OVER blockage, and below. It helps to avoid damage to the brain tissue. Actually, the so-called “apoplexy strikes” were actively treated with bloodletting. But it is not the case.

Go ahead. A multicomponent coagulation system is actively working in human blood. I therefore explain the situation briefly. Any bleeding activates the clotting system. And not only at the local level. THROMBOS and further blockage of other vessels significantly increases. And this exacerbates the situation.

Ischemic stroke is being treated. An effective method is thrombolysis, that is, (analogy) dissolving a powerful acid. This is a method of exhaustion of the body. If you run the thrombolysis – will begin profuse bleeding from all of these holes. Bleeding that can not be stopped.

So how could work “Chinese” help with ischemic stroke? Whats up? This is an experimentally proven fact. It can be achieved to reduce blood pressure. This is one of the causes of vasospasm. That is, yes, there is a small grain.

Hemorrhagic stroke

This is a huge white spot - the area of ​​hemorrhage.This is a huge white spot – the area of ​​hemorrhage.

This is not capillary fragility, according to a “Chinese” professor. There are two options. The first – blood pressure through the walls of the capillaries, without violating their integrity. As a rule, it’s not a bad thing. The second option is much more dangerous – breaking a large vessel.

Due to high blood pressure, defects of vascular wall or any other reasons. There is a gaping hole for the analogies. The liquid begins to flow around. Then, of course, the coagulation system is activated and the bleeding stops. It is a condition that prevents it from being supplied with oxygen.

Now apply “Chinese” help. It is not clear that there is a blood flow through it. “Will” will continue to flow. The situation will only get worse. The use of “Chinese” help – It can be a slight decrease in pressure.

Subarachnoid hemorrhage

It turns outIt turns out

Directly from above. It is much easier to get rid of it. But, again, “Chinese” help Only complete the resources of the blood coagulation system and reduce blood pressure.

Summarizing. Yes, there may be times when “Chinese” help really prove effective. But these are the simplest and most favorable forms of stroke. In all other cases, it hurts rather than does it better. So set aside the needles and stupidly call an ambulance, a warning.

But why are people being led on “Chinese” help? You can’t get any help. You can control something, influence something. But this is an illusion. It will be in the out of the box where it arrives. Yes, if you’ve been clocked, then you saved the person. And if not, then killed. It is not clear that it has been the case.

It is clear that it has been the rule of law.

“Chinese” help with strokes. Good or bad?

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