ChNPP. April 26, 1986. The story liquidator

It has been noted that there has been a nuclear power plant at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Liquidator notes

I will try to write Chernobyl NPP, as a member of hers. I am writing only what i witnes he witnessed? Sorry that a lot of words, it happened.


About me: at the university we were a biologist, and we were a biologist. After receiving the title of art. It was 75 days at the Chernobyl NPP.

I will be there, by the military specialty. I didn’t know what I’ve seen in the literature. It’s not true.

He rummage to the rummage It is the same. I loved him and drank a lot before that. In part, they drank every day not less than a liter. It is a rule of thumb that you can’t get it.

Path to the Zone

In the early days of 1986, she was in the field of medical care.

He received a medical examination before his trip. Those who have been raised to 2, have been given 10 minutes for training. I’m not interested in surveys were.

I was recognized as absolutely healthy. I remember the head of the clinic said: “Maybe you write some disease? We will then treat you. “To which I was replied (I was young, ideological):” I gave an oath to defend the Motherland. “He sighed and signed:” Goden without limits. “

On November 28, he received a call for office registration at 4 am. On the 29th, we, 10, sitting in the hall. He didn’t have to accept the accident. He added that we couldn’t refuse to go, but …

“… He refused to be punished by the criminal case” (!!!). For reference: this is from 3 to 5 years in prison.

Naturally, there were no refusals.

Appointed a senior group. He turned out to be among the CPSU among us. By the bus we were taken to Krasnoznamenka, the military unit, where they were sent to the Zone. For the posts.

It turned out that eight people were required, and there were ten of us. That is, the two were “superfluous.” One was sifted out immediately, he had three children. It so happened that I’m a couple of people from my own village. Asked questions: the Communists? – no, Komsomol members? – both who want to go voluntarily? – silence. Then threw a coin. It fell to go home to me. It was instantly flashed in my head. “They asked the second:“ Do you mind? ”The guy, of course, didn’t object. That’s how I got on the list.
(I’m not really otmazali ”)

He didn’t want to get there.

We arrived. It’s not worth it. If you’re already at the train station, where you got to go to Bila Tserkva, where we got to go.

Got it. In the large 2-storey barracks, there were 2-tier beds everywhere, both soldiers and officers. We’ve gotten our hands on it. It was sent back to the 25th brigade (it’s also a transfer post).

Building, we are in the ranks, but a separate group. There is a group of officers referring to the papers. We’ve gotten in touch with you.

Hours at 5 pm arrived at the 25th, all dismantled, and we sit. Hour, second, third, fifth … Nobody fed us either in Belaya, Tserkov or in the brigade. They had to eaten, they went for the suhpayki. He was told that he needed a sign. They didn’t know either. Lied, of course.

It has been confirmed for the brigade. Finally, he came out of his brigade. He – on his “Bobby”, and for us. In general, on the 1st at 12 am we ended up in the unit. He has been taken to the headquarters. 3rd, they had already gone home.

About military unit

It was called the Odessa regiment. Petersburg. Falcons. In general, there is a radius of 10 km, then a radius of 30 km, then a radius of 30 km; Hence the names: “10 km zone”, “30 km zone”.

Along the perimeter, 30 km, as I was told later, there were 30 regiments or special equipment. It has been shown that it has been the “conscripts”. Instead, they began to call for “partisans” (“the wisest decision”: then let the civilians have a headache).

In general, they came from other places. When I arrived, I’m from the North Caucasus – I replenishment from the Sverdlovsk region. (Russia).

Replenishment was the next day. They were up for 25 years (after up to 25 years after 45 – salt deposition, the same strontium), with radiation, were immediately returned.
When I’m in the morning, I’m saying that “I’m not one of the replenishments,”

He didn’t hold. Who knew how – taught by others. The trees were felled by the wind. And if you’re trying to command, “sent” away. He was sent to the soldiers of the regiment. And he was not offended, because I realized that I was wrong.


As I said, TVs were in each tent. In addition, there was a ball in the club. And the films are mostly new (at that time). Concert brigades from art. Sokolov. There is a girl walking in the aisle in something like a nightgown. Began to be seen for 2 months. So as he has to go, he has to go on the stage. There was complete silence.

A hairdresser, a photographer, a shower tent, where it was washed out after work. Everything is free. I didn’t have to pay since I was 14, I’ve not been a camera it. It will be seen as espionage.

Therefore, it was made by the photographer. It was really black, I used it.

About vodka. Vodka in part drank. A day later, they brought 5-6 boxes. The drivers were always skipped out of turn, because “Liquidators need more vodka.” Mostly they were taken on birthdays: 1-2 bottles per platoon (30 people). Basically, everyone drank strong tea (not chifir!). Well, here I already conducted the appropriate agitation. There is a separate wire. Between the blades, a regular eraser for erasing. Actually, as chemists correct, it was not boiling, but it was a hydrolysis of water, which led to boiling. In boiling water and throwing tea. We don’t need our cotton sweaters. What did you get?


In the part all were for 60 days, not more. Why is my 75? For the 2 weeks, he signed the report on the replacement. I would leave one day with him. For 75 days. So we went to the police station. It was spent on the dining room.

I got acquainted with some sergeant- “partisan” from another part. Wandered, talked. We look, there goes some kind of general, we’ve drilled our eyes. We are going to go on, without giving honor (for what reason?). We see that he is up to the patrol,

We knew that the “partisans” liquidators in any case. Exception – if lies absolutely drunk. And then – gently, without offending. So when we walked past the patrols, they turned away convulsively. Poor people, smoked a few packs.

I went to uniform and boots. In Odessa, I took a ticket to my bus. I’m going to nap. In Nikolaev came out. I love my clothes

– Why is not dressed according to the statute ?!
I answer that it doesn’t matter to him. He began to make noise:
– Now the police and the patrol call!
– Well, call.
He is again:
– Submit documents!
– And who you are, so that I showed the documents?

In the end, he showed him, turned out to be some major. I also showed my left to be left. It seems that I’m so dressed up, I’m so dressed up, I’m so dressed up. I’ve been sent to him. Only then did the warrior finally settle down. Or maybe just run out …

There were no more adventures on the way home.


Was it scary? Yes it was. Anyone who just got into the part. I’m doubly, because I’m trained, we’ve been trained as a military comissar and dosimetric monitoring. Plus, during these 7 months, I read a lot of things. But after the rain it was not seen. It was always coughing. Even in a dream. It is impossible to get rid of. As the doctors said, it is from a radioactive isotope of iodine. The cough disappeared.

I don’t know how to drive it. God forbid “Petal”: there were mats and threats. It’s not a matter of course. Do you need hair?

I’ve been able to shake out jacks, wash boots (before frost) and rub them out. But then the guys didn’t have to breathe filth.

Peace of mind. And he was very pleased. Moreover, no one laughed at him, everyone understood that the guy had a phobia.

What is remembered

In part, it has been accustomed to have been tried to slaughter them. Firstly, they were fed, as well as, as dosimetrists said, geese fonili. It was a dog. Ordinary puppies, no abnormalities, all survived, one puppy

Somewhere in late January, I’m remembering what I’m talking about. There was a chance to be able to make it through. All the documents were in that officer’s bag. He returned an hour later. I found the way myself!

He arrived the next day after his day. But the officer had his documents left already. Finding out about me, approached. He asked for a conviction. And there is a repeat offender. What was to do? He then became a lawyer. I’ve been sent to my office. out.

We were in the office more than a dozen. For me, I’m waiting for you. So did. Three weeks later we made a second request, because documents did not come. What ended, I do not know – I left earlier. But he was leaving. There is no need for a political department. These were the people! He didn’t have to be able to go

Somehow, after the next replenishment, I got a pure-blooded Gypsy from the Saratsky district of the Odessa region. I remembered it because it was breaking the ground. They are distant and reckless fellows. This one was timid, shy and executive. It was dangerous. But the one who came to the demob.


Once had a chance to meet them. But we didn’t remember the unit. The soldiers (not mine) and I, the only officer, were talking, warming themselves at the burning ramp. The frost then reached 35. There are earrings, for example, some reason were cold). Come closer, we look – judging by their appearance, from somewhere in Central Asia. Trembling, cold. They were me, they were frightened, they were me. The guys really calmed them down quickly. There are any gaps. And then they froze, they saw a fire, they decided to warm themselves. Then, so timidly, squinting at me, they asked to smoke. Immediately everyone got cigarettes, gave them everything we had. They warmed and left. And we were sad and sorry for them. Well, we must be poisoned? And it is not accustomed to send it to you …


When I built it up (grocery and clothing). The building blocks are the fifth and sixth blocks of the Chernobyl NPP. He said that the walls of the store were cleaned up.

Took the guys from DP 5-A and went to check. Indeed, fonilo, and very much – about 0.3 X-rays per hour. I’m going to threaten, I’m going to see it.

I had to go to the doctors. Those understood from a half-word, because we all eat from that warehouse. In the case of carriages, officers ’barracks, a club, a canteen, and a canteen and warehouses themselves. In addition to the warehouses, they also showed a bunch of everything that is vibrant. Reported to the head of the staff (staff lieutenant colonel). Flooring and betrayed. The commanders received it. In general, it was a small shine, and the warehouses were sheathed inside with the 50-mm boards. The background plummeted. I’ve been given a scolding.

About dosimeters

Somewhere in early December, we were given dosimeters. In the word, you understand what. Dosimeters were for each group of working soldiers (5-7 people). If you’re at that level of 120 rubles? I hung up too.

Three days later, I asked for a dose of chemist (personnel lieutenant). The device received is determined. But since it has been established, it’s not so much the case. He immediately followed the whole regiment.

About looting and marauders

It was like that. There were 2 “scows” (KamAZ with a long trailer). Everyone sent that saved up. To Moldova – Odessa – appliances (diesel power plants, generators, engines, televisions, refrigerators, laundry detergents, mesh bags in bales of 1000 pieces, etc.). Moreover, it was i.e. decent fonilo. I am sitting in a club, drinking tea with the guys, talking. Suddenly, a furious, sheer mat-peremat, threats and threats. I ask the guys what’s wrong with him, and one says:

– So he saw a generator near the club.
– So what? – I ask.
– So he sent you the message today.

The military prosecutor’s office showed a check in part. Having checked a lot, they asked where are the scows? Malina, now on the way, they showed fake orders. It was issued when the guys returned, they immediately issued “demobilized”. But we were in part. So they found out. When he returned home, it wasn’t even the most severe shortage, since he hadn’t been able to get it.

From other people’s stories

In February, he started coming after our accident. All of us then get together. It was about 500 meters from the station. A freshly laid out heap: 2x-rays per hour. The current location. I grabbed during this time.

For the third block, we’ve been dumping it. According to their stories, they were given a “cotton-gauze bandage” and a cloak from an OZK (combined-arms military kit). . It is not necessary to disturb others. On the siren, they jumped to the roof, running back from the roof.

One liquidator worked the third block of the station. Rags. He told me what to do. After the 4th, the soul waved a hand: it was no use anyway.

In general, in my area, out of 35 liquidators in 92, 15 were still alive. Many didn’t live up to retirement, even early, Chernobyl.

My adventures

I wasn’t gotten the secret. This is not even for 5 minutes is an emergency. It is a documentary about Vysotsky on TV. But that channel was jammed with the ASA, and in the whole part. And it’s also a time for the Vysotsky himself!

I had to use all the ingenuity and cunning. For example, he has been a member of the district council. That only I didn’t tell them! Although they themselves knew him and loved his songs. In general, it was given by the law. And the TV is jammed, the TV is on, ripples and noise are on it. And suddenly a clear picture, good sound. We looked to the end, just ended – turned on WAS. Immediately they call their own, if there was anything. Fortunately for everyone, nothing has happened. Not deserve special attention.

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